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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I'm doing some little guide for the Easter Event for someone who don't know what to do. -- Egg Hunt -- 1. Find out a Mr.Bunny or Mr.Chick | Bunny gives you 1 Egg / Chiken gives you 5 Eggs 2. Kill Players to get the half egg they have or mug them to get all 3. You get a "egg multiplier" it going down every time you deliver your eggs (*5, *3, *2, *1) 4.You can deliver your eggs at a normal Contact you have (Don't try the other faction Contact) 5.You get a 20 second "Egg Shield" and Speed boost every time you mug a Bunny or chicken. 6.You have a Spawn "egg shield" if you have eggs left -- Egg Launcher -- 1. Find out the Egg Gun (Search around the symbol - max 200meters) 2. Every one who found it become as a Chosen one 3. Kill the Chosen one to become him 3. You need to make 15 Total Kills and then deliver the Gun to a Contact -- Rewards -- 1000 Eggs Delivering (mutiplier gives you more) = Title "Eggstravagant" Play 10 Rounds = Title "Battle Hopper" Kill 30 Players How Carry Eggs or With Egg launcher = Title "Big Rooster" Mug 15 People who Carry Eggs = Title "Hot Chick" Egg Wrangler = Joker tickets,Clothes,Title -- Role -- Egg Wrangler Have 15 Lvl Each Role you need to deliver 100 Eggs (From Bunny,Chicken or Players) Ps: Sorry for my bad English
  2. Locations of the halloween red pumpkins via images of ingame locations. The images that have nothing there, the pumpkin was taken care of, and is in that general "area" on screen. Made sure you can't accidentally spoil it if you wanted to find them yourself first Good Luck! Happy Hunting!!! I did Miss imaging small few. I know I placed one on the total map overview image in the Overhead Spoiler. (will redirect to imgur hidden behind 3 levels of assurance) Overhead Spoiler (red dots mark the general location) Waterfront
  3. Ugh... finally done with 10 wins achievement which was last on my list. I guess I share my general idea how to play this damn thing as a lot of people (even veteran) go into it without clue how it works: 1. Try to find any primary weapon (just in case if you get jumped) OR buy primary weapon for 2000$ (you will get it with each respawn so it's good investition) OR better secondary for 1000$ (I always didn't bought secondary cause FBW was more than enough in most cases) 2. Gather cash. (500$ for all teammates per cash stack) 3. Eventually RIOT codes should show up 4. Get one of them and start to arm RIOT devices. (1000$ for all teammates per RIOT device) 5. Get out of zone and approach other non-contaminated (you got minute before gas is deployed so it's not bad idea to grab cash surrounding you or check out if there is better weapon around - also you might find yourself being forced to traverse gas - if that's case... don't forget to grab some hazmat suit) 6. Look for district which don't have RIOT device - that's finale zone, where finale stage will be. There two strategies if you find finale zone either: - You camp at the finale zone and pick off other teams approaching it (hard to do without position which gives you advantage, pay-offs when only couple of teams remain) - You go to other non-contaminated districts and arm remaining RIOT devices for cash boost, hopefully opposition will wipe itself out (easier to do overall, might lead to problems in finale stage if other team camped at position with advantage) 7. Wait up until Redhill VAN appears. 8. Bribe the driver the most out of all teams AND survive to win. There are some advices which might lead you to win this stage: - Being first at van doesn't mean that you are most likely to win. It might be completly opposite. You might find yourself spending all possible money on bribe as enemy team wipes you out. Even in finale, use money you got at disposal smart. Going for last minutes full-team attack might be good strategy to win, especially since most of teams gonna be either severely weakened or destroyed. - You not only lose cash for respawn, you also lose half of your held money if you die. Be wary of that, you might provide cash for opposite teams to bribe driver. - If you sure you gonna win but you are last of your team and have no cash for next respawn left, try to wait it out in hidden place. Be wary, enemies might get idea of your tactic to win. - Sometimes it's not bad idea to go into contaminated zone to get to some well entrenched location. Be sure trip is short enough to not hurt you or have hazmat suits at you for that as you get damaged after 15 seconds which aids your enemies. - 3 minutes before end, all items despawn from map. This is when primary weapon unlock pays off the most. If you don't have such or you can't afford one, make sure whatever happens with you that your weapon stays with you. You don't want enemy to gain upper hand over you just before end. - While OPGL and OSMAWs are trash in pre-finale stage, they are very useful in finale. It's not bad idea to grab one if you know that finale zone will be in hard to reach place. Good luck. And thanks to all teams who I took and they took me under wings. It was pleasure to play with all of you. Despite how this mode was broken.
