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  1. they said the same about kevlar 3 and now look at me! *gets in a vegas* ...it works as long as the objective is within 2 meters of any place accesible by vegas
  2. pppsssshhh, swag it up, vulcano to vulcano qs
  3. TheOppositePolarBear

    Armas Update Feedback

    this thread is by far the best one i have ever seen, it has everything a great thread needs XD im not even being sarcastic over here! anyways, lets begin: oh! watchout guys! we have a Bad A- Engineer over here! (BAE) can i call you bae? imma call you bae btw, what up with your writing? are you compensating for something? i mean, look at the size of that... font for real tho, im cringy but you take the cake and all the honors. anyways, im going to rephrase what cookie said, ehem: "you have no control over wich value of the chain of the pseudo-random numbers generated buy whatever algorith APB's function uses , is produced at the moment of you opening your box, specially without knowing wich algorith apb uses or wich seed it used" ...but lets be honest over here, its APB's code, pretty sure it just uses whatever rand() function the language have and it seeds using the clock every time it needs a new number. so... random is random. but i understand you, you dont want to discuss whats random and whats not, you want to discuss how the chance of getting a legendary was reduced, but once again, its kind of... hard to understand you when you write like a first grader on ketamine too bad you arent as pasionate for english as you're for engineering (IF you really are an engineer, but considering how cringy and awkward your writing is, you probably are) just kidding! you would be the 1st engineer i meet who cant hold a decent discussion without having to compensate for his lack of substance by calling people "ignorants" "uneducated" and other insults, trying to feel superior than the rest. i guess you're not an engineer, just because a cringy guy throwing random tantrums in the internet, insulting people instead of trying to discuss their points, and later shielding himself behind a "I am a passionate person and so many times got from the moment I happen to be wrong with some people" would be a complete shame for the engineering profession. oops! i guess you're not pasionate enough to try to put some dignity in the title of "engineer". you kind of behave like a 9 year old tho... mmm... #subscribetopewdiepie ;D what are you going to say? that im"uneducated" or "ignorant" because i decided to make a post about you? such a bad patootie, now try to have a normal discussion beafore throwing random insults and tantrums that i can "call you" with all my "boyfriends"? wow, such a great insult... for a 9 year old kid, come on, is that everything you have? if you're going to be disrespectful, at least try. that im not part of this discussion? you're in a public forum, i can say whatever i want, i dont need an invite, hello, here i am. that "being insulted by a fool douchebag is always Un4Cc3Pt48L3!!!!!!"? wow, such a great samurai we have here! much honor very proud. get off your high horse!... more like a pony tho. what are you going to say? that im a "KEYBOARD LION?" more like a keyboard bear, but still, rawr to you baby still love you BAE im not surpriced but that doesnt mean its not painful to read how APB's code breeds the strong desire to throw it away and redo from 0. best wishes for the mental sanity of all the people involved in this task!
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  5. TheOppositePolarBear


    ....... sigh lee lo que puse, es bueno leer lo que ya se hablo antes de opinar. i mean... i can translate if you guys want, he is just complaining about the matchmaking, tutorial and learning curve tho its cagando that has been your daily knowledge nugget
  6. TheOppositePolarBear


    eh? por que preguntas esas cosas? pensas que intento desacreditar todo tu post? osea que solo por atacar uno de tus puntos tengo que estar 100% en contra tuyo? no puedo estar en contra de uno de tus puntos, y a favor de otros? nisiquiera estoy acatando el punto de que el matchmaking sea malo, solo te informaba de que hay cosas haciendose. o necesitas que te diga explicitamente "oh zi tyenez rason"?
  7. TheOppositePolarBear


    en caso de que no sepas lo que esta pasando, LO ya dijo que van a trabajar en el matchmaking luego de actualizar el motor grafico. luego de la actualizacion, va a ser posible hacer fasing entre distritos, el matchmaking va a tener mas jugadores con los cuales trabajar. nisiquiera con un distrito lleno llegas a la cantidad de jugadores que hacen falta para hacer partidas justas.
  8. TheOppositePolarBear

