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  1. APB gets enough new players in but the thing is: they don't stay for obvious reasons (looking at you, matchmaking). We need to repair matchmaking and new player experience first and then deal with bringing in new players otherwise people will come, say "why am I getting matched against r255 gold players?", quit and tell their friends to not play this game.
  2. Alright, here's an idea: Handcuffs (an equipment upgrade) with these stats: Arrest time increased by 150%; Arrested criminals cannot be freed (unarrested)
  3. Try messing with your monitor's settings. Something like red/green hue.
  4. Now look how many disadvantages of playing LTL you wrote and tell me that stabba doesn't need a buff
  5. Not when the the second guy comes one second after you arrested a criminal
  6. I maxed the cop role twice. If you have behaviour problems with your teammates killing you or arrested / stunned criminals then you need to: 1. Try to kick him from the team. If you are not the leader request leadership (multiple times) or tell the team leader to kick him for good reasons (if the guy who behaves bad the leader then you are screwed). 2. When arresting the criminal stay between the stunned criminal and your teammate so that they shoot you and not the crim. 3. Some newbies or people on bronze actually don't know about this 'LTL' thing and will kill stunned crimianls. You need to explain to them that they must not touch the stunned criminals. The unarresting process lasts just a couple seconds. That's enough to just go check the other corner on your mission spot and find out that the guy you arrested has been freed! Imagine you killed someone and then comes his teammate and resurrects him! Is that fair? What does that mean?
  7. With a lethal weapon when you go 1 v 2 and kill one of them and then die it's ok because you traded an opponent. When you go 1 v 2 with a stabba, stun and arrest one of them and then get killed you practically did nothing. If there was no possibility of freeing a criminal you would do a good job because the criminal would respawn longer than you. As if LTL doesn't have enough disadvantages already. It's sad that people think it's unfair, probably because they play as criminals
  8. Add: 'Crosshair does not disappear when you sprint'
  9. If you want to play stabba then the viable build is: CCG + PIG + Percs. If you want to buff stabba then reduce the recoil on CCG so the crosshair doesn't shake that much. The cop role should unlock versions with open slots of CCG and nl-9. Rework the nl-9 so that is an LTL JG but with 490 stamina damage or so.
  10. LOL, not like every russian player has been playing on Citadel since the russian servers were shutdown. No one was playing on Nekrova because there were few players and lags.
  11. You know game is fun too? Battlerite (not royale)
  12. We need a votekick option for this game where a player can call a votekick on his teammate
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