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  1. for sure, FBW is the best, but i guess the whole point of OP is to make it friendly for really new people. you know, the kind of people that will jam the FBW by spamming the click and then wondering why their FBW shoots slower than other people's FBWs
  2. imma be curious. in wich server do you play? normally in jericho, i'd say i get 1 or 2 silver mad at me for every 15 to 20 misguided newbies i sent into their correct district. the "uncanny valley" of APB. a pretty frustrating situation to be in. i have to disagree. i've met people with 300+ hours in-game that definitely belong to the bronze district, they would even get their asses handed to them more often than not. check my first quote's answer. just being curious here. i agree on auto-moderating chat toxicity. dethreating remains as a problem. disagree. i doubt there are enough newbies to run a PVP tutorial district. note: i play in jericho, probably citadel has enough population, but that would still be problematic for jericho.
  3. i have to side with the other guy - "just because you mute the guy wont make the toxic behaviour dissapear" (griefing, dethreating, etc...), and as much as you like to fight harder opposition, most players dont like to get stomped without any chance of winning, wich will scare away most new players. idk if i would go as far as to say "bait", but at least a ticking bomb (dang it bear, good timing to show up! - ei, i dont control my irregular hibernation periods ok?) and deadly insults in one place can be no problems in others ditto,ditto, dang it, are you trying to kill me with nostalgia? ditto, i just hope rainbow six siege doesnt repeat. ubisoft:"lets reduce toxicity with this automated system that bans you as soon as you say a -bad- word!" trolls: "now, how can i make innocent players say the -bad- word?" community:-system alert: toxicity levels rising- does that makes anybody happy? like, yeah, it shows "you're a fucking ******" or "you're a fucking good person!"(whenever people is not finding ways to trespass the system), but deep down you know what the real messenge was. anyways, if it does makes anybody happy, as long as i can disable it, im fine with a system like that.
  4. well, a "rough translator" is better than google translator ^^ thanks for your service, i tried to understand what he said and the messenge was completely diferent. still, why is the guy that is supposed to "see us suffer", seems to be the one suffering the most?
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