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  1. And now try to prove that the local Troll, Gmam and administration. Which stubbornly believes in the opposite. I'm afraid it won't work. Because they have a policy of immunity cheaters.
  2. the problem is not in the anti-cheat, the problem is that it is not included in principle. cheaters are not touched, and this is the main policy of the administration. the reality is unrealistic promises and fake bans.
  3. Nobody cares about the game here. Sitting on his server with an online three and a half disabled and not interested in what is happening in General. Regarding the macro, its use has not been relevant for a long time. To write a macro you need to know how to do it and have a suitable mouse. Now most of the cheaters in the game is much more simple and less time consuming triggerbot. He's lights - autofire when crosshair changes the color of the gunsight. Relatively cheap and virtually untraceable anti-cheat software. After installing a new "anti-cheat" more often began to come across people using a speedhack and aimbot. This is more expensive software and more complex in settings. Such a character even really do not need to aim. He can shoot back, in jump, the clip from the weapon which is not designed for this purpose (as an example NTEK) and always get. At any distance. Specifically, all this can be found on the server citadel. In areas of the port and hospital. With 600 people online, it won't be hard.
  4. Here one of "nobles" spoke about a new wave of "bans". Where are the results of this wave? Someone banned, for what, for how long? From playing Citadel cheaters not banned anyone, even on the report, even the report drawn up in support. Even the ones who've had a lot of reports for months. None. So can start these "experts" can provide proof, before they will demand them from others. And the as the strange.
  5. For those cheaters and trolls do not understand. They do not realize that the cheat (software) does not suffer from the loss of packages and poor registration of hits. Playing without cheats (software) the difference is visible. Having some experience to find a cheater is not difficult. Not for the local trolls.
  6. That's why you're a Troll. Your behavior is the behavior of a Troll. To prove the animal forum, specializing in trolene other - does not make sense. You want facts, go to the Citadel, play there for a day or two. Best in combat areas (port hospital) And then maybe you will understand the meaning of my statements. Until then, you're nothing to me personally.
  7. All that you here wrote, directly applies to you, and Yes you Troll. Because not only do you disagree with me, you deny the obvious facts. Right in front of your eyes. But no. What I mean. You're not able to verify the information. It's too complicated for you. You want some mythical "facts." In General the usual forum Troll. Continue in the same spirit, and soon you won't be able to feed, the game will be bent along with the forum. And Yes more hatred in my side, even more anger. You don't hate me very much.
  8. I'm not even going to comment on the forum trolls, who can not check the presence of cheaters on other servers. and they try to accuse others of disagreeing with the justifications of their statements.
  9. For that would be to accuse me of what you're talking about, go to the citadel and check for yourself. After talk. Now I can regard your message as an attempt to incriminate me and exonerate the cheaters and the inaction of the administration in this matter.
  10. The question is not in cheater, the question is that they do not fight. Quite. Cheaters are not afraid to lose an account, not afraid to lose things on this account. They are not afraid of punishment for using the software, and this is wrong! On the other hand, what do simple players who do not use third-party software, do not play? Drop everything? Quit the game and accounts in which the money was invested, several hundred? Is it serious? Is that your suggestion? Just close your eyes to what is happening or still try to fight. To convey the essence of the problem to the administration. Forced to take tough action. Stop making false promises. The same Blizzard very hard fighting with any third-party software, and as it is not strange in their games are not so many cheaters. They are there, you are right, but they are much smaller if the company did nothing at all.
  11. More anger, more Haight!!! After all, the local so do not want to do anything. The local is all well and cheaters in the game does not, and the cheat works fine. Ah as, it is a pity that cannot be here to publish screenshots and video. What would have happened to your tender hearts.
  12. After the introduction of the new "anti-cheat" the number of cheaters increased. Have become more common aimbots, speedhack, the use of trigger bot almost everywhere (especially in combat areas). Use all who have money to buy software. With impunity from the administration. The system of reports, which for so long the GM And the Administration - fake, does not work. Reports in tech support - are considered for months and is also without result. A lot of cheaters on which yli is composed of reports more than six months ago to play still. There are cheaters who play since 2012, and have never been banned. Whole clans, to not be afraid to use the software. The GMs were informed about this, the result - nothing has changed. Maybe it's time to do something before the online fell to a critically low level. Or 600 - 700 people for you it is normal. And this in the most successful events. More anger and dislikes. After all, you believe that all is well, but it turns out that hell!!!
  13. Go to citadel, there will come across very often. If not every fight. It is through one just. And if you're trying to Troll me, I can send you on a foot, erotic journey, like all those who stuck me dislikes....
  14. well, don't go on. I expressed my opinion about the current state of Affairs, because it categorically does not suit me. Here, as in the game there are sure to be "people" who will convince that all is well, although it is not. I don't have to like or dislike, but things have to change. while there are still people who play it. if someone did not notice online fell and continues to fall, why do you think? and because everyone who what is not liked from the game was gone. unable to find understanding and assistance and knowing what support and forum can not apply.
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