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  1. juiz

    drop in FPS over time

    I will check this data and bring the results. but I can tell you that the temperatures are good, it's only 55 ° C of both the processor and the video card.
  2. juiz

    drop in FPS over time

    I have a serious problem when I enter the game. The problem is this, when I start to play, the game has a good fluidity, with a fps above 80fps and remains constant, however, when it passes the 25 minutes begins to drop the fps, it falls, it goes down, it goes down , until the 25fps, at that moment the game is impossible to play, it locks up the audio of the crash, as well as the operating system, because when I minimize the game being this way and accessing the windows desktop the windows lock when dragging through the work area. The windows itself only returns to normal when I finish the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z41EzecIdAI&t=1s The video above demonstrates my problem. The video was captured after 40 minutes in the game.
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