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Found 1 result

  1. Hello folks, Wanted to get your thoughts / opinions on whether or not it is worth having premium once you get to max rank. My 2 mains are R255. I haven't bought anything other than joker boxes as I roll default (clothing, vehicles, etc). Love the concept of the various designers, and love the designs players have put out there, but I've never really been interested in tweaking anything. Ikr ... weird. The only 3 reasons I know of for having premium are: 1) faster leveling; 2) cheaper prices for items on the armas marketplace; and 3) faster response time for support tickets. Item 3 is pretty much a null item as LO is about a month behind on support tickets. My buddy (who has premium) submitted a ticket concerning random crashes EVERY time he plays exactly 1-month ago and only just got a reply. And that reply wasn't helpful. It was a standard "update your drivers", which didn't help at all, so he is back to square one. Am I missing any other reason? And if I'm only buying JBs, is it still worthwhile to buy the lowest time of premium and then buy the JBs for the extra boxes you get because you have premium? Cheers, Lewd
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