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  1. Remember this chart from the latest engine upgrade progress thread? Those 0.1% lows for the LIVE run are presumably what the potato graphics players with monster rigs are trying to avoid. I don't know if it actually works, but that's the theory I last heard.
  2. Found it, it was this suggestion:
  3. The best HMS change I could think of would be pinning it to the heavy sniper weapons, but that's not really a HMS issue. Wasn't there a suggestion about ways to make heavy barrel viable on shotguns some time ago? We could try that....
  4. Would be nice if it was more anchored, so you don't slip off if the car gets more than a certain degree off-balance relative to ground level. Otherwise its whatever...
  5. To get "jiggle physics" on characters they need a rig setup to support it. Given how character customization works now I don't think they could just add that in without ground-up changes.
  6. Yeah no way is LO gonna redesign all the character assets to support that kind of gimmick
  7. Maybe the reasoning they've chosen is some variant of "if we redirect attention to our regular upfront micro-transactions more and more then our existing scummy gambling mechanics won't look too scummy!"
  8. I've held the opinion that most of the "p2w" being bandied about re: APB is a communication issue - the game miscommunicates (is that even a word idk) the value of some weapons vs. others with the weird scoreboard/elsewhere icon coloring for many weapons, it doesn't clearly communicate what weapons a fresh player can and cannot access at rank 1 vs rank <insert max value here> and it doesn't really point out that the joker store is important and that you, the newcomer, stay on top of it. We'll need to deal with that at some point while we fix everything else with the game (preferably via tutorial changes). also thanks @Ketog for helping to keep my dream suggestion alive!
  9. If someone in your mission team is also in a group, and some of the group members are not in the same mission team and they're out of mission, they'll be first to get called in as backup if your mission team requests it. Though, if the troll was trolling everyone in the mission team I dunno why the groupmate would keep him around....
  10. @MattScott Are you able to hint at what in particular could be causing this (and what kind of hardware is seeing the performance regression) or is that a cards-close-to-chest thing for now?
  11. Is it any at all possible that the supposed advantage is an illusion being bought into?
  12. Only to the ones who seriously expect it to actually double their framerate, in which case, oh well.
  13. We don't? EDIT: I mean, there's always this: https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=65&subcatID=204&productId=2118 The rest of the look is just symbols and color choice so...
  14. cries in lackluster female hair options
  15. That single-letter thing is more about new users being more likely to not know where we are with weapon balance and/or what's going on with the RFPs in general. Not that I think they can fix the issue once and for all or whatever.
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