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  1. Because I'm a necromancer Unless things have changed (I don't know personally) APB's servers at least for the EU, used to be hosted in Germany; which means, you have to follow German law. Or the people hosting the server get in trouble. To that end, s86a of the German Strafgesetzbuch (a decent amount of Germany's criminal law) unequivocally restricts the right to use 'symbols of unconstitutional organisations' viz. legally restricted groups (Nazi's and Nazism, included). For that matter, s86a (2) states that flags, insiginia and uniforms and their parts, are restricted. Furthermore: symbols which are so similar as to be mistaken for [them] are deemed to be equivalent to them. Ergo, even if you take out the Swatiska, the essence of the symbol or uniform has NOT changed as far as the StGB is concered, thus - it is still illegal. If the server is still hosted in Germany (I don't know about this) then it would be illegal, and LO / G1 etc can get in legal hot water. I get that it's pretty funny to troll people, but this is less about trolling, and more about not breaking the law.
  2. Who said I was back? lol I appreciate the comment tho
  3. Fair, honestly it's been so long since I played I've started to forget stuff lmao
  4. NTEC was never overpowered. It was the gun around which the rest of the game was balanced. And it was fine.
  5. I mean for a 'decade' isn't true at all. In the old days, there WAS no recoil at all. Besides, the RNG element is massively overplayed. Learn your guns bloom, and it becomes absolutely no issue at all. The biggest thing, and this is what people don't wanna admit, their reaction speeds suck, and their aim is mediocre. Don't worry, we've all been there.
  6. What the fuck are you smoking? It's about 15k roughly to get 15, and besides, you can get the Cops Bane NTEC in almost ZERO time. Besides, people overstate how good slots are, after 2, the 3rd is mostly irrevelant. I agree with Reaper anyway. The point is, easier progression means less incentive to keep playing. It reminds me of the Cop rank. Back when only Enforcer could get Jericho (the good old days) and the ONLY way to get rid of your sirens was to get Cop 15 to unlock a discrete siren. It added some reason to grind, and serious prestige if you managed to get it. (LTL isn't that hard, but whatever, it's still no fun to play).
  7. gotta be a fashion killer some how something something black and tans
  8. Only the ALIG was ever good - SHAW was just a lol rage-cheat weapon back in the day. Actually, that's not true, SHAW is still incredible with HS3, and IR3.
  9. Would LO consider adding the Ski-Mask, and Balaclava to the JT store? I mean, the only other way to get hold of them is to buy the full packs (as they can't even be solo-purchased inside the Armas store). And I think a lot of people don't really want to buy the full packs, just for the mask (I mean, it's one of the most sort after clothing pieces). Kinda just some thoughts.
  10. No. Besides, LTL sucks patootie, and has already been nerfed too much. We already lost our unique vehicles to the Crims. And besides, the key point of the Cop role was originally to get discreet sirens - but now... Anyone can simply hide the ones they have. So much for having a more-or-less unique Jericho.
  11. Old sounds please Another thing that G1 shouldn't have changed, imo But... If you are gonna remake them - do it like @Glaciers said, like real gun sounds, more CRACK style. You know, like real life. xd
  12. Of course. I speak English, but I have autism... so pick your fights bro. TBH 1/2 of a Russian probably has higher IQ, but if you want to speak to a smart savant, I'm here for you bro.
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