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  1. Dibe

    Error Code 10004

    It's only the Citadel (EU) Server are Offline, The Jerico (NA) Server still up. You can see the District server infos on this site. https://will.io/apb/
  2. Yes i'm max Rank an Green/bronze only because playing aginst Tryhards, i have bad concentration, Brain/Psychic problems and bad aim. But you where the first one who dont called backup you are not are like all the others. And People who think that all Max ranks need to be gold or silver can't accept that bad players can playing too. My friend playing on potatoes with 10 - 20 fps
  3. What the Title says Cant see Halloween archivements. And i want to know how much kills i need to finish it. Only see the Riot Archivements. https://ibb.co/wh8JLGP
  4. Hey i found this bug, I wanted to play with the tg8 and i saw the Yakuza skin don`t appears on this wepon. It only looks like the Prentiss Tiger skin
  5. @MattScott I try on any Server on PC and everywhere you are only in the loading screen. My friend saw me in financial but i was only in the loading screen.
  6. Hello I'm doing some little guide for the Easter Event for someone who don't know what to do. -- Egg Hunt -- 1. Find out a Mr.Bunny or Mr.Chick | Bunny gives you 1 Egg / Chiken gives you 5 Eggs 2. Kill Players to get the half egg they have or mug them to get all 3. You get a "egg multiplier" it going down every time you deliver your eggs (*5, *3, *2, *1) 4.You can deliver your eggs at a normal Contact you have (Don't try the other faction Contact) 5.You get a 20 second "Egg Shield" and Speed boost every time you mug a Bunny or chicken. 6.You have a Spawn "egg shield" if you have eggs left -- Egg Launcher -- 1. Find out the Egg Gun (Search around the symbol - max 200meters) 2. Every one who found it become as a Chosen one 3. Kill the Chosen one to become him 3. You need to make 15 Total Kills and then deliver the Gun to a Contact -- Rewards -- 1000 Eggs Delivering (mutiplier gives you more) = Title "Eggstravagant" Play 10 Rounds = Title "Battle Hopper" Kill 30 Players How Carry Eggs or With Egg launcher = Title "Big Rooster" Mug 15 People who Carry Eggs = Title "Hot Chick" Egg Wrangler = Joker tickets,Clothes,Title -- Role -- Egg Wrangler Have 15 Lvl Each Role you need to deliver 100 Eggs (From Bunny,Chicken or Players) Ps: Sorry for my bad English
  7. Anyone know if the Hunt goes only Few Hours or all time ? you need to find a GM and i think they not all time online
  8. Hey, This Event is Funny and you need do Concentrate to hit one with the HoHoHoPGL. The System of this is good thoughtful and The Team Size of 4 is enough. (One thing i dont like atm is theres a "Bug" you can be a group with 2 or Alone) I Saw the New Report window where you can report players for 4 Reasons Types, This is a beautiful thing to stop cheaters or griefer and more . All in one This gonna be a Nice Event and new Report system. Thanks you Little Orbit for the nice events --best regards MrAfrGer--
  9. Oh Okay Thanks you guys for the Help
  10. Hey i want to Test the New Event today at 8pm(GMT+1) its 11am(PT) and I cant log in me it says : Acount Login has Failes! Please check your ID and Password(error code 11004) My Mail and Password is right. And they Write we need to create a Char on Eu-Server (OTW) it's new i think it was only NA server befor. Anyone has a Idea ?
  11. Not much But a Simple Halloween pyjama (i'm not a good designer)
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