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  1. I play only in Asylum, I'm happy to see that some things have been taken into consideration, thank you @MattScott .
  2. what would you think of returning to a monthly subscription to avoid the return of people who are a nuisance to the game, and / or prevent those who take advantage of free games to pollute the game , the time that LittleOrbit can do are technical work?
  3. I think that make a mistake by posting to have a response from the staff, thank you for the humor of some, thank you for the opinion of others, GM or admin, please close!
  4. Come on guys , speak on private about knowledge on anticheat please , i would Like just to know if Staff or Battleye Can ban an obvious hacker more quickly, not After 2or 3 days . Thx
  5. VickyFox , i speak about a guys who use a speedhack , wallhack , aimbot 360 and maybe nuclearbomb not just a player suspicions , try to look the last vidéo to WitchQueen , he record it ...
  6. Let's be serious, what is the signal sent to the community by letting this kind of cheater ? everyone understands where I am coming from .. ...."the ball is in your camp" as they say at home.
  7. And so if I connect tomorrow I have great luck to cross again this idiot ....?
  8. Hello everyone, yes again another topic about cheats, but I would like to understand, today I was farmed by a guy who cheats so much that he reminds me MrEpicGoat so my question is: how Battleye does not arrive to detect it. This is my day off, I'm having fun, if I get smashed by a good player it's not a problem but with this type of guy it's too much, do something the guy is on Citadel, @WitchQueen put it on his last video and today it is still here ... I saturate, I want to trust in the new team, but ... I saturate.
  9. Now you Can See people play on minimal setting...but there is a last Hope . Now you Can See people play on minimal setting...but there is a last Hope .
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