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Found 10 results

  1. during the past few weeks I’ve found myself wasting premium because the servers are down, or simply because I’m not online. what if we had an option to pause our premium and manually resume it again, or have it simply only continue whenever we’re online and playing? just a thought, don’t hate on me too much.
  2. No matter what your definition of Pay to Win is, the 50% reduction to Orange mod cooldowns available to Premium players is straight up Pay2win. It is a clear cut advantage that you are unable to earn in any way that isn't purchasing a Premium subscription This issue was brought up multiple times and seemingly swept under the rug. It would be nice to see an otherwise fair game lose its only true pay to win feature. Wheter everyone should get 50% off cooldowns or the cooldowns should stay the same is not the point of this thread.
  3. Hello folks, Wanted to get your thoughts / opinions on whether or not it is worth having premium once you get to max rank. My 2 mains are R255. I haven't bought anything other than joker boxes as I roll default (clothing, vehicles, etc). Love the concept of the various designers, and love the designs players have put out there, but I've never really been interested in tweaking anything. Ikr ... weird. The only 3 reasons I know of for having premium are: 1) faster leveling; 2) cheaper prices for items on the armas marketplace; and 3) faster response time for support tickets. Item 3 is pretty much a null item as LO is about a month behind on support tickets. My buddy (who has premium) submitted a ticket concerning random crashes EVERY time he plays exactly 1-month ago and only just got a reply. And that reply wasn't helpful. It was a standard "update your drivers", which didn't help at all, so he is back to square one. Am I missing any other reason? And if I'm only buying JBs, is it still worthwhile to buy the lowest time of premium and then buy the JBs for the extra boxes you get because you have premium? Cheers, Lewd
  4. Hey there, While we absolutely grinded so many hours on the game in these days of covid19, and thank to Matt Scott who also provided us with free premium. Do you think APB:R would be better if premium was free and replaced the old system as an original part of the game, making it more attractive to new comers(more standing, more $/mission)? Answer yes or no and why? Sorry for my English.
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed before I really did try to search but using "premium" as a keyword brings up like 100 topics and nobody got time for that. But to the point - We all know that 1 and 3 Day Premium codes exist - these things are given out mostly with holidays or JMBs. I've talked about it earlier about how much I'd love for Premium to be for "Time Played" or pause option but understand that that is incredible difficult to do and probably not financially viable for LO But here's the issue - unfortunately there exists a class of players who just cannot get online enough to justify buying Premium subscriptions. Take the recent Premium gift for example - we were given 30 days - the minimum we can buy on ARMAs at this time - I've only been able to use 4 days of that 30 so far and if I'm lucky i'll get to use 2 more days, that's 6/30, so 24 days wasted. Now, it was free, so I'm not complaining, but if I had paid for those 30 days - you can see how 24 days wasted doesn't make it worth it. And so I don't buy Premium. So my suggestion - combining the fact that 1 Day Premiums do exist, seem to be relatively ok for the devs to add to the game, and that there is a class of players who simply cannot viably justify 30 Day subscriptions - let us buy 1 Day Premium on ARMAS. (Add in a 3 Day option if possible for those glorious 3 day weekends). Using the 30 Day Premium (799 G1C) as a guide - a single day of Premium is worth 26.66 G1C and that would be nice, but the generally lowest cost items on ARMAS are 45G1C - even at that price I feel like it's worth it for us time-poor players, you could lower it to 30G1C and still make a profit over the 30 Day Premium value. I know I would love for it to be 15G1C per day to match the 6 Month Premium value - but beggars and choosers and I'm trying to make it worth LO's effort but they can price the 1 Day Premiums at whatever they want - I just suggest to make it less than 50G1C to make it worth the while of those buying them. Now I'm not suggesting this as an option for those already on 30 Day + subscriptions - this is strictly for those who just want Premium in 1 Day bursts, they're either stuck to only playing occasionally or designers who just want a quick premium boost to finish off some designs. I mean look at how many times/topics appear on the forums asking for Premium codes? Sure this probably won't stop by adding 1 Day Premium to ARMAS because free > not free, but we can pretend it will and keep in mind this is only for those people who are currently not buying any premium, so it's purely profit from where there was no profit, those that are fine with not getting the best value from Premium are probably already subscribed, I just think those who are stuck in the casual class of player but still want Premium could use the little support.