  4. Hello! If you are new to apb and want to pick up some weapons from the armas market place, here are some suggestions for you! I only recommend buying account lifetime weapons as you can have it on every character in your account You can’t go wrong to choose weapons with 3 open slots as you can put mod freely on those weapon. However, some preset weapon on armas has perfect mod on them and with a cheaper price. Choosing them over the 3 slots version can save you some g1c and you can have a fully configured weapon on your new characters. Weapons not listed below doesn’t mean they must be bad, u can always test them out! Ok lets get into it! Assault rifles: COBR-A -Can’t be bought from npc -An assault rifle version of joker rifle -It has a slower ttk and high damage when compare with other assault rifles -It is extremely accurate and can run and gun -It may not be the best in any aspect, but it is a very good weapon for newbie FAR “Spearhead” - Can’t be bought from npc unless you’ve unlock it in pervious event (FAR Charger) - A mix of ntec and star, all round weapon -It is fun to use, but it is not a must get weapon as you have to use it just like star and ntec Atac (3 slots/ patroller) -Can’t be bought from npc -Fast firing, no recoil, hold mouse1 and w to win -As known as gay tec -Will get many whispers requesting you to uninstall -It has 57m range but due to poor precision, it is more like a close range weapon Joker cr5 (3 slots/ pr2) -It can be bought from npc -Reskin of ntec -It’s a ntec, you can’t go wrong with it -pr2 got everything you need for a ntec with a cheaper price Raptor45 - Can’t be bought from npc -It’s like a more precise atac, can be fired fully automatic down range -It has a slightly slower ttk and small magazine size (22) -idk why but not many ppl would complaint about this weapon -You really don’t need any mod on it -Condor(legendary) is a nerfed version imo Semi-auto rifle Oscar rifle -It will be unlocked at the very last stage of game(2 slot version) -Can run and gun with a very good accuracy and decent time to kill -A burst fire rifle, not newbie friendly Joker rifle “Punchline” -It can be bought from npc -Can run and gun -This preset got what you need for a joker rifle with a cheaper price Obir “Vladivostok” -It can be bought from npc -Mostly for mid-long range fight -3-round burst fire rifle, not newbie friendly but very very strong -This preset got what you need for a obir with a cheaper price Sub-machine gun VAS-C2 Trouble maker -can’t be bought from npc -very strong close range weapon with insane fast ttk -have to fire in marksmanship mode unless you are hugging your enemy -Only smg I suggest you to get from armas, or go get a pmg and put cj2/3 on it Sniper rifle Nekrova ISS-b “Dog ear” -Can’t be bought from npc -Just got a nerf on hard damage, it is less effective against vehicles now -4 shot kill auto sniper, still pretty decent weapon N-HVR 243 Scout RT1 -Can’t be bought from npc -A light sniper rifle with cj3 on it, which make it fire really slightly faster -It deals less damage than the HVR762 but it does not slow you down Pathfinder LR PR2 -Can’t be bought from npc -A light sniper rifle with hs1 and ir3 on it -You can do full damage to enemy up to 97m with this version and hs1 provide 5 degree more zoom -It deals less damage than the HVR762 but it does not slow you down Secondary (I know oca nano seems very op to new players but trust me it’s really not even close to good) Colby .45 ap -Broken as f*** -A fbw require higher skill -5 shots kill, 0.8sec ttk -Good range, good accuracy -It does more damage than Ntec-7 Ursus per shot lol -Best secondary imo although I can’t use it well lol N-FA9 “Quick draw pr1” -Other version with longer draw time can be bought from npc -Stupidly fast fire rate with insane ttk (0.63sec) -Super poor accuracy and high recoil -It melts ppl when u are hugging them -Noob friendly, just spray and pray ACT44 golden marksman pr1 -Best friend of smg/ shotgun -Solid 4 shot kill long range secondary with a hunting sight3 on it
  5. STEAM GUIDE By Dexem Check out Aural's Guide too! Forum Version | Steam Version ABOUT I've been working on this guide for the past couple of years. For beginners it covers threat, how to get the best start in APB, car choices, and understanding modifications. For advanced players it goes over some simple strategies on how to contest some of the most difficult spots in the game, as well as utilizing effective communication strategies, and self improvement. With a few tips n' tricks thrown in there for anyone who doesn't know about them. I highly recommend checking it out as I'm sure there will be some sort of information for someone at any skill level. It is also being constantly updated so always check back for new sections! SOMETHING MISSING? If there is anything you would like to see in the guide that I have not covered, feel free to leave a comment and I will get to implementing it as soon as I can!
