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  1. Sorry for the extended maintenance today everyone. It's all hands on deck here to get this back up. This is a very tricky and large DB merge.
  2. The changes we made today to the JT store weapons. The other stuff will have its moment in the sun and its own thread.
  3. I'm not new, I leave the forward facing stuff to the professional forward facing people. Unfortunately we have a confluence of sick people today and I had all the info so I blurted it all out to get it into your hands. I'm gathering your feedback on the weapon changes so I'd love to hear what you think (I probably won't talk much because I hear that stealing Matt's thunder isn't good for his morale)
  4. Thirty of the 88 weapons in the JT store had name changes. Here is a list of those changes: Old Name NEW NAME ACT 44 "Last Stand" ACT 44 "Last Stand" PR1 ACT 44 GM JT1 ACT 44 GM PR1 Agrotech ACES JT1 Agrotech ACES PR1 Agrotech ACES JT2 Agrotech ACES JT1 PR1 Agrotech ACES Rifle JT1 Agrotech ACES Rifle PR1 Agrotech ACES Rifle JT2 Agrotech ACES Rifle JT1 PR1 Agrotech DMR-AV JT1 Agrotech DMR-AV PR1 Colby CSG-20 JT1 Colby CSG-20 PR1 Colby M-1922 JT1 Colby M-1922 PR1 Colby PMG-SD 28 'Hush' JT1 Colby PMG-SD 28 'Hush' PR1 Colby PMG-SD 28 'Hush' JT2 Colby PMG-SD 28 'Hush' JT1 PR1 Flare Gun Flare Gun PR1 FR0G 'Rocket' JT1 FR0G 'Rocket' PR1 Golden N-HVR 762-SD Dvah Golden N-HVR 762-SD Dvah JT2 PR1 Joker TAS20 JT1 Joker TAS20 PR1 N-HVR 243 'Scout' JT1 N-HVR 243 'Scout' PR1 N-ISSR-B 'Wisp' JT1 N-ISSR-B 'Wisp' PR1 N-ISSR-B 'Wisp' JT2 N-ISSR-B 'Wisp' JT1 PR1 Obeya FBW-SD Obeya FBW-SD PR1 OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' PR1 OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' JT1 OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' PR2 Pathfinder JT1 Pathfinder PR1 R-2 'Harbinger' JT R-2 'Harbinger' Raptor 45 'Hawk' JT1 Raptor 45 'Hawk' PR1 Raptor 45 'Hawk' JT3 Raptor 45 'Hawk' JT1 PR1 Scoped N-TEC 5 JT1 Scoped N-TEC 5 PR1 Showstopper JT Showstopper Shredder SB JT1 Shredder SB PR1 STAR 445 'LCR' JT1 STAR 445 'LCR' PR1 VAS-C2 JT1 VAS-C2 PR1
  5. Not yet, but we wanted to future-proof the pricing convention.
  6. With today’s patch you’ll see the final implementation to our gun changes in the Joker Ticket store. As you may have noticed over the last month or so, we’ve slowly been changing the 7-day rental guns to permanent purchases. Today we’ve accelerated that and now all 88 Joker Ticket store guns are permanent items. Additionally, we’ve now removed all APB$ cost to these weapons and standardized cost across the entire line. Here’s how that works: Base Primary Weapon = 4,000 JT Each additional open slot = 2,000 JT increase Each additional Permanent mod = 500 JT increase Base Secondary Weapon = 3,000 JT Each additional open slot = 2,000 JT increase Each additional permanent mod = 500 JT increase So you should be able to glean some immediate info from a weapon that costs 6,500 JT – You know it is a Primary Weapon with 1 open slot and 1 permanent mod. Along with this you’ll notice some other changes to help everyone understand exactly what they are purchasing. Thirty of the 88 weapon names have changed so a player knows exactly what the weapon comes equipped with by just looking at the name. Here’s a breakdown of how this works: A weapon with an open slot will have the “JT” designation with a number at the end for how many open slots is has. For instance, a weapon with JT1 is a weapon with one open slot. A weapon with JT2 has two open slots, and JT3 has three open slots. A weapon with a permanent mod will have the “PR” designation with a number at the end for how many permanent mods it has. For instance, a weapon with PR1 has one permanent mod, PR2 has two permanent mods, and PR3 has three permanent mods. Items can also have multiple of each of these and could look similar to this weapon – Raptor 45 ‘Hawk’ JT1 PR1 – which has one open slot and one permanent mod Note: This weapon previously had the designation of Raptor 45 ‘Hawk’ JT3 and cost 10,000 JTs and 100,000 APB$. With this new name and pricing scheme you can now quickly understand what this weapon contains and what the price is (6,500 JT). While we feel that the Joker Ticket store weapons are now in a good place, we’ll be looking to optimize other areas of the Joker Ticket store going forward. NOTE: Here is the blog announcement https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/7/31/jt-store-update
  7. I believe this is a Windows not being updated issue. They talk about it here:
  8. Paladon

    Need help!!!!

    I think the issue is that there is a security patch for Windows that you need to do. They talk about it here:
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