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  1. well i'm not sure if i'm the only one having this issue but since the update i'm having fps drops from something let's say 180fps goes down to 40 the bounce of fps happens constantly while i move around i even tried turning down my graphics and it does the same i'm not trying to kill the vibe of the joy of the update i'm actually happy this is something going on finally but it's not so cool that i can't enjoy it the same way , i've tested a couple things but it doesnt seem to change for me.
  2. pretty cool thing to come with, weekends needs more activities like this, at least time to time, with extra rewards for more motivations i will join in (Jericho)
  3. Woah, almost a year of free Premium this is big. thank you guys!
  4. that's such a good move, i hope be ready to jump in action soon again, and im looking forward to help with the feedbacks and be able to test all the new changes aswell
  5. those microstutters been in there forever it's something that is going to be present despite having a good PC, yet sometimes is not notable at all but it happends hopefully with the new engine this disappears for warframe is something really crazy if u get to notice an issue like this XD idk for me is like warframe is the smoothest game i've ever played i love it, however back to APB with this i feel like it's something u learn to get used to after of a time idk it's what i used to do, sadly right now i can't tell at all since im rebuilding my pc so i cannot play ^ Cheers!.
  6. My story ummmm I started on 2011 no trading system was a thing first legendary guns were coming out a year later so much fun i spent lots of money in the game coz i loved it got so many permanent weps, 2012 g1 decides to ban me and few more pl randomly from my clan we got shit i left the game i tried what everyone wouled do to create a new account and play again but nah it wasnt the same, 2016 where everyone got unbanned boiii the feeling of finally claiming that shit loads of codes i had in the account that i had no idea what it was but then i realized like very reciently that was from some loyalty reward however i only played till xmas that year bye again 2019 im back again idk why but having some fun again and currently right now i decided to disarm my pc and make some upgrades so yup im gonna be away for a few again LOL.
  7. I think it would be better to have the prestige 5 if it happends only during the mission locked for the same ppl in the mission and make the player with the prestige 5 a way more increased rewards for doing the mission tasks, killing, etc. Thats an idea Other thing could be simply to removed the prestige lvl and make it into daily bar of lvl of how much you been playing during the day and keep the multiplier bonuses till the day ends and gain extra joker tickets, cash or standing every single stage till lets say level 5 in that way without becoming a bounty of course. Lvl 1 = jtc Lvl 2 = cash Lvl 3 = standing for the last contact u just received the mission from Lvl 4 = jtc + cash Lvl 5 = jtc + cash + standing Always keeping the multiplier bonuses on scaling by lvl as usual, till the day ends and it resets to Lvl 0 of course this replacing the prestige lvl and becoming a bounty Since ppl get some money killing bounties having these bonuses i think it would be better How would you trigger the prestige 5 in a district, i dont know, how about after being mvp for the next 3-5 missions conssecutivly u became a bounty for the opposite faction that way u jump out of the mission and u can fight :L unless ppl agree on totally removing becoming a bounty Note: im just throwing random ideas :L
  8. Perhaps tomorrow if im not wrong the Armas Market updates every friday
  9. MissaHolloway

    Gift Button

    Why it's been so many years and theres no Gift Button on the ARMAS market, i dont know if this have been requested before or something but i just dont see anything wrong on having it? Or am i wrong o.o
  10. Nope, still waiting just like you :T been 5 days
  11. you got a weapon that fights in the Limbo to shoot directly to their souls now.
  12. yeah still waiting for my ticket to be replied
  13. Server: Jericho Name: LookMeToMyFace Theme: Occultist Demoniac, Small ideas on the outfit of Jack from the Movie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
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