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  1. Maybe, but he's saying that because most of the players are russians and most of them are also typing to you in their native language. It's a fact. You won't see everyday somebody writing to you in a european language. It's just russian always.
  2. The only guns with no bloom from your list are the .45 AP and the FR0G. Rest have a huge bloom once you max firerate it.. I'm guessing you just never tried to shoot it as fast.
  3. 100 trial guns of 5 days is 50k $ I wouldn't say it's useless. It is a decent number for the average player.
  4. I know a bunch of people that exploited dozens of 3 slot guns and are still rich and not even close to banned till this day.
  5. I agree with every single word you just wrote. I hope they will fix those bundles so I could actually buy them hopefully.
  6. 190? You really think I have this amount of patience to reach that rank on my new characters? I want to play FC to grind money and ROLES easily, and JUST have fun there. 190 is a dumb idea.
  7. Don't touch guns at all, revert HVR to qs mode. I think the game was PERFECTLY balanced before and still is. Stop crying when you all just lose to someone that is better with certain guns.
  8. Couldn't sum it up better than you. This gun should be left as it is.
  9. Interesting idea, I agree the most with CookiePuss though.
  10. That's why I chose to actually do that. To actually support the support team
  11. What he meant was a mistake that was fixed. In one sentence -> I was banned and then they removed the ban because it was false.
  12. And even after my unban people still don't believe that false bans exist :X I'm speechless of how degenerate this community really is.
  13. I replied already, I just wanted to give a shoutout to them! Yes I have. Ok, thanks for the clarification. That's the whole reason why I sent a support ticket, I did not know for what reason I was banned. They didn't mention anything. Don't be mad that some players that are more experienced than you were unbanned after a false ban. Just deal with it. And in addition to that, I want to say that those bans being reviewed are the only bull patootie here, I guess some employee was bored and banning people for no reason.. Because I definitely did nothing wrong.
  14. Finally, after about a week of waiting I was unbanned and I wanted to thank you all for the pretty quick response with no trouble at all!
  15. You could've done a 1+1 and realized that somebody took that name from me. And for the record, I have never been banned in any game in my entire life besides APB for a false chargeback that I was not able to prove to the support. And now that false ban for a reason I do not know? Which is why I am waiting for a reply from the support. You can feel free to search me up in the old forums or ffbans or whatever. My nicknames were liav/Vailei/GoldRifle in the forums. And in apb I have a bunch of nicknames because of a bunch of characters. (GoldRifle, neighborhood, Vailei, Envail, Trevail, phrin) As I said Vail was a taken name for some reason both in forums and ingame.
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