    A really short letter to APB :)

    all these graphic updates would be really "nice to have"s, but i doubt we will ever get it. that kind of stuff is more expensive than you think. on top of that those would get annoying over time, specially if the animation beacomes a cutscene that takes the whole screen, wich would lead to some... less than optimal situations. an option to NOT have them would be needed
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    i think im at least 3 months late but im not sure
  10. TheOppositePolarBear


    just doing my part, you know for "standing up for independent content creators against mass companies" - /u/iateyourdoglol hitthatsubscribebutton
  11. and how does that proves your point? nobody denies APB's population is in decline. but YOU said LO is ignoring this "large audience" who is "bugged by the mechanics that you think needs to change" and told us to "read the reviews". i read the reviews, find that nobody is complaining about the mechanics you wanted to change, and that LO is not ignoring the audience thats leaving, and actually, they are addressing the biggest complains. so your steamchart doesnt contradicts my point nor proves yours, and we're still lacking proof of your-own-claim so, once again, im still waiting for the proof of your-own-claim that discredits my proof...i mean, YOUR proof, you told us to go read steam reviews.
  12. oh wait, thats not a rebuttal. still waiting on proof on your own claims:
  13. lol, this acutally made me chuckle. yeah, lets totally forget that i actually went to where OP told me all these "unaddressed" complains were, and all i found were eather P2W complains (we both know the real problem here, matchmaking, paid weapons cant even hold a candle to NTEC, OCA and HVR), and complains about stuff LO is already addressing (INCLUDING MATCHMAKING) so please, tell me, where are all these, in OP's words, "the much larger audience, which is the players who left. [...] getting bugged by game mechanics that I think need to change" because all i see from that audience of players who left, are complains about problems that are being addressed. <Sarcasm> because yeah, im pretty sure they left because LO still havent implemented what the greatest game designer ever, saviour of APB, messiah of gaming, overlord and great leader @Adawon, suggested. after all, in APBlations 4:20, he said see? he says "I think needs to change", because he is the greatest designer ever, and nobody would have ever left if this game if LO would have implemented his idea. people didnt left because of -horrible matchmaking -horrendous lag -plain stupid performance on today's hardware -lack of new content -toxic smurf (dethreaters) community -trolls -ridiculous microtransaction pricing -cheaters/hackers and a lack of a proper, working anticheat measure -bugs -low player count -not being able to rank contacts because of waterfront no no no no no no no, they left because they didnt liked pedestrian's IA. </Sarcasm> oh, and while im talking about it, @Adawon , im still waiting for proof that this: exists. ok, maybe using the word "legit" for those reviews that somewhat supported your point (like...2 or 3 out of 40) was a poor choise of words, most people complained about stuff thats already being addressed, and while i went to the places YOU TOLD US to look for this: and bought back proof of that audicence is unexistant (no review suggesting what YOU suggested), and that LO is not ignoring the most voiced complains of the people that left, you keep going on and on and on and on about your "thoughts" without any actual hard proof and even bringing stuff to the table that completely discredits your point. so, when your baised brain stops reading only what you want, and twisting the proof to fit your point of view instead of the other way arround, i would LOVE to see the proof that this actually exists, and dont come here saying "dUUuh, g0To st33m r3V13zzzz", i already did, nothing that helps your cause is to be found there. awwww, he took the work of writing my complete name, upper casing and all you didnt have to, you can just call me polarbear like Bxnnxd does, i mean, yes, ->someone<- might get annoyed if people starts linking "polarbear" to me, but we can say he is just too....unaware of the situation
  14. TheOppositePolarBear

    Rework the OSCAR

    they could have just make the 3D model with a 9mm mag so it would fit the SMG criteria, its not like things like the MPX are not a thing (you know, guns whose magwell are a noticiable bigger than the magazine itself). probably carbine is not the best name because of the ACES and the 1922... or is it? doesnt people call things like the Cx4 a "carbine"? so probably we can fit those 2 as "carbine"... or at least the ACES. btw, i would also add the manic into this... lets call it "sub-rifle" category. about the cobra, i have never used it so i dont really know how it plays. same with the ISSR, i tried the dog ear but people told me all ISSR plays diferently so i dont know anymore. about the LCR, i thought it already was a marksman rifle. i've allways seen it as such. but yeah, i think these guns plays so diferently they deserve another category.
  15. i didnt marked 40 reviews as non legit, but i see you dont like to read proof i marked how the problems most people who stops playing apb and writes steam reviews complains about, are being addressed by LO. start reading, it wont hurt you.