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  1. Amazing how people that so sincerely admit that have quit this game still roam around this forum, even if it's kinda dead/on life-support
  2. Had no idea that the texture quality was different from male to female I'll see if I notice it
  3. Got my reply, and they say they fixed it. I'll go test and I'll edit this post if it's true. Edit: Automatically fixed the second I logged in
  4. Matt stated that this bug got high priority in the support ticket line but my ticket is yet to be answered and it has been opened for 5 days now Anyone got their ticket answered so far?
  5. I sent a ticket the day before Matt said that and I'm still waiting for a reply Lets wait together QQ
  6. People have been asking for this for a while now Hotfix when
  7. If it's someone's first Halloween event can they really remember something they didn't know?
  8. You're not the only one Here, let me redirect you to the right thread
  9. Yap, the issue remains. Nowhere on both districts, 48/50
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