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  1. I'm not sure but I don't think you can log in with steam. You have to log in with your mail and password.
  2. Getting kicked from server x2. I'm in for like 5 min driving around. Does not get in any mission. Trying for the third time, now I can't choose any off my 2 chars. I can not delete any off them. So I'm stuck att the starting screen. 4th try, my character has been logged in on another place for over 30 min. I'm out......
  3. So we can not use our characters on 1.30 or is it just me......? I had to start a new one. I had like 256 mails tho.
  4. Great news. I'm glad something is happening!
  5. How many have tried them all after the patch? Not me anyway.....
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