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  1. This paragraph just proved you know nothing about that gun, even with the medusa you can finish somebody so fast by just running and using your gun as if it was an OCA from CQC, all light machine guns are amazing CQC guns aside from the slower type ones such as ALIG or CASE. Of course, that is meant to be a hug range to 5m max. This paragraph is yelling: I'm an annoying bot and I am the reason why people don't like FC anymore. Honestly, this is fight club and not the nest club. You want to go, fight and practice your skills with basically any gun in the game. Just don't sit there waiting for easy kills. This is pure waste of time and being an annoying toxic bot.
  2. I can also support this saying and also many of my friends. This is something that is killing the game and ruins missions . This has to be fixed ASAP.
  3. i'm happy for the .45 ap... couldn't care less about anything else
  4. Couldn't agree more. Cheaters will always be there, just a new anticheat will keep the away for a few weeks maybe months.
  5. Tbh Kttw is fair. Imagine buying all those things separately.. It would cost almost twice the price. I love this pack, you get stuff such as rhino car and the charge mikro account bound, You get 3D glasses, you get ATAC with it's arguably the best modifications and a STAC. You also get some more stuff and those skins from many countries.
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