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  1. JasonFireson

    i cant login

    im sad just reinstalled for the first time in ages was gonna do a quick run before i left for the weekend oh well
  2. Well thanks for the help guys but i already started on a different sleeve that looks a bit more unique. Here's a pic of when i first got it
  3. do you know what directx version the game runs in? never mind game doesn't run because software adds .dll to game files. guess i'll try something else. p.s. i dont own the symbol so i cant open it in the editor
  4. Is there any way possible to take symbols from in-game and get the png for them? I have a sleeve on my character that I want a png of so I can get the sleeve irl (don't judge me, I really like the sleeve). The only other way to get it would be a screeny on the client but I want the file itself so it looks a little bit cleaner. Let me know, thanks.
  5. I had the bright idea while I was bored and probably soon to get off, to host a growl off car show, or at least try. It was actually overwhelming how many people showed up. I'm soon to leave to the army (I'll be leaving Monday) so a little fun in a game as toxic as APB always usually is, is deeply enjoyed. Here's photos from it: It was relocated to the garage after a griefier blew all the cars up but it still worked out. To my standards, I feel like Yoshey's car won the show and PumpkinQueen got runner up. I didn't take a pic of Pumpkin's car but I did take one of Yoshey's and here it is: It's the panda-themed one there. I hope this game is still alive when I get the opportunity to play it again but if not I sure will miss it. It's ironically one of the most toxic and friendly communities at the same time. Maybe next time I get on I'll host another car show (probably fresnos) but until then I'll look forward to the date.
  6. 10/10 just shoot rockets 100+ meters away and the enemy will never see it coming
  7. I got the assassin from Michael. It was an mvp task and i literally begged opp and teams to give it to me... and it worked *edit* none of the vets in FBI have it, and to this day i'm still the only one in the clan to get the event. *edit #2* i am probably the newest addition to the FBI apb-wise and probably the one who's played the game the least.
  8. The strife is the real op weapon, the hits registered are easy to land and usually takes two hits even if you only get them with half a shot spray each time.
  9. yeah we're on discord everyday yeah we're on discord everyday
  10. ik ik im just pickin yeah me too. i'm practically the most active person in the whole clan to play but we all get on together every now and then. we definitely aren't as griefy as we used to be but i think all that comes with maturity and ancestry to the game. crazy thing is, the very first time i played i met one of the original clan members before they even started. i was like WOOOAAHH when i saw them again.
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