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  1. Agreed. 78c is apparently apparently only 1-2c above what reviewers got. Which is pretty good considering it's probably a slightly restricted case vs an open testbench. Which is still really far off from the maximum limit of 105c on that GPU. And yeeeep. Rarely see anyone saying it - thank you for doing so!
  2. Depends on the cooling solution and graphics card in question. Some chips are designed to run well into the 70's without issue for extended periods of time. Some older cards can tolerate even higher. It's considered "normal" ranges. That said he probably needs to take a look at his setup. Make sure there's adequate intake, no dust buildup, etc. Only time I'd really consider 60c unacceptable is with a liquid cooled card. If my vega 64 was running at that I'd be freaking out.
  3. Genobee

    I Just Want To Say Thx

    flavor of the month and typically doesn't require THAT much work to adapt existing titles in many cases. There's a reason everyone has been doing it. It's another mode at least. One that is currently very popular. I doubt that'd hurt anything really.
  4. Gateron is also a brand of keyboard switches. Have nothing else to say. Just felt the need to bring this up.
  5. Even if it is a repost I didn't know about it. So thank you.
  6. Probably. Then again it wouldn't hurt to give it a try with the engine upgrade.
  7. Gotta wonder about that myself. ..then again an optional one-time payment to get all kinds of permanent perks would be interesting. Perhaps access to permanent leases you otherwise can't view or somesuch. Akin to what a lot of other F2P games end up doing these days.
  8. Genobee

    This is why you lag.

    ...I'm guilty of this. I get very lazy with customizing cars.
  9. I don't really believe there is anything too unreasonable in cash shop. All of it is generally downright worse or fairly easy for an active player to maintain through joker ticket leases. That said I agree that the game NEEDS more ways for free players to obtain content. The game is downright lethargic in that respect and it hurts it on a regular basis. Then again the game needs more content for it's primary gameplay loops too. So you know.. it needs work. Everyone's been saying that for ages. Eh. Just feel like I'm repeating the same old stuff everyone already knows. So I'll shutup now.
  10. Genobee

    We have melee weps?

    Oooooold stuff that never made it even close to release during the RTW days. It was horribly broken mechanically (bugs galore!) and just plain not worth it. Plus the reasons above kinda outline why it's just a rather pointless thing for them to bother with.
  11. Genobee

    Snowball bug?

    That is all kinds of weird. Snowballs were always quite fun to use in missions when this time of year rolled around.
  12. Stole my go-to suggestion To op: Anyways, yeah. This is probably the best bet. VFX are the main cause of nasty spikes in APB. So dropping this value will most likely help alleviate your problems to an extent. Even on my high end machine it helps me avoid nasty drops.
  13. Put the silencer on it and never change the stats. It'll be the Kurai from waaaaayyy back all over again. When people were praising how much better the handling was. Meanwhile the devs forgot to put it in the update.
  14. I don't think it'd be right to bring back those relics. Aren't missing out on much anyhow. They were a test for the weapon skin system. Some of them look downright ugly as sin as a result. Anywhow. I think a +25% RoF that took most of the mag to fully ramp up would be a better option. So long as it was coupled with something like say 50% recoil ontop of the nasty curve it's already got? Or maybe nasty horizontal recoil + the normal curve? I don't know. Increasing RoF could easily bring it into problematic territory I think. That or they could do something dumber. Maybe give it a regular magazine instead of the drum mag. Then something like -12% RoF, -40% magazine size, +25% damage for it's stats? Effectively very similar, but it'd handle drastically differently. Which may mean it'd need higher recoil per shot to compensate. I don't know. Just spitballing random garbage in hopes of something interesting coming from it. Anyways. Yeah. Gun needs something to set it apart.
  15. Genobee

    New SPCT team

    The response to this makes me think I should say a bit more. Last time around the SPCT suffered tremendous problems from inviting popular figures into the program. Their opinions carried more weight simply because of who they were. Not because of what they were saying. Meaning less than ideal solutions could be implemented over more rational ones. That to me was a massive issue that helped lead to the old programs downfall. Then again these are my views on it. Most certainly not what all other people from the old program felt. I do not believe a tester program should be a popularity contest. It should be those of whom are willing to put forth the effort without feeling it necessary to try and garner extra attention. Me a whole lot of others worked our butts off under the previous incarnation without any kind of thanks. In-fact we were mostly yelled and screamed at - despite being the reasons why a lot of good even happened with many of the updates. We pushed hard for things the community wanted without ever giving a damn about wanting anything in return. Sometimes there had to be compromise but we did are absolute best to suggest hat middle-ground. All while testing every little thing anytime there was even the slightest of changes. That's what I feel like this new program should aim for, and what I do not believe Matt's intentions have conveyed properly. Now I know what I just said may come across as inflammatory. Not my intentions. I merely chose to use the most extreme possible outcome (odds are not the one that is even happening) I could think of to get my point across. Why? Because I'm afraid of seeing yet another volunteer program go belly up. I don't want that. That just hurts a game I want to see something done with some day. There's an absurd amount of potential from both the community and this game. I want it to get there. Which is why I've chose to express my views here in the manner I have. Apologies if I came across as an a-hole.