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  1. Is GTFO any good? Is it playable at the moment. This is a game I'm really looking forward to but wasn't sure if I was better off waiting for the final release.
  2. Enlighten me, oh wise one I'm sure you must know the proper percentages of the problem.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-49740155/the-cheat-hackers-ruining-gaming-for-others Read this a few months back and is an interesting read. I'm guessing it's bad in any online PvP competitive PC game. I ended up buying an Xbox one and you can clearly see the difference especially with people using only a controller. I'm guessing PC gaming is screwed at the moment including greedy AAA developers.
  4. I'm from the UK, I'll try to log on and see if I have any issues. I'm guessing though it will be something at your end or isp Merged. I loaded into the game fine. GL sorting it out.
  5. All this sounds pretty unbelievable especially with a two month old company buying it. Sounds like a cash grab or bull shoot. I'd say a desperation move with riot falling on it's arse as I'm sure you had high hopes for it. It will be interesting to see what happens now with 3.5 and future updates, including communication.
  6. I'm guessing all LO can do now is release 3.5 and hope it brings in a big influx of players. This will be totally pointless if they don't address the matchmaking and also the dethraters as new players will still be getting stomped on by veterans. I think 3.5 on its own would be the worst thing LO could do without addressing the many issues of the game.
  7. I've not played for a while so installed the game and went into the district for a few and then went into social to do a few designs on my character. I could not believe that social was filled with 99% of Russians. I asked a few questions as I was intrigued and felt like an alien because no one could understand me, I used to play Innova a few years ago and I thought I was back in time. It might be good doing weapon balancing and so on but I would wonder about getting a Russian translator and website and also ask yourself why it is this way with so many Russians and not diverse at all. I am not prejudiced in any way shape or form. I have realized this today. 90% of the players are Russian and playing the game and the majority on the forums are trying to look for a positive outcome.
  8. Depends on your monitor and if you really need 144 especially with apb.
  9. I scan the forum every week. You are like a virus .... LOL You are a prime example of what is screwed up with the game.
  10. What about the idiot who sits on the forum telling everyone about nothing?
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