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  1. Me - it stops the cheaters playing for a while - while legit's have a good time for a little while before they decide if it was deserved ban
  2. its hard to set a time that every one can get on and test - somewhere it's 4 am for others and in others it's 2 am. people are always going to get cucked over people who have jobs at this time too... i do feel sorry though
  3. it would help if you guys could add a download link with the information for the OTW Version. i have it downloaded but for those who can't find it - would be awesome!!
  4. yeah oca was nerfed now you want percs nerfed - hvr was nerfed - ntec was nerfed - all the stuff that you can buy using contact weapons you can use why nerf weapons that every one buy and use?
  5. I have 2 designs https://imgur.com/a/rIZiW8c good luck all
  6. then do this - press control, alt delete quickly should put you back in
  7. I like the design of this looks really good
  8. I don't rush to buy new gear, i've been saving up for some years to get what i have now, i won't need to buy a new pc for another good 5 years so i can start saving again - i'm not rich. if i really want something i just save up for couple of years, so i'm not one of those people who go out and get the latest. i know you're not aiming at me well i hope you're not
  9. That's why i said a possible fix.. also i said if people can test this too. but thanks for the reply tho much appreciated
  10. Hi Guys and Girls I want to just say if you're frustrated that you can't play on max settings due the Out of memory issue if you just can't stand not having max settings. If you have a external hdd a cheap one that is. i tested it myself it works for me but i need some more players who have a external hdd to try the work around. All you need is a external hdd a cheap one, i know some people will not be able to afford one, Possible fix 1 - put the game on the external hdd 2 - make sure your game is on max settings 3 - if the game freezes on the spawn point after death then press ctrl, Alt, delete, then go back in game. If this works for you then leave a reply, Hope this fixed the out of memory issue for you until the engine upgrade.
  11. Then you haven't been to Eu yet have you lol
  12. yeah very much so. i enjoyed it, with the no car thing was a plus because with the car was way to fast and not so great, if we all had the same guns as we did it was so enjoyable. i think the format no cars and only with brief case and the same weapons.... i think this would be a popular game mode, clan mode, solo mode, it did work and it was fun because there were no cheaters.... that's the only issue with this. people will take this the wrong way, people will spoil the game mode, because this is APB. yeah i must admit this was fun. never had so much fun for a while in APB. i will gladly help out again with testing
  13. I laughed at you when you mentioned that the OCA was a dead weapon - am i not wrong? I use this gun on a daily bases, i'm relaxed i'm not the one that's mad, i'm just chilling having a conversation about why the OCA is not a dead weapon, but if you took it the wrong way i apologize
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