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  1. So, as the tile states, i'll customise your cars, for a small fee of course Check out the video , if you like em , message me and we'll see from there. They're kinda simple, but that's how i like mine. Send a source material and i'll hapilly do it! Sorry for the music and low quality, here's the youtube link in case this works better! https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11072-will-do-custom-cars-w-in-game-enf-eu/
  2. The error fixed itself, i don't know how, but i was just able to login.
  3. Tried to login today, the game told me i can't , showing the 11003 error code. I changed my password, still no way to login. Please fix this, it's a real bummer, i really wanna play :). I'm playing the game from steam, but my account might be older, i really don't remember when i made it. I can login to gamersfirst website just fine, only apb seems to act up.
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