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  1. wait... what? if it werent for you two i would have written OP off as a parody account.
  2. your friend beafore a trip:
  3. i never questioned that. i just said those guns have bloom, the sight does opens up quite a bit if you max rof them.
  4. because some people doesnt want to go though the hassle of developing musle memory to shoot any semi auto without it jamming. no need to set the macro at max-rof. now, im not saying that this game has a problem with cheaters or that people is macroing worst than the anime community during the 80's (get it? because of macross?... the anime?...i dont even know why i try), im just giving a reason why you would macro. that said.... im not good with semi autos, in my hands those things jamms worst than a zip .22 yet even i can shoot them fast enough to make them bloom. i recommend you to buy and test it yourself. remember, if you just click as fast as you can, the gun will jamm and you wont see any bloom, because you're pretty far from max ROF
  5. oh? i guess that means OP thinks APB was better in G1's hands, after all, title implies LO is worst. oh shit! plot twist! i would say something to you, but asger already burned you with a flamethrower and i dont feel like beating the ashes with a stick. you must have pissed someone off really badly. not even i got that kind of treatment. emmm... idk, the community as a whole still seems quite supportive of LO tho, its just one or two straggler here and there.
  6. i think you can add to that the big skill gap that you face in missions. some of us lost track of the ammount of times we have been called hackers.
  7. thats the reason why i checked the HTML code actually ^^u
  8. The Opposite Polar Bear Report (TOP-BR (no im not brazilian)): the HTML code shows no easter egg that i could find (im kinda sleepy atm tho) the subscribe newsletter thing actually does something (i tried to subscribe twice and it actually showed an error messenge) i think we should focus on this part: -"RedHill acquires 3 local companies after successful funding round." does that means 3 companies are under RedHill's banner now? somatic... patriot... aaaand.... seiyo? idk, put your bets. i'll post if i recibe any kind of email from this.
  9. what about bananas on pizza? ... i think i already asked you about it, but i cant recall what your answer was edit: oh right, and i would love the old login screen, +1 make it happen
  10. weird, last time i played (arround the 20th of january) i didnt had any kind of connection issue. sadly i cant check rn if i can play without DCs
  11. 1) does you and your friends lives in the same city? 2) does that city happends to be in buenos aires, cordoba o santa fe? 3) is your ISP fibertel or arnet? (im REALLY hoping its not speedy)
  12. i dont doubt it would be a blast to see all the new bugs and mission inbalanced created by moving props in the famous apb speghetti code. buuuuuuuuuuuuuut we kinda want the engine upgrade ASAP and that would take hours of manpower to do.
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