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  1. What a nice How2! I'm doing it step by step and I've already done step 2 yet: Listen to that Kirby song while playing. I just gotta manage to do some shooting, nading and driving now. Excellent as always, dear Sir!
  2. Didn't have the time to participate last weekend, but thx anyways, rarely seen GMs!
  3. For me this is like one of these clips where people throw ping pong balls into cups after bouncing off pans and stuff several times. I guess for one of these brick/8ball kills I'd have to try like 300 times, so you got my respect, dear Sir.
  4. Look, mom, I'm famous! ...not sure what's so weird about this though...
  5. I'd be glad to see it fixed, too. But I guess it's not that high priorioty right now
  6. Yeah, thanks for the fun I had!
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