  6. Just simply visit armas page and it will be instantly activated on your account.
  7. Mitne Basic Newbie APB Guide Welcome in San Paro. In this guide I will answer many questions I had from newbies in way better form than tutorial in-game presents. It won't be just text but also prepared in-game screenshots. Of course I advice to try out in-game tutorial (by pressing T in-game you get inside it) but if you still don't know anything, this guide is intended to fill that gap. So let's get started - it will be done in form of QA - with possible question asked by any new player and answer to that: Q: Alright... I joined district... I click K to get ready... and I got no mission...? A: Simply click M and look up in the upper right - that's population of district [Picture 1]. [Picture 1] Ops... It seems it's empty. And even if it's not... - to start mission at least one side needs to have 2 people (either criminals or enforcers) - this also will start mission only for side meeting this requirement, if you are only one on your side you always will be called on defensive side of mission. Q: But how do I get to district with more players? A: Click esc and district select button [Picture 2] [Picture 2] Then after it you REALLY don't want to use basic view [Picture 3]... it's uber unreliable and will throw you at ANY free district of your threat... if you went gold or green that's totally not gonna work as both this servers are almost always empty... instead you press tab called "Advanced" [Picture 4] which shows you advanced view on all possible districts. [Picture 3] [Picture 4] You want to uncheck certain two ticks [Picture 5] so they won't hide server which are blooming with players right now. [Picture 5] PRO TIP: That's how you get to fight club with players too[Picture 6]! As basic view usually throw you into empty FC district (like one random player would help population of that server suddenly grow) [Picture 6] Edit: "Due to privaty concerns" - Sadly it sneaked in post-edit but i'm aware of grammar error. Thank you. Q: All enemies outshot me whenever I approach them. Are they cheaters? A: First of all. No - if everyone would cheat, this game would be long dead - for starter you need to accept fact that there are better players... it doesn't mean there are not worse than you, over time you will find that old enemies which dominated you, might fail to do anything near you in later stage of game. All it takes is patience. Second. Apply right tactic for right weapon. It's obvious thing that sniper rifle should be fired at range and shotgun in close quaters, rifles and ARs at mid-range and LMGs to be anti-personel and anti-car... but only if put in hotspots, well-covered. Some weapons also REQUIRE you to aim sight down (like sniper rifles, ARs, rifles) while other discourage you (like shotguns or SMGs). Third and last ALWAYS THINK. Enemies might try to ambush you, lure you but they got one clear disadvantage - they gonna understimate you. Especially after second or third try you might find that there was shift of powers... never give up and adapt to situation you are faced in. If you got idea you not sure gonna work, why not try it. It's only game after all! Q: I don't feel like playing missions... what else I can do? That depends on what side of conflict you are but contrary to popular belief, enforcers also can earn cash outside missions: Enforcers got three possible ways to gain money outside missions: 1. Witnessing criminals [Picture 7] [Picture 7] If you see criminal with symbol of handcuff, you can initiate witness mission (by clicking ALT) which is quick mission of who gonna secure dirty money from criminal in dedicated for that hideouts [Number 1 on Picture 7]. Beware though, you don't want chase criminal for few dollars, you can see how many money criminal have on him here [Number 2 on Picture 7]. As of now you can't witness criminals while sitting in car. 2. Hunting Notoriety 5 criminals [Picture 8] [Picture 8] By simply killing him you earn bounty put on his head, be on lookout on this. Word of advice though, this players are Notoriety 5 for a reason. This is also the only option here which earns you instant money. He/she is always shown on map and radar. 3. Looking for stolen cars (more rarely loot abandoned by criminals or vans containing it) [Picture 9] [Picture 9] Exactly here it should show what is name of car and what is actual state of it (it should be usable - stolen, due to wierd bug it don't show me that in screenshot but you can check it out in-game). I consider it the safest option to get money outside mission for enforcer and which should be done in full action districts. All you need to do is to lookout for cars, to see if car is stolen, look for marked reference in picture. You can't return commandered cars, only stolen ones! [Picture 10] More rare is that you find loot on streets, abandoned clearly by criminals (things like PCs, TVs, gold bars, jewelry itp.) Even more rare although possible is that you find stolen vans or other kind of cars with loot (see reference). If trunk of stolen car is filled it's most likely by loot which you can just take to near contact for pocket money Warning! After that always remember to visit evidence locker, money you get is money on hand until you visit evidence locker! Death means dropping "loot" on streets of San Paro where it can be taken by litteraly anyone. PRO TIP: Criminals don't have counter-option to get your "loot" so you can safely have on hand as much as you want... just make sure you gonna drop it. Criminals got four possible ways to gain money outside missions: 1. Looting shops [Picture 11] [Picture 11] Grab a van, ram the shop, load the car, unpack it at contact. Simple? Not much. You can be witnessed by enforcers (as described above in witnessing criminals). And if you just grabbed van from street, anyone just can sit inside and take it anywhere, taking your hard work with them. Consider using your own van. Packer Ceresco is the most spacious of all cars in-game which you can own. 2. Hunting Prestige 5 enforcers [Picture 12] [Picture 12] Litteraly the same thing as with enforcers. Kill bounty, earn instant money. He is always shown on map and radar. WARNING: Killing P5 enforcer AS enforcer will drop your prestige to 0, reducing your reward multiplier to 0,1. You really want to avoid that whatever you doing as this even affects how much you get for kills (in matches). 