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  1. oh! maybe they add speed dating! you're welcome can the district just be nuketown please
  2. a positive thread on the company??? can we be friends
  3. if they changed the regular 30 days premium to 15 days, and changed it to where it’s only applied when you’re logged in, I feel as if that would compensate.
  4. yeah I like that idea, hopefully it’s something they will consider implementing
  5. definitely make it worth the price in my opinion
  6. during the past few weeks I’ve found myself wasting premium because the servers are down, or simply because I’m not online. what if we had an option to pause our premium and manually resume it again, or have it simply only continue whenever we’re online and playing? just a thought, don’t hate on me too much.
  7. haven't seen a positive post about the support team in a hot minute
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