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  1. sorry for the inconvenience but it is possible that every time there is one? ste maintenance are becoming enervated once and for all thanks ... at least last 10 minutes you take so long ... please solve in a short time solve the problem
  2. I repeat, I don't want to be rude, but I'm just trying to figure out when the game is going to work again and let the brains go, that there will be barely 5 leftovers on this game, and only babies who only annoy and nothing else
  3. mammmia how much tax you are that you need to use the translator as much controversy anyway it was just my opinion because already in the game I have to force myself to speak in English because most of the community does not understand and does not know how to use the translator all these answers are 10 hours does not 'log in and also says that the data is wrong and you instead of asking what is happening that the game and always in maintenance you stick to these small things
  4. grazie per la risposta roxane scusami ma io sono italiano e parlo italiano usa il traduttore come faccio io saluti
  5. ciao a tutti ma perche apb e' sempre in manutenzione lo shoutdown e cominciato alle 10.00 di questa mattina sono quasi le 15 e ancora non fa entrare grazie per l' attenzione...
  6. ciao a tutti qualcuno saprebbe dirmi come mai non fa piu' accedere con i dati personali? aspetto risposte grazie

    apb non funziona

    apb non funziona perche? e sempre in manutenzione
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