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  1. Every single shitter got excuse to complain now. waaaaa i died to a cheater because eac doesnt work anymore waaaa
  2. Why do you talk like google translate pirate? I have to apply next level mental gymnastics to decipher what you wanted to say. Anyway game is so dead, that some hackerino and cheaterino producing websites have a dropped apb as supported game. EAC doesn't do nothing besides pick it's nose and check what color panties you got on.
  3. You expect too much from this incompetent patootie company.
  4. Delete this boring unfun broken unbalanced and dumb event and Bring back 12 deaths of xmas ~
  5. Bilal bialal, take it easy. You can always play cockroach simulator when APB closes down.
  6. Thank you for your great hospitality, o wise and heavy american overlord. May your cheesy burgers and big guns shape the way of life for all things living on this ball we call the earth.
  7. so if you make new account it tracks your threat based on your main account? I find that hard to believe, they might track you to catch ban evaders but not threat.
  8. You do know smurfing is a thing? Unless we start tracking accounts by HWID?
  9. I'm thinking the access to explosives(including the double rocket shit cannon) should be premium only thing, to reduce the amount of shitters using it.
  10. Who gave enforcers authority? I haven't followed the lore that closely but to my understanding, Enforcers still operate on federal level, since the arresting and "actual crime fighting. "
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