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  1. This, Try unoptimal weapons, unoptimal cars and just have fun without the intention of always winning.
  2. FoR real, why are yOu Not DOing correct capitalization? DoEs it help you in some way? Be more cautIous KnowINg other people read thIs too.
  3. OP, I know exactly who/what you are talking about. I recently got 3 brand new players to try APB. They naturally were in bronze district and were continually stomped by said de-threater and other cheaters (Im not one to call everyone a cheater but this guy was speedhacking). One thing I noticed, is that both the max rank player sniping noobs with an RFP 'fang' and the cheater was that they were both gold threat but chilling in bronze district. I know this wouldnt exactly solve the issue but I think it would be much more fair for new players if gold were automatically kicked from bronze district. Although my friends were in high spirits about the game, they were still frustrated that such imbalanced systems existed.
  4. Noted. Thank you. Very serious. Please do not deviate from the list.
  5. This is not ranked in any order these are just categories of users so that you can more easily stereotype people in game.
  6. Made a tier list for most of the weapons in-game. It was too hard to rank them objectively so this is how I categorized it. Make your own here: https://tiermaker.com/create/apb-weapons-41156
  7. To me P2W means it has to be buy only and have no possible way free players to get them. With that in mind I would say the scoped RFP, Colby AP and to a lesser exent the OCA-silverado. RFP with improved rifling is super good and is better than stock RFP in almost every way. The Colby AP does serious damage even at long range and fill both the role the FBW and ACT44 with the only down side being clip size. The OCA Silverado is the only silenced OCA with cooling jacket making it the lowest ttk of silenced OCA. These guns are good but they aren't what I would call broken. It would just be nice if we could access them without money. Even if its a contact daily or something. In terms of game balance I think all guns are fine as they are currently. If I had to chose something I think is unfair, it would be that osmaw/opgl doesn't have much of a counter for low rank players aside from JT rentals. I think it wouldn't hurt to decrease the rank requirement of R195 mods to that of level 3 mods or even R85. (they would probably have to rework remote det as well)
  8. While I would be okay with a buff to the Anubis, I wouldn't say its necessary. I think this is the mentality people should have. If anything, jokerbox weapons should all be nerfed to the Anubis level. Why would you want paid guns to be good? I know you could argue that the beauty of JMB weapons is that you can get them permanent with in-game money, but the better the gun, the more ridiculous the in-game cost is. So buffing it doesnt really help you in that respect. The gun has a unique skin, sound and crosshair, to me thats enough for it to be legendary.
  9. The game in its current state is probably the most balanced it has ever been. I cant even think of a gun that desperately needs tweaking. Any changes would have to undergo extensive testing and community feedback.
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