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  1. This game has a lot of things wrong with it, you can't just blame 1 thing. Btw Kinda funny to me when i read people saying that weapon balancing has been a big issue for APB when in reality..you have players like the guy that made this thread that have been dethreating and stomping new players for years.
  2. You know the game is dead when the zombie chick is not commenting anymore
  3. Lato


    it's already closing, servers already suck
  4. Lato


    Or they can put Joker store weapons with Armas marketplace weapons..Call it STORE so people can clearly know what it is and can have a clear option between Grinding the item they want or buy it with money. Their choice wont matter because they would play anyways and perhaps stop calling this game p2w or some other shit
  5. Lato


    I think Armas Marketplace shouldn't exist, it's such an old concept.
  6. This is a lie and you know it is. Just stop and get good, seriously
  7. This game being "unique" is whats killing it, the bounty system is a very stupid mechanic and NOT fun at all..who says otherwise is probably used to play in bronze district where you can get loads of easy kills, am i right Tember? Yes please keep making these tiny but essential changes
  8. Are you gonna throw me your percs? what you gonna do?
  9. They still think cheaters are the biggest issue of this game, are you surprised..
  10. I'd like a rework of pretty much everything The grind in this game is limited and dumb; Threat system is dumb; Tutorial shouldn't be an option; The graphics sucks(console version looks terrible) and it's OLD; New maps are needed not a new BR mode nobody cares about; Social district needs a rework aswell so you don't have to walk for minute to change your themes or whatever you wanna do. These are the basics if you don't want an 8 year old game to shut down, but i'm pretty sure LO is not capable of doing that..they don't have enough resources. Also this forum is so laggy, my reply gets posted twice
  11. Just wait another year, it's gonna be great..haven't you see the pics..
  12. I don't like doing charity, get a job
  13. It's not a problem that can be solved, vets are the only people that still play this garbage game 400 players average
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