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  1. Many have made mistakes just wish they would work on fixin them..
  2. I have said this so many times, but i never get a respond. The xbox community needs to be monitored closely. Since we got way to many people that gets booted n servers that get booted. And pleas fix it, so we can mute people for christ sake! Its so annoying when you got a op or teammate that blast shitty lagging music! And when you mute and block them... You can still hear them!!!
  3. God i hope it will n that it will make the game performe better. i see so many new players join, but they leave in an hour cuz of their frames drop. so its hard for them to fall for the game.
  4. Im having good frames and no lag until like 16-17 aswell but then people start to get on and i all goes to shit... We need the upgrade! #wepaywesay
  5. We all are, sadly i fear the worst i love apb its such a good game. with so many things youll never get in anyother game. i just feel like they havent had a company that has the same love for the game as us players.
  6. Super cool hope to see people get on here
  7. Yea matchmaking is a joke but it is what it is.
  8. Sadly but as always Gamerfirst and Little orbit dont care about the player, on xbox we a plagued by toxic behavior and ddosing to steal peoples legendaries what does orbit do? Turn their back... but take our money... i have stopped playing a little too. everyday vets and new players quit... and they dont even try to fix it. not even their firewall. it so sad to see this game go down hill, sometimes i feel like they just riding the wave to milk as much money they can before dropping the game. instead of getting it up and running and make it awesome.
  9. It think we should get much more clothes in jt store since i feel like buying guns is a waste
  10. the alig are fun to use when you have car surfer im in love with the medusa.
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