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  1. VIP missions are a great concept, but only work for certain mission sizes and balanced teams. Those are rarely met. 2v2 VIPs suck, even if the players are evenly matched, because half of the VIP team is marked, and they can only die 7(?) times. And getting 23 kills on the non-VIP team is absurd in that time, so the best chance is to hole up in some camp spot and wait out the long mission timer, and the camp spot only lasts until the grenade/rocket spam starts. It's honestly in the best interest of the attacking team to just throw themselves at the VIP with little care of survival, because they'd be hard pressed to run out of lives before the mission ends. Go the opposite direction to massive 4+v4+ VIP missions, and now the VIP defenders can just go crazy, their deaths won't hurt the mission, and they just need to run up the kill count. I feel the best solution that isn't just disabling VIP missions is to even the playing field and give both sides VIPs and death limits for the non-VIPs.
  2. Originally, the system allowed anyone with a bounty to be shot by anyone, and in return, shoot anyone. Crim Bounties could be claimed by other crims, but this was taken away to balance it, making it like 4cer bounties, where killing a bounty on your side resulted in a penalty for you. The problem was, people would often exploit this by reaching N5/P5 and camping spawn areas or "griefing" missions, especially in districts populated by new players. Some even going so far as to form groups of players with bounties working together to lay waste to anyone they spotted. This was especially true for Crims, as N5 could reliably be achieved by just mugging NPCs. This was understandably frustrating to players, and I see it frequently cited as the reason the current system (where only people in the mission against the bounty can claim it) was put in place. However, one of the upsides of this system was that it helped balance missions. If a team gets a good camp spot set up, or the match is just hilariously unbalanced, the opposing team may struggle greatly, resulting in them getting consistently annihilated, which generally pisses people off and makes them quit playing. But as the team with the advantage keeps mowing people down, they'd get bounties, which meant they became targets for anyone in the district to attack, which weakened their advantage and gave the struggling team a slightly better chance. This is missing in the current system, and I believe this is helping to drive new players or returning veterans away, as they don't know the difference between good players/spots and "cheats". Therefore, I'd like to propose 2 options for changing the system, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on them. Option A: P5/N5 can only be achieved in opposed missions, and ends as soon as the mission ends. All players not in a mission are able to pursue the bounty, but anyone not in a mission is also a potential victim. Option B: P5/N5 can be achieved at any time, regardless of mission status. Players in missions unrelated to the Bounty cannot claim the bounty or be damaged by them. Players not in a mission can opt-in, so new players can stay safe, but more experienced players, or those wishing to try their luck, can take the risk.
  3. I agree that P5/N5 added balance to missions. I also agree that P5/N5 shouldn't be able to interfere with other missions. I think a good solution is this: P/N 5s get their map markers back P/N 5s are able to be killed by anyone in their mission, and anyone out-of-mission on the opposing faction P/N 5s can kill anyone in their mission, and anyone out-of-mission on the opposing faction As much as I liked the old version, there were a lot of people who would kill members of their own faction not in the mission to lose P/N5, and also members of the faction who would kill their own P/N5s, which was really a slap in the balls. I feel this strikes a good balance between the days of old (I miss Crim bounties being an every man for himself) and the current "system".
  4. Ya know, I kinda regret spending an ingame day staring at St Medina's Hospital and Devil Dog hoping they'd thrown a hint in there.
  5. Hmm, cpritcher is mentioned in an article about a dental clinic, the MattScott easter egg URL is /big-smile. Coincidence?
  6. Damn, using "please" as the password doesn't change anything
  7. Guess I'll try the usual "Admin" "password"
  8. 3 new news articles on the website Redhill seems to handle themselves well in Court....
  9. Its presence still presents a risk, especially if an OPGL is brought out
  10. I disagree, the ammo deployables add risk because they are explosive. I can't count the number of times I've seen a lucky shot or grenade take out an ammo box and most of the people in a camp spot, allowing it to change hands. The contact here not only gives a less dangerous resupply spot, it also adds more cover to that roof.
  11. I wonder if (like others have said) Red Hill is related to Red Rain.... Lots of things linking Red Hill to Midtown, including the mentioned John Holland University (Darryl Kent's bio states that not only did he go there, it's in Midtown) They talk about partnering with the Penitentiary and low income areas, which could be them discretely recruiting new members.
  12. This has been around at least 4 years. The earliest report of it I could find is when I reported it in September 2014. https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/361263-symbol-size-changing-when-rotated/ It has since been reported 3 more times (including this post, and including an earlier post by the same author.) https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/385724-symbol-rotation-tool-bug/ https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/395328-vehicle-editor-rotate-tool-bug/ This is fairly annoying when working with vehicles, and I would love to see it fixed. I would like to reiterate that this is an error unique to the Vehicle Designer, it is not present in clothing, symbol, or character editors.
  13. MStomm

    Car spawners

    Most of these problems only occur with larger vehicles, but works fine with starter cars.
  14. MStomm

    Witness Bug

    At some point in the last year, part of the Witness functionality broke. Previously, an Enforcer could Witness a Criminal committing a crime from the comfort of their own car. However, it appears that one-way glass was installed backwards on all cars in San Paro, because Enforcers can no longer witness Criminals committing crimes while they sit in a nice, comfortable, air conditioned car. I would greatly appreciate it if this issue was fixed, as I miss the satisfying sound of *WhoopWHOOOOOP* *splat*
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