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  1. How so, they wanted to play something with me and were intrigued about being enforcers (cops) and pvping.
  2. no worries, and i havent found many streamers, content in general on this game is like half a decade old.
  3. Complicated ask, but could you possibly help train me, at least enough soo I can try and equip new players with similar skills, more or less as an instructor and not just another player. Exactly its sad that people need to go hard on noobs to make themselves feel better, like whats the reason to use rockets on trainees and bronze, as a dethreated gold? No one learns anything from a blowout and only leaves one side tilted. Such would be fixed in matchmaking if it was even a thing atm. Big thing they need to get right is also take into account rank and weapon availability.
  4. I think this problem can be solved with community outreach, im not the best myself and cant really help my friends get to a comfortable level against people I cant even face, but I believe if the community worked to mentor new players then retention would be better, I see such happening in other communities like planetside, eve online, warframe, and star wars the old republic. Early community outreach and giving back to less skilled players is a more effective solution in my opinion than bans or such.
  5. I might get hate for this post but this is a huge problem and likely kills any prospects of this game getting more players. Ive tried to get many friends into this game only for all of them to not last a week due to seal clubbing premade groups of veterans ruining the gameplay in even bronze districts. Its impossible for my friends to compete in a BRONZE district against level 195 players with rockets and a full arsenal of the top guns at their disposal, not to mention the skill disparity at display. None of my friends felt the game respected them as they had no chance to learn or get good, just keep losing missions and losing money as a result. And to the people who will say to this post to just get good, maybe you should be helping new players get good, or if youre a pub stomping gold yourself, I would be surprised if you cared.
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