  6. I was thinking about that idea for some time, and I feel like it would benefit certain player groups and their wallets. I feel like there is quite a number of people that when purchasing premium, they'd wish for a lower priced alternative because they don't need all the bonuses. Some people use it solely for either designer related activities, or mission district money and standing income (of course there are players who use it for both, but this thread is not focused on them). I introduce to you, premium variants. (don't bash me for my tragic editing skills) These lower priced variants of premium would include less benefits than a regular premium, with the regular one having an additional bonus (bonus of having armas discounts, variants could have a discount on renewing them) to make it more lucrative to purchase. And no, this is not something that we REALLY need. But I still feel like it's a good bargain for people that spend most of time in social or in mission districts. This would help people waste less money on unwanted benefits that still cost them and probably help these who participate in creator events hosted by Little Orbit. This is how the description of the premiums would look like: Let me know what do you think of the idea, and whether additional bonuses could be implemented in the either of premiums to make them more attractive.
  7. As the Title says, I want the Layer-Limit for Customization to be removed. For me, one big part of this game is the ability to fully customize my Character and my Car! And I find it extremly unfair to hide this part of the game behind a montly pay-wall. So unfair that i even stopped playing the game at all, and I'm sure there are more like me out there. I mean there has to be another way around this. For Example : Remove the Layer-Limit for anybody, BUT make it so that you cannot trade or sell custom made Items with a certain complexity level unless you are Premium. Or : Remove the Layer-Limit for anybody, BUT make it so that you can only store a limited amout of complex creations, give Premium Players a big discount on buying complex Items off the Marketplace. I think you got the idea here. If you read this, little Orbit, please consider it.
  8. Lets get something straight first. this is not to "bash" the APB team. i have supported APB from day dot. but there's is some distaste creeping into the hardcore community,. 1. Will APB investors, ( players still purchasing premium, putting money into the game ) be "entitled" / "compensated" for the down time, ??? [ and please do not just "blanket grant" every global player with a generic premium code,, because those that actually purchase it are just mugged off for purchasing it ] Surely you must be able to see who is/has currently purchased premium prior to and over the down time , either role back the premium clock, or award codes to account emails / armas reward lockers 2. the recent* (or not recent) announcement of Riot Season passes is.. well.. disrespectful . Understandably money is always an issue. but really.. at least use a filtered player/account search for the following., 1. active accounts being played in the past 4 years + old , on a weekly basis. = yes (4 years = dedication. the game is what 8 to 9 years old. some of us have, although real life takes priority, have been on since day dot.) 2. of those accounts have purchased premium of "X" more days in the recent year . = yes ( with in the year shows the players are still investing ) 3. Any prior bans on record (that have not been over turned) = no ( hard core fair players do not use hacks , and if wrongly accused, have been reviewed, those with prior bans should not be rewarded, tricky, although we all know Little Orbit knows who is who. ) = Award with 3 or 6 month Riot Season pass for being a continued investor/player ( this then not only allows those that are continued players and content creators supporting the game, but also helps populate and "hype" the game mode ) more importantly shows a big THANK those that have invested into the game. regardless of the Little Orbit purchase as the players can not be punished for "gamersfirst" past and demise. Reads back like a rant, it is not. just some ideas and an opinion. All the Best everyone D
  9. Just simply visit armas page and it will be instantly activated on your account.
  10. Hey, i like the new style of ARMAS but it does not show how many premium days you have anymore. Is it gonna be fixed or am i missing something? Thanks
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