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  1. OCA Whisper still 30m dropoff range pepeLaugh
  2. First, I don't know who decides on weapon balance. Before it was little orbit themselves (ray casting for shotguns, improved rifling percantage range) now they do what SPCT tell them to do or I don't know. They make VERY strange decisions like: let's make PMG useless and buff OCA. Let's make NFAS useless and not allow it to be used in fight club. Let's destroy cherub pistol because a couple guys were using the combo with CSG / JG in fight club. Let's destroy PIG + Perc because it's so easy to pull off (have you actually seen more than 1% of players doing that)? Here are my suggestions: Revert PMG, OCA, PIG, Perc to pre-OCA fire rate nerf Revert OBIR nerf Fix or revert the N-HVR damage nerf when not fully zoomed Revert ATAC nerfs I think Manic was overnerfed, haven't seen a single person playing it Add back ray-casting to shotguns, maybe increase shotgun range (improved rifling is mandatory on shotguns right now), also maybe increase shotgun damage Increasing STAR's fire rate could be a good idea Decrease Obeya CR762's damage from 245 to 235 / 230 / 225 and/or reduce the range from 55m to 50m Stabba CCG: increase stamina damage to make it 7 shots to stun or increase fire rate and/or increase magazine capacity from 20 to 25 or 30 VBR 'Huntress': 2 open mod slots instead of 1 and/or decrease maximum bloom Carbine and n-tec 5 are in a good spot right now I actually liked little orbit's changes don't know why they went back on them or why people didn't like them
  3. Y'all tripping about PIG but how many actual players who use it have you seen in the game?
  4. I actually tried that myself and it didn't help
  5. yeee, you need Microsoft Visual C++ 2012
  6. Try to launch APB.exe from the Binaries folder and look what error you get!
  7. I had the same problem just yesterday! You need microsoft visual C++ something... Download and install this: https://download.microsoft.com/download/E/C/C/ECCD0A46-78BF-4580-804C-CE0B61CF921E/VSU4/vcredist_x64.exe and this: https://download.microsoft.com/download/E/C/C/ECCD0A46-78BF-4580-804C-CE0B61CF921E/VSU4/vcredist_x86.exe if you already have it, then click 'Repair' in the installer
  8. Dude, you do realise no one is going to play with CSG with that shitty 0.75 fire rate?
  9. I think a better idea is to ask the player whether he wants to become Heat 5 in the game. Like a windows that asks 'do you want to become bounty? (y/n)'
  10. I would make the fire rate of JG and CSG = 0.70. Ray scaling should be also tweaked so that if you hit an enemy, the shotgun deals more than 500 damage. What I mean is: if you hit an enemy with a shotgun at 5m or closer, then the enemy should die from 2 shots, not 3 or more
  11. if you want to nerf n-tec 5 then nerf the cr.762 too (reduce its damage to 225)
  12. If you are not high level (195+) then you buy a 3-slot N-TEC 5 or 3-slot N-HVR
  13. Ray Tracing in APB through ReShade PogChamp Actually, you can't use custom ReShade filters in 'competitive' games, but there are still some cool filters like 'Clarity'
  14. People react like n-tec will become the worst gun in the game. First they complain that n-tec is OP then they complain that the nerf will kill it. Nice. My suggestion for cr762 nerf: reduce damage to 225 from 245, reduce dropoff range to 50m
  15. Not all newbies want to be 'taught' though. Some just ignore you or call you a noob.
  16. nikitos5


    Dude, send me clear proofs of people cheating in PM. Only then I will believe you
  17. if you don't have ANYTHING to play, then try APB, otherwise I would play another game
  18. We can make it like this: if you died after you stunned a criminal you do not get the reward because it is not a kill steal. Secondly, if you are far away from the criminal, maybe >30m, then you will not get the reward if the criminal gets killed.
  19. If you stun a criminal and your teammate kills the crim YOU get the rewards for killing that criminal: 100 points and money
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