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  1. OH NO - the closets that share their private HACKS and those who BUY them now have to cheat against FREE SHITTY TRIGGERBOTS! END THE FREE SHITTY TRIGGERBOTS! Save the ELITE CHEATERS from the MADNESS! APB 2019
  2. Those definitely are up there as well and you pin-point their exact problem; they alter the game-play for the worse. In my opinion? No, these modifications you mention do not enhance the game-play in any way, they cripple it, get rid of it. It feels like some brain-storm session team forced themselves into thinking about X amount of modifications to add without ever (really) playing the game. In skilled hands / teams these modifications are mind-blowing additions. The ones you might "fix" from that amazing think-tank session are; tagger, mobility sling and high magnification scope, I'd say. For example, high magnification scope; maybe go for something like plain zoom-mods in different categories (high magnification isn't the worst but it shouldn't be behind rank 195 and the zoom factor is locked to a rate suitable mostly for launchers, great stuff. Yeah I'd remove this one if it was up to me and go back to the drawing board). And completely different new stuff: like, specific arresting / burglar modifications, for example something that would multiple gains for cops and somewhat higher always-witnessable stack possession for criminals so that cops can finally farm solo and as for crims the 'stack solution' G1 added was just a band-aid which made farming on empty servers a really important thing... way to go. This part of the game could use more TLC, modification exploration in my opinion. I'd even go as far as modifications to help new people; free car spawns, more gains ( as in money / exp / jokers modification mods, cumulative with any premium package). I need a fresh coke but first let's see what runner is crying about now.
  3. Remove all of G1's 195 modifications. If you want new modifications: - create something balanced - do not lock them behind HIGH ranks when MM doesn't give a flying monkey about HIGH ranks Even explosives can be unlocked by any noob with some joker tickets, these G1 195 modifications are just balance breaking junk. The game never needed them, it needed the EU. Remote det is the worst of them all. And as for '"new" lower rank modifications; if it was up to me, car spawner would instantly kill you for using it. Was any single one of the G1 modifications good for the game? Why didn't they just focus on the engine upgrade. Fight club was good, could have used new maps... as a side project. Anywayy... that's just me.
  4. Actually it's one of the better ones on this stale forum. Looking at your history you have an issue with anyone calling them out. Probably just coincidence.
  5. Oooh I'd say it would definitly be possible in 3.5.
  6. Boo and Yikes. Ok, thanks. Time to mail Matt!
  7. Does the EU have jiggly feminine features 'n butts? Serious question. Asking for a friend. Thank you.
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