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  1. So where are the JT rewards from the orange pumpkins?
  2. Soooo, anyone knows WHEN is this happening? Instead of just saying it will happen randomly
  3. I just want the witch hat on my account and I'm fine. Or shooting purple pumpkins when bored.
  4. This ^^^^^^ Or the weird gas event. Anyways, same recycled boring shit.
  5. This is one of the only guns I feel perfectly fine with. It's balanced and high rewarding for skillful players and people with good aim or bloom control.
  6. Just don't because even a stock ntec is better
  7. Sorry matt scott I want more money.
  8. Ursus is still better and I can go for 50+ kills on asylum with it. You're right that stats don't matter on paper while in reality the ursus has a way better recoil and bloom control.
  9. They could make it automatically with a little more coding, it WILL be worth it because people will not chargeback as much anymore AND that will be a great option of more income to LO. I'm sure some people would spend money on g1c gifts to get more ingame cash or a special theme or a symbol or even a car.
  10. Honestly HS3 is useless... I can still laser pretty well while crouching up to 60-70m and do good damage not to mention that HS3 makes the gun worse on hug range. I would prefer to use 3PS3, MP3 and Muzzle Brake or CJ2-3
  11. Why not just ban player 1 and take the item out of player 2's account? It's literally THIS simple and takes minimum coding job. LO are just lazy patooties.
  12. That's because you probably can't play it LMAO. Ursus has one less shot to kill with a bit slower fire rate, Pop in some CJ2 or CJ3 and you'd have a much faster ttk with an amazing gun with a free shader dot... Nothing else to say. The ONLY thing the regular ntec masters is versatility for jumpshooting.
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