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  1. Yes he did ,but they said nothing about the loyality Reward. You need to spent half of you Monthly income to get Premium trough Loyality Reward ^^ Why remove the 50% Bonus ? I think this will scare new players off, when the think abaout buying something. I think its not a reward anymore. (my Opinion) 4500 G1c = ca 50 Euros - 15 Days Premium (Loyality Reward) 999 G1C = 30 Days of Premium I have to spent 50 euros to get Premium worth 7-8 euros
  2. Hey Guys !! I was browsing trough my ARMAS Marketplace latly and wanted to buy some joker boxes to get Premium. I noticed that the "BOGO" Event is gone and the +50% Bonus on the loyality reward too. I do have to admit that im stunned. 99 G1c for one joker box is bit much in my opinion. Same with the loyality reward. I have to spent 900 G1C for one - FOR ONE !!Gold power mistery box. best one : -4500 G1C for 15 days of Premium . . . . SRSLY WTF !!?!? In my Opinion the loyality reward was perfect the way it was i never bought Premium the normal way. I always spent money on Kits, packs and Joker boxes and i revieved Premium for 1-2 Months. I do like the news things LittleOrbit is doing but why cancel those things that worked fine for years ! I have to say that i wont buy more stuff if it is that expensive. The rest of the Prices are ok but that loyality reward thing is fucked Floid out Sorry for my English im from Austria
  3. Side - Comment Dear lord what have i started xD Im happy that my idea to discuss this topic was picked up so fasted. I do have to say pl stay on the topic dont point out things that are not important so some one from little orbit can read trough this mess ^^ We want them to do a professional job, so dont let us make it hard for them !
  4. Hey Guys ^^ I have been following the dev-updates and the stream last Friday, and they talked about weapon balance in armas and in the normal shop. I think weapon balance is better when the player base points out some problems here and there. In my opinion we have a better feeling what gun is too good and wich Weapon is too weak and easily outgunned. I will not post my own opinion here so it is a clear start to talk about it, and is not another "My opinion" post. I do think we know that better then a designer who is knew to this game ^^ sry about my english im from Austria
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