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  1. ^ What they said, once someone enters the vehicle, their hitbox becomes the car’s. Its a small window of time depending if theirs a civilian or not in the car.
  2. STAR and FBW, along with NSSW not sure to take this list seriously tho
  3. Are you the guy with the RS3 CJ3 OCA that gets deleted in CQC by a FBW?
  4. Idk about that destroying cars in 1 clip part but it does still do some crazy levels of hard damage for what it is.
  5. The entire series is just a mashup of AR-15s and weapons inspired by them. The watchman, more notably, is basically just a generic M16A4 setup. It really doesn’t remind me much of a HK417 then the others do.
  6. Yeah let’s further separate the already dwindling player base and encourage more dethreating
  7. The only issue i have with this as well. If i could just get a CSG like a JG, why spend money on it for armas? Other then getting it permanent.
  8. I sometimes keep car spawners up, usually to try and to affect the enemies' spawn/spot which direction they're coming from. I usually only destroy them to deny a close spawn to the objective.
  9. Just remove big item objectives all together.
  10. Better off maintaining itself? Do you mean rotting like a corpse while G1 tried to pick off whatever they could and sell to make a buck?
  11. He also said something similar on my LCR post, about not wanting the LCR to come back because he owns three out of two.
  12. It was also apparently not selling well. But let’s be honest, was the COBRA, SWARM, Shredder or any of the norsemen selling well either given their bad state?
  13. If they’ve got buffed, they’d ruin the already poor weapon balance. And weve we’ve seen what the horrible nightmare that was the Shotgun “Fix”, look st the Shredder during that.
  14. That’s happens even if you’re using lethal weapons. Sometimes the teammate is close enough that they can just charge you and finish what their buddy started.
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