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  1. It's good i like - but you must get it right, it sounds good on paper but in reality it will be not so good,, i mean you need plenty of players to test the engine upgrade, that way you will be able to get things done quicker iron out the bugs, 2-5 people is just not enough. because you need to stress test the servers... the more players that join the more players that will find the bugs and report. Anyhow great job as always. i am looking forward to it, but is there any reason why you're not going for 4.0 after upgrading to 3.5? is it because 4.0 you have to pay for it? it just feels like a cop out. Also thanks for giving everyone free premium. I would Love to be in the beta for testing the engine upgrade, I've been playing since rtw, even tho i made this forum account in 2013 - i never used to go on forums so there was no need to sign up for forums, as you can tell i never used to post as much as i do now. Keep up the good work
  2. Golderlight123

    Hit reg issues.

    yes but he doesn't have the rtx 2080 and above. hes probably got rtx 2070 or 2060
  3. I stopped playing a week ago until the APB engine is here... i think it's for the best because. it's annoying because how the servers are running and the low population and still hit register issues and delays. i have a top end PC. it's too frustrating to play APB.. playing APB reloaded right now is a death sentence.. i like to keep my insanity intact, i love APB, but there comes a time to take a break from it.
  4. Golderlight123

    Hit reg issues.

    yes that's why i stopped playing apb reloaded for now until engine upgrade... not also that. they're not gonna fix out of memory issue with the rtx cards until engine much delays too. so a good break is in order
  5. I would love to apply but my passion for the game is strong and partly my grammar is not the best i was a gm on another game... but that game went downhill fast, not because of me, how it was handled, so good luck for those who will apply.
  6. This is not for every one... so you're claiming that who buys stuff from armas don't know anything. i'm seeing that you're saying that people buy weapons are stupid every single person who purchases weapons? is that what you're saying?
  7. Sorry i should of yeah... it wasn't the Av btw... i cleared everything that had to deal with apb all the apb reloaded cach, re downloaded apb - installed it and worked
  8. That wo9uld be awesome, but not possible because of the servers. patches and Scout jumping was so much fun i agree with you.. that's one of the reasons why i brought the scout in the first place lol.. i think i saw Dopefish do
  9. Nope.... no error code nothing loads up. it doesn't load anything i click nothing appears
  10. It's Because people are not playing apb, this is the only game that makes me toxic in game, but when i'm not playing i go back into relax mode more civilized more respectable, it's just one of the many curses apb reloaded has on people if you believe that stuff... people can act stupid in game or bad or rage, but then you can also be nice outside of the game, just depends how much you are into a game i suppose.
  11. Hello everyone, anyone else has this issue? I can't seem to load APB Reloaded after latest patch, I reinstalled APB - i click on the apbprogram but nothing comes up i can't load the game. i tried installing on steam. it wouldn't load up on steam. i tried on C;Drive. D Drive. i deleted the latest windows 10 update, i installed the latest graphics card driver. but what ever i seem to do... it won't load up. I tried loading other games, they work fine My Specs if you need it are as follows Intel Core i9 9900K Unlocked Coffee Lake Desktop Processor/CPU Retail +Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Z390 Chipset LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard +Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz Quad Channel Memory (RAM) Kit - 48 gigs of ram installled Hard drive 4TB SSD MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Super Ventus XS OC 8GB Graphics Card Keyboard: GXT 280 illuminated gaming Mouse: Corsair Dark Core RGB Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse (16000 DPI Optical Sensor, 1st monitor: 144 hertz MSI Optix MAG241C 2nd monitor: 24 inch LG 60 GHZ +3rd Asus 24 ince monitor 60 GHZ
  12. "n-tec premades"? Is that what silvers call good players nowadays? coming from a arrogant player like yourself ofcause you would say this. you're nothing special yourself.. attacking players like this - oh is that what silvers call good players nowadays... typical from a player that has been banned 10 times or more.
  13. removing abandoning mission is a complete joke, did you know back in the days of old APB Reloaded RTW- (Real Time Worlds) you never had that.... and it was kinda annoying not to have it... G1 implemented the abandon mission later down the line, people don't agree with me. yes they did. The Admins/mods can check this for you. Reasons for not removing abandon missions 1) you can abandon missions because of players that are afk 2) players you really don't want to play with 3) people who you know that will grief you 4) Trolls 5) Team killers 6) Bad players 7) stream snipers: so yeah they're some of the reasons why it shouldn't get removed.
  14. hi all Districts are down on Eu right now - sorry if there is already a topic of this.. just made sure and nothing, it's been down for about 15-20 mins
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