3. Mugging [Picture 13] [Picture 13] Go to any civilian walking on street, press F. Wait for timer to complete... profit. Also many of pedestrians drop small on-hand items which you can drop for additional loot at contacts. 4. Steal cars [Picture 14] [Picture 14] Infamous among criminals for being tiring and slow in comprasion to others. Grab car from streets, drive it to chop shop. Unlike enforcers you can grab any car (except player owned ones) and drop them at chop shop. Ka ching. Warning! After that always remember to visit laundry, money you get is money on hand until you visit laundry! Death means dropping "loot" on streets of San Paro where it can be taken by litteraly anyone. Warning! As criminal you can be witnessed with loot by enforcer, you can know if you are witnessable by looking here [Picture 15]. [Picture 15] Although after you got more than 2500$ of loot, you gonna be permantely witnessable until you drop loot at laundry - you get warning in chat if that happens too. [Picture 16] [Picture 16] Q: I keep getting mission from the same guy and I keep not advancing at all. Ugh... is there way to farm some other? A: You should ALWAYS pledge to one contact you desire to level up. By either interacting with contact directly [Picture 17] or via double-clicking contact on map using M [Picture 18] you can enter contact window and pledge to them [Picture 19]. [Picture 17] [Picture 18] [Picture 19] Also note that Financial and Waterfront contacts are unique and each needs to be pledged in their respectable districts. Q: What are this joker tickets, how I can earn them and what I can do with them? A: Joker Tickets are tokens granted for you for activites in APB. You can earn them either by completing objectives of FC (shown both at basic district selection screen, via FC window (f7) and in upper corner of screen [Picture 20]) or getting mission to earn them from fully completed contacts only [Picture 21]. JTs can be used to purchase items from Joker Distribution at Social District [Picture 22] to purchase many items (excluding permanent weapons, sorry! Although you can lease many which are in ARMAs Marketplace [Picture 23]) [Picture 20] [Picture 21] [Picture 22] [Picture 23] Q: I run out of ammo... also how I can change my weapon? This starter weapon sucks. A: For ammo - Go to any ammo distributor, press F to buy certain type of ammo (it will show if it's for your primary, secondary or grenade slot weapons [Picture 24]). You can also press I to get ammo for holded weapon immediatly [Picture 25]). Use whatever you feel better with. Edit: As of last updates, it's not longer true. You can't run out of ammo as long as you got money to purchase it. My advice though is to always keep some ammo on hand as you might run out of ammo after you lose your money in some way (like via purchase). [Picture 24] [Picture 25] To change weapon, you first need to have some or lease one. Since you most likely want to have free to play experince, you for now should only lease - do it by interacting with contact, going into buy tab [Picture 26] and selecting weapons [Picture 27]. After purchase it will ask you to deploy it. You can always swap weapons in any car spawner or ammo distributor using I [Picture 28]. [Picture 26] [Picture 27] [Picture 28] Q: My car sucks! I saw players having this muscle cars and... A: ...they pay for respawning it. 100$ since it's tier 3 car. As someone who is litteraly broke on start you should stand with your starter or so called tier 0 cars - it's every car which cost 5,000$ for zero slot version, they cost 0$ for every respawn but they are underpowered. All of them are used by civilians so you can get good feel about what you gonna get by just commandering or stealing cars and driving them around. Don't worry, you will find out how to get better cars soon - it just my starting recommendation for you. Edit: If you really want better car - the best would be getting some decent tier 1 car - their cost is 20,000$ for zero slot version, they cost 25$ for second and further respawn of car and among them are cars such as Packer Ceresco and as you work your rank up, so you should work your cars up (but in my personal opinion, you should always keep useful cars around - just like Packer Ceresco, just in case). Q: I want to group up with someone, how? How to create clans? How to ignore someone who annoys me? A: All of this can be done via pressing U. Each tab represent each problem, you get easily around it as everything is described [Picture 29]. [Picture 29] Q: How do I change my clothing? Or theme, symbol? A: Everything can be done in Social District. Use map to navigate to kiosk corresponding your needs [Picture 30]. [Picture 30] I hope you survived to the end as you grasped basics to get you started! Good luck out there! If there are any questions which are left unanswered, please ask them in this thread. Edit: Updated guide, checked for grammar errors.
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