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  1. I have done that 3 times. I'll try without F-Secure..... and it worked.
  2. I was away for like 2 years I think. But I played during the Halloween and now it's fun again.....
  3. I have always played the game with the highest settings. Even with my last potato.
  4. It's summertime, there are always an increase off cheaters. And people sometimes says that I cheat and I'm a worthless silver..... so.... people that are better then you doesn't always cheat.
  5. more hackers everyday..... ...... summertime, the kids have holiday. It's the same every summer.
  6. Ah, nevermind. It was F-Secure that stopped the game from running. Not the firewall but the anti-virus part off F-Secure. Just have to disable it.
  7. I have always turned it off in task manager cuz it will make my game lag a lot.
  8. I guess I reinstall the game then..... But Thanks! Merged. Installed the game again. It won't start.... EasyAnti-Cheat is not installed.... So I have to install it myself..... Gosh darn..... So I installed Easy anti-cheat but no luck. The game closes itself after the 2 loadingscreens again..... Merged. I have tried both through Steam and Gamersfirst homepage. The game won't start. I have found a launcher logfile but I don't know what to look for.
  9. Yup, tried that like 8 times now.... The process dies everytime. Tried to repair EasyAntiCheat. Rebooted the computer.... I guess it's only reinstall left.....??
  10. Then no one will read it.... Have not had any problems with the game in 7 years..... but now I can't even start it.....????
  11. 2 small loadingscreens shows. But after that nothing happens. When I try to start the game again Steam says the game is already running. In task manager I can see that "APB Exception Handler" and "VivoxVoiceService" are running in the background but nothing happens.
  12. Started to play again yesterday. It was kinda fun..... But today the game won't start. I have repaired the game..... Pls help......
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