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  1. gotta be a fashion killer some how something something black and tans
  2. Only the ALIG was ever good - SHAW was just a lol rage-cheat weapon back in the day. Actually, that's not true, SHAW is still incredible with HS3, and IR3.
  3. Would LO consider adding the Ski-Mask, and Balaclava to the JT store? I mean, the only other way to get hold of them is to buy the full packs (as they can't even be solo-purchased inside the Armas store). And I think a lot of people don't really want to buy the full packs, just for the mask (I mean, it's one of the most sort after clothing pieces). Kinda just some thoughts.
  4. No. Besides, LTL sucks patootie, and has already been nerfed too much. We already lost our unique vehicles to the Crims. And besides, the key point of the Cop role was originally to get discreet sirens - but now... Anyone can simply hide the ones they have. So much for having a more-or-less unique Jericho.
  5. Old sounds please Another thing that G1 shouldn't have changed, imo But... If you are gonna remake them - do it like @Glaciers said, like real gun sounds, more CRACK style. You know, like real life. xd
  6. Of course. I speak English, but I have autism... so pick your fights bro. TBH 1/2 of a Russian probably has higher IQ, but if you want to speak to a smart savant, I'm here for you bro.
  7. You can just spam chat to get kicked, but I mean, not much else really. It's pretty lame overall, because there are a few people who I will - out of principle - not play. Just means that I have to sometimes drive around for about 20m for no reason. This is a feature that should be added really, people still rage-quit to get out of missions, so really, it makes no difference.
  8. Fair enough Just a shame that raytracing is basically not used atm
  9. Actually falling for the RTX meme wew lad Your effort would be better directed at the people who even pretended it was a useful product
  10. Looks like LO is now enforcing a standard of behaviour... Well, that's new. Is it good though? Well.... My thoughts on the matter, even though no-one asked: having any policy toward comments / behaviour is pretty pointless. All it does is chastise those who have 'main' or primary accounts - if people want to spout off vitriol, and potentially... be racist - they can spam make accounts for just such a purpose. It literally takes no more than 5m to create an account and character, then cobble together a swastika, and trigger autists caring individuals. I know there is going to be the 'mature' gang who are horrified by the idea of people being childish or stupid, because hey, we should all be boomers adults - but why? I get that people want to enforce anti-racism etc. I mean, swastikas etc, are more of an issue than just rude words (something to do with Germany, and servers) but anything beyond blatant racism... Who cares? Like others have already said. /ignore (player name)
  11. Damn, you nailed the sleazy-chic bro, just a shame there isn't a full on mullet to go with it, lol
  12. Sadly, that's the point lol In case it wasn't obvious, it's the Brotherhood of Steel Uniform from Fallout 4. Might remake it eventually though, there are a few things I could probably do to reduce overall complexity, and maybe get better definition.
  13. Made it a while ago, but whatever, I'll share it now. I won't tell you what it is, but I'm sure you can guess. Oh, that's the female version too.
  14. Basically we need more of the misc clothes from 'Gear' in the JT store, imho Hightops, Ski-Masks etc. come to mind rn the only thing it's good for is: 1 - farming up a 4x4 4 slot; 2 - if you have autism a lot of spare time, farming the crown; 3 - nothing Still a cool idea, and I guess it's kinda dope that you can try rando armas guns for 7 days, but I mean... n-tec is still BiS so why does it matter?
  15. Kicking people for not playing missions in action districts is a bad idea. People should be free to play the game how they want to, there will always be enough district spaces anyway; yeah you might not get Financial when you wanna level TipToe, mores the pity, but you'll always find somewhere to play. I mean, the current set-up is still better than when they first rolled out segregation anyway, where we couldn't get any districts because of Silvers flooding our districts, but that's irrelevant. Half the issue is... TRIGGER WARNING
  16. Who, that has played here long enough, doesn't? Wait, never mind, I'm probs just a turbo autist savant Honestly tho, sad as it is, this game has basically become part of me, too many hours, too much wasted time, and damn, I have nothing to show for it, lol based mods removing spam
  17. Just wanted to illustrate my point regarding detail - using both my characters - the above is without detail, and skin features, the lower has skin features, details, and makeup used to achieve a better effect. While I get that some people want to have a plastic-doll looking character (I don't know why), if you want to make one that looks realistic, detail is your friend. Also, how do we do spoilers on the new forum? (even if it's not new any more) :thinking:
  18. Thing is... some of the detail makes absolutely massive differences to making a character look believable. Cheek / Forehead detail is mad helpful to make a face gaunt, rather than some overfed spastic I mean, also... like I said anyways, age marks are literally the go-to to make a character look real, rather than fake
  19. It's easy Step 1 - Less is more Step 2 - Perfection looks wrong So, basically, fuck tattoos, they are ultra-passé, and while I'm on the topic of out of date fashion crimes, anything less than skinny jeans is basically a sin. You want some texture and definition on the skin, makeup, like eyeshadow, and face-paint can give a relatively 'tired' look - that's what you're aiming for... within reason. Wrinkles rarely look good however - age markings, and freckles look pretty gucci tho Overall though, as far as outfits are concerned, armour and accessories should be done in a relatively realistic way - too much armour makes you look like a tool, this isn't Call of Duty. As far as designs go, on shirts, yeah maybe, on trousers / coats yeah no. smh salt much
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