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  1. I agree that P5/N5 added balance to missions. I also agree that P5/N5 shouldn't be able to interfere with other missions. I think a good solution is this: P/N 5s get their map markers back P/N 5s are able to be killed by anyone in their mission, and anyone out-of-mission on the opposing faction P/N 5s can kill anyone in their mission, and anyone out-of-mission on the opposing faction As much as I liked the old version, there were a lot of people who would kill members of their own faction not in the mission to lose P/N5, and also members of the faction who would kill their own P/N5s, which was really a slap in the balls. I feel this strikes a good balance between the days of old (I miss Crim bounties being an every man for himself) and the current "system".
  2. Ya know, I kinda regret spending an ingame day staring at St Medina's Hospital and Devil Dog hoping they'd thrown a hint in there.
  3. Hmm, cpritcher is mentioned in an article about a dental clinic, the MattScott easter egg URL is /big-smile. Coincidence?
  4. Damn, using "please" as the password doesn't change anything
  5. Guess I'll try the usual "Admin" "password"
  6. 3 new news articles on the website Redhill seems to handle themselves well in Court....
  7. Its presence still presents a risk, especially if an OPGL is brought out
  8. I disagree, the ammo deployables add risk because they are explosive. I can't count the number of times I've seen a lucky shot or grenade take out an ammo box and most of the people in a camp spot, allowing it to change hands. The contact here not only gives a less dangerous resupply spot, it also adds more cover to that roof.
  9. I wonder if (like others have said) Red Hill is related to Red Rain.... Lots of things linking Red Hill to Midtown, including the mentioned John Holland University (Darryl Kent's bio states that not only did he go there, it's in Midtown) They talk about partnering with the Penitentiary and low income areas, which could be them discretely recruiting new members.
  10. This has been around at least 4 years. The earliest report of it I could find is when I reported it in September 2014. https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/361263-symbol-size-changing-when-rotated/ It has since been reported 3 more times (including this post, and including an earlier post by the same author.) https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/385724-symbol-rotation-tool-bug/ https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/395328-vehicle-editor-rotate-tool-bug/ This is fairly annoying when working with vehicles, and I would love to see it fixed. I would like to reiterate that this is an error unique to the Vehicle Designer, it is not present in clothing, symbol, or character editors.
  11. MStomm

    Car spawners

    Most of these problems only occur with larger vehicles, but works fine with starter cars.
  12. MStomm

    Witness Bug

    At some point in the last year, part of the Witness functionality broke. Previously, an Enforcer could Witness a Criminal committing a crime from the comfort of their own car. However, it appears that one-way glass was installed backwards on all cars in San Paro, because Enforcers can no longer witness Criminals committing crimes while they sit in a nice, comfortable, air conditioned car. I would greatly appreciate it if this issue was fixed, as I miss the satisfying sound of *WhoopWHOOOOOP* *splat*
  13. Currently the Growl "MAMBA" Kit is only available for purchase on one character at a time. All the other Growl kits offer an "Account Wide" purchase option. Since the Growl is a car that can be purchased account wide, it makes sense that the kits for it should be available account wide as well.
  14. I'm perfectly fine with Improved Rifling being reverted to it's original state, however I feel a new mod that uses the stats of the changed Improved Rifling would be helpful. I was very curious about how the now reverted IR would change the way some guns played, and tested it on a number of weapons. I found that it was extremely useful in some circumstances, and would love to have it as an option going forward.
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