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  1. Recording a kill cam could fix the problem. How hard to add it could be? and who the hell make new versions of cheats for this game? how many ppl play for it? wtf it worth it? i think its bc they dont update anticheat...
  2. Good to know, thanks. Good work, we love u.
  3. Pls take off the baseball bat from ur One thing is find a few players, and other different is the chat be full of russian 24/7 Im not complaining, im not looking for fight. i just did a question. So gtfo kiddo.
  4. Is not bait, its just a question. What happened? i was offline a bit. (few months, maybe a year, since the new buyer of the game. Lixil and the other guy boss with beard)
  5. Everyone speaking russian in social district. What happened? I was from Citadel.
  6. Tengo entendido que tenian un blog, ahora que lo usen o no ya es otra cosa distinta. De todos modos, creo que poco hacen para captar nuevos jugadores, no tengo ni idea de marketing pero para eso se necesita dinero y tiempo que invertir. ------- I think they have a blog already, but with all social media, like twitter etc is enough...... They only need publicity, but that is money and time, and without big changes I doubt that they get players.
  7. @Xaix Rocket league Something new to see in a avatar. 5/10 edit fail: @Uocjat 10/10
  8. @Keijinnn you can edit the thread nice one about interstellar xd
  9. You can solve it having premium... Thats the point, deal with it. =S Currently i am not premium in the game.
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