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  1. These people are still the bell-curve of APB! They are not very vocal in-game. Most of them do not post on the forum. But, these are the main players of ABP!!! Matt your priests here will never agree but these are the people you should look at, These are the people you should 'listen' to! Instead of looking at the outer edge of the bell-curve, at the exceptions, the OP people, you should look primary at the main player-base, the main group of APB and the Premium Extension is the proof: silver (and gold-silvers) are the main player-base of APB!! No doubt at all! Who would have guessed this unique moments of troubles would show this?! I am what I would call a lower echelons permanent gold but don't mind to say this: APB should focus on these people first and for-most. The main player-base. Still... the large group! For starters; did you notice the recent change that got complained about a lot and by whom?!?!?!?! Yes!!!! Listen to them Matt or at least do not forget them when deciding on 'needed change'! What you are 'looking' for!!! Be Safe.
  2. Things are serious when the dusty white knights have to come out.
  3. That is very nice thanks LO. You too and everyone.
  4. Another post on this? What is going on here... Ok, why not, once again then: Silvers play in bronze because golds play in silver. All parties cry. The low pop at times now adds everyone and their mother re-rolling or dethreating into bronze. Yeah, that will keep people checking out this game around.
  5. It's not hard. People would still make new accounts and re-rolls, just pure toxic what is left. Again; Silvers play in the bronze district because golds play in the silver district. There are only a few people left which now adds true golds re-rolling and dethreating into bronze. And hey everyone cries.
  6. Yeah it's lame noobs have to fight people standing on cars with rocket launchers. Wasn't as much of a problem back when the pop was fine wayyy before we got silly mods to add to the party. What you still can do : get some joker tickets. Buy the golden osmaw. Got to fightclub. Get a 100 kills. Voile now you have both the one slot rocket and grenade launcher as a complete noob. No leveling needed. Another fine addition to the game I'd say! Amazing
  7. Silvers play in bronze because golds play in silver. All parties cry. Amazing.
  8. "Cry cry cry I don't want to play APB so change APB because APB is the only place where my private stuff runs".
  9. At this point I'd like a massage instead of a message but yeah thanks for the... well the update.
  10. Ah the pretend to be goat-games. Oh well some love it, please use empty-at-that-moment districts??
  11. Can they really use that brand name on their guns? Anyway yeah it's like another 2m legendary, not that bad but yeah. .
  12. Sounds like the old AssetCache issue and the latency it caused, on HDD's. Find and check that folder and just clear it to check. Game should clear it anyway so no harm in trying. When I start APB I often can hear my cute neighbor start making indecent sounds after some gunfights. It's really strange that this always happens after launching and playing the game for a bit it doesn't happen with other games. I recently checked with WT and Pav. Nothing. But play some APB and it starts. I bumped in her not long ago and decided to tell her I play it and one of her legs started twitching really weird. When I asked if she wanted to chill and smoke she turned red and ran away. I have a HDD as well. I might just take her hand next time and see what happens.
  13. Nothing should be unlimited from that box, only changing what your main opponents use against your own foggy playstyle is biased as **** just stupid
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