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  1. I only have to add about 10 more games and then i will be finish installing all my games that i want to play. Easy quick access
  2. I was online early this morning and it was pretty bad, but then it got better. Engine upgrade should fix all this time , correct?
  3. Sorry i meant to say GTA 5 i bought. Also I only play division solo, don't care about the multiplayer side. As for Defiance 2050, i don't play that and i told people its a scammed. As for defiance original, it was not shut down. I'm playing it now. What's interesting is that more players are playing D13 than 2050, they finally woke up.
  4. Well i install the game last night, played it and won 3 matches, lost 2. But the game even though kinda fun sometimes, overall its kinda bored. I guess i been away for so long, its not fun anymore. Then i realized the old fun threat system isn't around anymore, which makes the game even more boring, same old 2 districts for the past what 8 years? same downgraded ugly graphics. I just uninstall and continue playing defiance and other games. Sorry, but the game is boring and its dead, no offense but i wish they just bought back the RTW version, and when i say version, I'm referring to how the game was back then, not the current version we had now. You guys have fun though. Will check back when the engine upgrade is fully release , hope they fix the awful graphics. Should of never had changed them in the first place, that monte guy , man lol.
  5. Well i already got my first answer from Matt, he just have to read the post about the Bloom thing, i provided the thread for him to read it. I'm not sure why he was unaware of what i was referring too, i thought they read the forums and i thought they knew what players wanted to see "back" in the game, hmmmmm
  6. wait, did they bring back being able to use guns and vehicles as trials again? I think it was 24 hours to use
  7. Post count is low, because i made this account in 2012 as it says. But my main one LAPDAlonso is here https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/898-lapdalonso/ I made a post around i think June of last year about how i was upset that Matt didn't want to broadcast bans anymore, that was the main reason why i left, even though i also seen that this game will never be the same like it was years ago or go back to the RTW version which was clearly better than what we have now. I went back full time back to Defiance as my main replacement for APB. I'm always leaving and coming back though, i guess deep down i still hope things changed, but honestly i don't think it is. I will be back in the game playing from time to time. But I'm mostly over in Defiance , Grand Theft Auto IV (which just bought 2 weeks ago) and The Division and soon crackdown 3 when it comes out. I only quit the game one time back in 2013 and came back about 2 years later. Other times i just take long breaks. I really don't see the big deal though if someone comes back, people get frustrated, they say things and leave , some come back and some don't. I'm not sure where you people get your information from. I never ever said everyone in the game was cheating, in fact i clearly mention many times in the game all the time, that i have a log of the people who are cheating, i have their character names, what server they play on, what clan they are in and so forth. I never said everyone in the game cheats. Once again another person who seem not to pay attention to what i said and who i am. What's a narcotics police team? I said i am a former narcotics officer, and i still work for the Los Angeles Police department and other departments in other states. I'm back in Maryland, i said many times here on the forums and in the game whoever wants to meet me, come see me. You want to know who i am and what i do, come meet me in Baltimore, Maryland. I will be here for the next 8 months. You can meet me in the projects, where i hang out at most of the time or in a area called Owings Mills, where i live. You think i am pretending? again, come see me. I never said was a rapper, i don't even listen to rap music. I never said i was at a army base. I said i have family members who work in the military. I never said i was a NexonGM. I said i was a Nexon CM for certain MMO's, one of them was combat arms when the game was release and i also said i have close friends who work for Nexon who are GM's and some of them are in my Clan in APB Reloaded. I never said i worked for gamerfirst and i never said i was a GM for gamerfirst. Some people started to assume i did when i started snitching on people cheating and catching them cheat and getting alot of players banned, whatever it was BrIIce, or Randomzz or DesertRose and many more from Colby and some on Joker. You guys were just shook, but i wasn't working for G1, there were people who work for G1 who did their jobs, that was G1Blackbeard, G1Zieu, Neume, and Aleeina and Nexus, and more importantly Bryt, who before he switch his name to Jobs was taking in alot of videos and banning people. I don't know what happen to Byrt, but ever since that whole Taco clan , bedtimebear whoever they were reported Byrt because Byrt banned them, he just changed and didn't care about banning anyone anymore. I was the one who got that entire clan banned base on one video, i had a GM who worked for Nexon monintored them for weeks and get video. Byrt banned them and then they were unbanned by Revo. And we all know how corrupt Revo was, playing around with Epicgoat instead of getting rid of them. Now anyways, i clearly said that i am a GM, but not for G1. You can even ask Tiggs who i am, then ask her who is "scapes" from hanbitsoft was. Scapes knows me from there becasue i was a CM there, and then some of us years later went over to T3Entertainment. I was also a GM and CM for black fire aka mercenary ops both Ph version and Russia version. You could go on, but if you're going to continue to make up stuff, might as well stop before i correct you again.
  8. Sure can, you can see from the photos ( i posted a thread below) the old version (rtw/before monte change the shaders/textures/steam release) there was a setting where you can turn on the bloom higher.) I want you keep in mind though, when the older visuals were around, with the bloom, better shaders, and blue tracers, nobody was complaining that much, they only started to do it later on way after monte changed the shaders. You have some folks saying the bloom was too much, but most from what i can see says otherwise. Well to solved this issue easily, just add the bloom settings in the graphic menu and allow us to turn it up higher or low and max. make it optional, that way people won't complain. No offense, but the current version of APB the game looks washed out, night time is too dark, there's no lights and bloom or reflections anywhere. hope to see some of this added in the engine upgrade. Thanks for the info. Its just a difference of opinion. But if the RTW version was available right now, i would play that version instead. the hud looked better, the graphics and visuals were better, the gun sounds was better, the game just felt better. and i am also talking about after rtw, the early days of reloaded also. before everything i just mention was removed and changed.
  9. You must be new to APB? I been around since RTW, and i have seen what changes has happen with this game throughout the years. I quit this game a long time ago and haven't been back since, thought i would come by to see if anything new and great as happen. You said i need to chill, trust me i am. I doubt it. but nice lie.
  10. I am curious about something, can you tell me if HQ bloom settings and the old threat system is coming back or not? That's all i wanted to really know. Can you tell me. There is a post that shows how bad the visuals looks now compared to the RTW and early apb version, but i can't find it.
  11. a new skin for a old car? is this how far progress have come along lmfao All i wanted is the old threat system back, broadcast ban names, a new map, finish up the aslyum map/district, better graphics, old graphic similar to the rtw version with that HQ bloom. I guess none of this is going to happen until 2023? no making jokes, I'm serious.
  12. Hello, i thought i would come by to see if anything change in this game, where's the engine upgrade lol. Old threat system coming? HQ bloom settings New districts Did they post any photos and videos of how far they have progress? What happen, i figure its 2019 something great would have happen by now.
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