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  1. Agreed. I'd consider the engine upgrade the highest priority by a large margin. Followed up by re-evaluating existing content and slowly expanding on what there is. Personally I'm right there with you even on the anarchy part. I feel utilizing older unfinished content would yield better, safer, more viable results than a half-BR mode. Of which are highly prone to failure. Especially when they are tacked onto or built from existing titles. Anarchy, fight club, the old district minigames, etc just make more sense to me.
  2. It is absurdly naive to act like Fallen Earth is nothing but a burden. The game is liked by a good number of people just like APB. Arguably the game was also ruined by G1 way back when too. They forced all kinds of poor decisions on the playerbase, chased everyone off, and then left the game to rot. Now they've gotta re-do a huge portion of the game to build it all back up again. There's a lot of potential in there if they can undo the harm down the line - sound familiar?
  3. Honestly I'm willing to give the newer version of the program benefit of the doubt. With the old one people caught non-stop flak despite actually doing a lot behind the scenes. I mean I personally don't believe they've made that many good choices for their program. That said who cares. For all we know this is the case here. Yes some of them are coming across as jerks, but so does a lot of the APB community. Anyway I kinda have to agree with you on the content side of things. What we have now is beyond stale. It has aged like an opened soda left baking in someones trunk for years on end. Would be really nice to see some movement on that front. I mean the upcoming BR mode kinda helps with that.. yet I'm adamant that it isn't going to change much of anything. Those modes are an old tired fad by this point. It isn't going to be breathing new life into APB (at least that is what I'm very much worried about).
  4. Miscommunication - the single biggest killer of APB in every iteration of its life. RTW dropped the ball hard when it came to managing development of the game. The studio failed to effectively talk between teams and released a poorly designed mess. Not to mention seemingly lost player feedback along the way. EA didn't exactly help either with backstabbing them and counting on the game to fail. Then you come around to the G1 release. Lots of talking early on, but they'd stay eerily quiet on some troubling issues. Such as guns costing $60 out of the gate. Plus intentionally limiting everything possible (hi gun leases only for F2P!) to force cash shop sales. Not to mention them focusing almost solely on having their team work on cash shop updates. Seemingly not permitting them to work on desperately needed fixes/content/etc for the core game. Plus people like [you know which old community manager] & crew deciding they want full control over everything. Banning people at random, slaughtering the old SPCT program. Of which, yes, actual work was done. People like me would be in there daily checking everything under the damn sun and debating things with the developers. Then outright ignoring people and the lies players started being able to call from the start (anyone remember those "retired" guns?). Lying to us about the engine upgrade, and how it was actually intended for consoles. Etc! I could go on like that for ages.. point is people and their bullshoot are what led us here. You can argue about the details all ya want, but a repeated collapse of communication with a touch of looking out for ones self at the cost of everything else did the game in.
  5. Yeah that really sounds like you might have some sort of malware on there. Supposedly an unlicensed copy of windows can do it too. Not sure if that applies here, but yeah.
  6. That just plain sucks. I hope they get it sorted fast.
  7. Been an ongoing thing for a good while now. Royal pain in the arse to get into social.
  8. Genobee

    OCA, why is?

    So. The OCA has a crazily short TTK with the accuracy to make it happen. I could go on a whole tirade about every last detail, but why? It's in a better spot then every other SMG is. The buffs it received a ways back were simply not needed. It was already an incredibly popular weapon capable of doing exactly what it needed to VERY well.
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