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  1. Me - it stops the cheaters playing for a while - while legit's have a good time for a little while before they decide if it was deserved ban
  2. The people who i talk to are Australian they would love to play APB again but it's too laggy for them they normally get around 250 ping which is unplayable - i used to play with them, but for those Australians that do play still get around 200+ ping it's the love of the game, i respect them for it because i wouldn't come on and play with 200+ ping it would annoy the crap out of me lol, and if Australia got a server - they would be flocking to APB reloaded. Mat scott is really missing out on a big chance here - i know covid19 is a issue but i do hope he gives what they want
  3. Rip APB 2010-2020 - 2020 will be the end of apb as we know it, from here on out i don't think it will recover fully you see a decline in N.A you see Australian players that wanting to play but can't due to it being so laggy - i know covid19 was the last straw for APB but i do hope i'm wrong. I've played this game since real time worlds - it had it's ups and down new owners 1 that couldn't be bothered to update or patch the game and promised the engine would be here - 2013 came nothing 2015 came still nothing - Little orbit brought APB reloaded - 2018 - started patching the game it got more players, covid19 came, APB reloaded got more players to the point where we were seeing 1000+ population on Eu per day, i felt that this game was on the up and didn't want this game to die - as the covid19 lock down were easing you started to see a decline in APB reloaded players - from 1000+ to just under 400 population, it's when i say it won't recover because you start seeing a pattern and it's a ugly pattern at that. as i said before i do hope this game fully recovers from the terror the blight and the curse maybe one day just one day APB reloaded will shine once again, like it did back in real time worlds days. but for now 2020 is the finale straw - this is the year that makes APB reloaded make or break. sorry for the long story but just my thoughts
  4. Been waiting since G1 announced engine update - LO took over engine beta 2.1 arrived - woke up just to try the beta. wasted 1 hour trying to log in when i could of done something eles, i know this was the beta but could of done it a lot better and not rush the 2.1 engine beta. should of allowed a months notice not a week/2 weeks
  5. Mine says the apb servers are coming back online soon but are unavailable at this time please try again shortly, error code 10007
  6. its hard to set a time that every one can get on and test - somewhere it's 4 am for others and in others it's 2 am. people are always going to get cucked over people who have jobs at this time too... i do feel sorry though
  7. it would help if you guys could add a download link with the information for the OTW Version. i have it downloaded but for those who can't find it - would be awesome!!
  8. yeah oca was nerfed now you want percs nerfed - hvr was nerfed - ntec was nerfed - all the stuff that you can buy using contact weapons you can use why nerf weapons that every one buy and use?
  9. I have 2 designs https://imgur.com/a/rIZiW8c good luck all
  10. then do this - press control, alt delete quickly should put you back in
  11. I don't rush to buy new gear, i've been saving up for some years to get what i have now, i won't need to buy a new pc for another good 5 years so i can start saving again - i'm not rich. if i really want something i just save up for couple of years, so i'm not one of those people who go out and get the latest. i know you're not aiming at me well i hope you're not
  12. That's why i said a possible fix.. also i said if people can test this too. but thanks for the reply tho much appreciated
  13. Hi Guys and Girls I want to just say if you're frustrated that you can't play on max settings due the Out of memory issue if you just can't stand not having max settings. If you have a external hdd a cheap one that is. i tested it myself it works for me but i need some more players who have a external hdd to try the work around. All you need is a external hdd a cheap one, i know some people will not be able to afford one, Possible fix 1 - put the game on the external hdd 2 - make sure your game is on max settings 3 - if the game freezes on the spawn point after death then press ctrl, Alt, delete, then go back in game. If this works for you then leave a reply, Hope this fixed the out of memory issue for you until the engine upgrade.
  14. Then you haven't been to Eu yet have you lol
  15. yeah very much so. i enjoyed it, with the no car thing was a plus because with the car was way to fast and not so great, if we all had the same guns as we did it was so enjoyable. i think the format no cars and only with brief case and the same weapons.... i think this would be a popular game mode, clan mode, solo mode, it did work and it was fun because there were no cheaters.... that's the only issue with this. people will take this the wrong way, people will spoil the game mode, because this is APB. yeah i must admit this was fun. never had so much fun for a while in APB. i will gladly help out again with testing
  16. I laughed at you when you mentioned that the OCA was a dead weapon - am i not wrong? I use this gun on a daily bases, i'm relaxed i'm not the one that's mad, i'm just chilling having a conversation about why the OCA is not a dead weapon, but if you took it the wrong way i apologize
  17. exactly - this guy rain attacked me my stream because i play OCA and many other players play it - plus good thing about it is that its a contact weapon.. i just don't get why he calls it a dead brain weapon. when everyone can use... not like its something special or op. and yet he uses a stable
  18. Well good for you.... i'm on about those who complain about using guns people still moan about contact weapons like the OCA even tho yeah it has been nerfed and they still complain it being a dead weapon.. players are never happy.. they wanna see other players play against them using easy guns all the time that's their issue not ours... why should we bow down to them and change gun because they can't handle it?, best players just handle so called dead guns easily. as you said you arrest players that use OCA.. it's not a big deal anyone can... i'm just sick and tired that people still moan about contact weapons when you're here to just have fun... In a tournament like this if it happens.. i will make sure not to use any weapons if Zicky says we can't use OCA in this tournament then i wont. Good luck.
  19. no brain dead guns like oca? yeah as if you're anything special to go by - people can use whatever weapon they like, if you can't handle the so called brain dead weapons then you're not a good player, it's funny how people complain when they get owned by them, deal with it - it's part of the game
  20. so why did you say yes to the guy that's been banned 20 + times and always using bad configs, bad graphics not showing how truly game looks and only on potato graphics. giving away spots that might have gone to a better streamer? it's not setting a great example is it.
  21. So the smaller streamers wont ever get a chance in hell to take part in the beta, how about the players that played since rtw like me and have a high end pc.. i know i'm just jealous lol... But na great news.. 6 months to make this decision when it should of been from the get go. this is why g1 was a disliked company because they never interacted with streamers or players they left the game to rot. I must admit you guys did more in a month then g1 did in a year and i appreciate that. Sorry if it comes of being aggressive - trust me i'm not trying to be, now we know roughly the time frame and not have to keep guessing when or if the engine update is really happening doubting, as every year goes by.. doubting more and more to the point in where the faith at times were not so good. I gave up hoping as i always had hope/faith... but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. people gave up hoping long time ago and went to the dark side as in cheating.. i bet those players regret it. APB gamers always wanted a straight answer and now we have it, it took some time 7 years + to get to this point.. well i say it's better late then never right? you guys are now going in the right direction, i am so excited to see this game getting the love and attention it really deserves, forgive me for my poor grammar.
  22. It's called doing there job.. you know professionalism. they have accounts where they play on. and if they play on a gm account they will get accused of many things.... that's why you wont see them on playing on gm accounts., just be happy that gm's are there
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