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  1. ^ What they said, once someone enters the vehicle, their hitbox becomes the car’s. Its a small window of time depending if theirs a civilian or not in the car.
  2. STAR and FBW, along with NSSW not sure to take this list seriously tho
  3. Are you the guy with the RS3 CJ3 OCA that gets deleted in CQC by a FBW?
  4. Just a simple request to bring back an old weapon that was once removed from Armas Marketplace by the old dev team, the LCR, which can only be obtained now via JT or getting lucky and snagging one from a gold power box. It was an old classic that had been with APB: Reloaded since its beginning, it's a relatively easy-to-use/fun weapon and would most likely find a home in those looking for a good weapon to start out with from armas and maybe veterans would also enjoy being able to purchase this weapon once again. So, LO, if you could, put the LCR back on the marketplace! Even if its just one of its presets!(A purchasable 3-slot version would also be nice.)
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