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Found 7 results

  1. Why Armas Marketplace's interface works too slowly? When i try to buy something or just want to control new contents im waiting too much for loading of pages... For example : Armas Market Place > Weapons > Any Weapon > Buy for 1 Month > Checking = It takes at least 17-20 minutes. What can i do i don't know. Can you help me ?
  2. Hello I hope you can help me I purchased some items at 28.11.2018 right after the PC server came back online partially I spent near 4K G1C but as i completed my purchased they didn't got mailed to my character I immediately submitted a support ticket but i didn't receive any answer yet , after 4 days . I would be pleased if you help me . thank you
  3. Hey Guys !! I was browsing trough my ARMAS Marketplace latly and wanted to buy some joker boxes to get Premium. I noticed that the "BOGO" Event is gone and the +50% Bonus on the loyality reward too. I do have to admit that im stunned. 99 G1c for one joker box is bit much in my opinion. Same with the loyality reward. I have to spent 900 G1C for one - FOR ONE !!Gold power mistery box. best one : -4500 G1C for 15 days of Premium . . . . SRSLY WTF !!?!? In my Opinion the loyality reward was perfect the way it was i never bought Premium the normal way. I always spent money on Kits, packs and Joker boxes and i revieved Premium for 1-2 Months. I do like the news things LittleOrbit is doing but why cancel those things that worked fine for years ! I have to say that i wont buy more stuff if it is that expensive. The rest of the Prices are ok but that loyality reward thing is fucked Floid out Sorry for my English im from Austria
  4. ok so i just received a notification saying that i got the p90 from royalty rewards after i purchases something on armas marketplace after i went ahead and try to redeem the code its says the "code is expired" even tho i just got it ?
  5. Hey so i got 2000G1C and it says my account is not active. i tried to change email like 5days ago so i dont know if its that. The thing is i cant buy stuff from armas marketplace becouse its on a pending my account someone please try to help me
  6. There are a lot of packs on the Armas Marketplace all of which are either cross-faction or single faction packs. Some of these however aren't where I think they should be as they are placed under the Packs section on Armas. DISCLAIMER: Some of the packs listed below are already on Cross-Faction Packs so have basically have a duplicate. List of packs that should be moved: -Heavy Duty Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Heavy Duty Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Halloween Complete Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Halloween Clothing + Artemis (Enforcer & Criminal) -High Roller Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Dress To Kill (Enforcer & Criminal) -High Roller Clothing Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Dress to Kill Clothing Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Urban RX Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Armoured Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Guerra Libero LE Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Paramilitary Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Tactical Gear Bonus Pack (Enforcer) - Criminal Pack already under "Cross-Faction Packs" DISCLAIMER: The packs listed below are also present on the packs page as is so is basically just a duplicate of what we currently have. Cross-Faction Packs to move back to only Packs -Cyberpunk Clothing Pack -Cyberpunk Uber Bundle For any remaining packs the colour of the background could be changed to follow the same as in-game and to show that it will work on both factions have one half of the design be red and the other blue as to make it obvious as to which factions can use it. Also might be a good idea to separate the packs out into a section with packs that include vehicles and a section that includes packs that do not come with vehicles. That way it is easier to identify what you are looking to buy. Any further additions It would also be nice to possibly get a search feature for Armas and at some point a complete overhaul of the stock for sale on there as it can be confusing at times as to finding what you want. For instance finding the clothing from the weekly rotations can be confusing at times as it is under Most Popular on the Gear tab but also on the home page so there could be a section specifically for weekly specials.
  7. All last year (2019) i've been trying to trade up to the hazardous, (on ps4) & as a Final resort i told myself i'll just buy the big chopper off armas. Well guess what? Valentine day rolled around in Apb & i got excited, Todays the day i reunite with my love & i waited AND i WAITED!... But alas big chopper never showed up this year. But thats fine, its not like i've never spent Valentine day alone before >_> Should i hopelessly wait up for him? or just forget about him? I mean...It's clear he forget about me right? Look friends, i'm not going to lose sleep over him, if you see that loser suddenly appear in APB you let me know! Me & my 'little friend' have some hello's to serve.
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