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  1. videogamer

    Ping issue

    all u can do.. is type /latencytest in a full water or fin district (watch ur system chat after typing it, its gonna tell u where the file is gonna be and so on) send it to support and they gonna pinpoint ur issue
  2. its oke to be offended
  3. its ur opinion and i respect really.. but its always the same with you forum subhumans, nitpicking and talking smack is all what you guys actually do.. so tldr is still a thing yea, i dont wanna waste time reading some nonsense
  4. tldr.. You know what if you don't try encouraging a company rather than admonishing them constantly your not really giving them positive motivation to get things out in a timely manner, Even Developers have emotions the same as the gamer.
  5. LO could just do the same and release a piece of shit, just like g1 did for consoles.. who would want that?
  6. thats why we gon get a 64bit version, if the e.u. worksout for them..
  7. still the same, its not only after 5pm now im lagging the whole day. not really high ms anymore, it stays below 100 but now im getting packet loss spiking at 9.00
  8. id take part too.. if i didn't had the most packet loss of germany
  9. bruh u dont even need to tryhard to get gold.. its just about game sence and hand eye coordination aka aim.. its just so sad just cuz ure bad at a game dont make shitup and gitgud
  10. yea.. but its kinda weird since im having high ms while my friends are having thier usual low ms.. i dont get it why its only me and not them aswell
  11. round about 17pm it starts with high ms b4 17pm im having my nice 24ms wth? its not my net its only in apb even in ts im having my 24ms.. its everyday the same im having my nice 24ms till 17pm.
  12. its cuz of ur gpu the game is still a 32bit client game.. i bet u dont even know what 32bit means?
  13. yes yes blame them its thier fault for being UNLUCKY..
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