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  1. I somehow missed that the first time around. Killed my interest in the mode for the time being (not that I had much honestly). No point in putting myself through hell to earn a skin I can probably buy for $5 a month from now.
  2. Appreciate you clearing things up. There's been a bit of misinformation as of late. That said I'm still a tad worried I won't be able to play RIOT at all. I can't recall the last time I saw a single player waiting besides me on Jericho. I keep on popping my head in there to AFK for a while in hopes of making progress on that skin, but yeah. At most I'll have one other guy jump in briefly to ask if anyone else is waiting then bail. I think it really needs some sort of bonus incentives if you want people to bother. At least that's how I feel. Two skins is nice, but there's nothing to fill those rather large gaps inbetween that with. You get a few joker tickets and a small sum of APB$ for the time you spend there. That isn't substantial enough. I mean, I get it, you feel it has value, but if we don't see it that way we won't bother. Besides there's no reason to care when there are other sources of joker tickets that are more engaging, have better return, and offer other benefits such as progressing contacts simultaneously (or just screwing around in fight club and still earning a good pile of tickets) Edit: tried to fix some stuff up. Not wholly sure if it makes sense or not. Have too much of a headache to care all that much. So I hope it does! If not I'm sorry for the nonsensical garbage. Edit #2: the skin being available in the cash shop down the line is probably going to be the final nail in the coffin it seems
  3. Like he said.. a lot of that stems from people ignoring the tutorial. Then they have to ask all those questions the game attempted to explain to them in chat. Gamers have a thing about avoiding tutorials even when they are proven useful.
  4. Gotta say it was a lot more fun then expected. I figured it would be a short somewhat entertaining thing with not a whole lot going for it. I was pleasantly surprised. Lots of chances to kill the GM's with a healthy dose of stupid mixed in. Tons of codes were given out. Then rounding it all out everyone lining up to throw down some fireworks, explosives, and of course bullets. All while the GM's had a field day with the GM firework launchers. Really can't argue with any of it. I mean, there were lag issues, but eh, they seemed to genuinely want to help with it. So I won't hold that against them. Even had a GM even stick around for an extra long time to spin up things like the butcher dynamic event. Simply because people wanted to have a bit more fun. Despite the fact that the main event had long since ended. I.. genuinely can't remember who it was, but they went the extra mile with it on Jericho! Really wish I had bothered to record or at the very least take some screenshots. However I did not. Kinda hoping someone else did! And/or that the GM's can share one or two screenshots that they took. Would be nice to have something to show off all the fun that was had. Edit: @ComFeyer was the GM in question. I did NOT figure that out on my own. They had to literally tell me. I'm good with names, can you tell?
  5. Sounds fun. It's a neat little thing, and I do appreciate these kinda things being brought back. Not sure what more I can really say about it.
  6. ..that isn't true at all. Joker had a rather large population going for it. One that drastically outpaced the Colby population - the one that was being merged due to low pop. Problem was they chose a brand new location that sucked for both parties involved. Result? A total population roughly equivalent to Colby prior to the merge. It was a hilariously poor idea on G1's part. Yet they never acknowledged it or did a damn thing to fix it.
  7. Heh. Tried bringing this up multiple times over the years to no avail. At the very least I've always wanted to see options for servers in different areas for the two servers. A ton of players were chased off during the server merges a ways back. Practically everyone I knew on Joker bailed once they saw how much higher their ping was on Jericho. Server went from being highly populated to lower than the suffering Colby server they merged it with. Was downright awful.
  8. Hey, hey. They also brought in a paltry rotating selection of debundled items. Of which makes me feel downright awful for having paid an absurd mark up for in the past. Then some of which were supposed to be "exclusive" (Old G1's fault there in all fairness). Yet they receive constant praise for it somehow. So the theory that they jingled keys in front of us as a distraction could hold some water! mostly just being an idiot here, but businesses do sometimes employ tactics like that. Not sure if that is the case here though. I mean they haven't even released much in the way of new monetized stuff yet. Ugh. On a random note I just remembered that they ruined an old event prize. The "Forever Alone" title used to be some super-ultra-mega rare thing for the winners of an old valentines day contest. The one where they gave out that title for being in the top few kills. Now everyone has it. Kiiiinda sucks to have worked my patootie off for that and have it handed out to everyone Okay. I'm done whining.
  9. Now that's more like it! Was hoping to see it all in action. Thank you @rooq for making that video, and thank you @MattScott for allowing it. ..now to complain about something rather minor that's bugging me one hell of a lot. I just gotta be that guy. Whoever recorded that should grab themselves a controller. Makes panning around a scene far easier. Looks one hell of a lot fancier that way with less overall effort needed to get a steady speed.
  10. They own the game. Which means they get to do as they please with it. We don't have the right to demand they tell us anything. You can by all means request it. Thing is if they say no.. you gotta just deal with it. Not much to be done past that. Is what it is.
  11. Been lurking in this thread since it was posted and... doesn't look half bad. Not quite sure how I feel about the total lack of anistropic filtering & anti-aliasing in the SPCT screenshots, but aside from that it's looking good. Visually there are clearly still some bugs, but eh. Could be worse. My main concerns are the wonky looking UI numbers, how some UI text looks almost fuzzy, worse performance, etc. Visuals themselves seem to be fine. The rest.. worries me. Then again there is a good bit of work to be done yet. So who the hell knows.
  12. I'm still very concerned about the fact I literally cannot play RIOT on the NA server. There just aren't enough people willing to give it a go.
  13. Can't say I hate them personally. I do however feel that they could stand to greatly improve in a number of areas. People voicing concerns is a good thing. There's someone left that gives a damn. Means there is still some hope for the game if they can turn it around.
  14. They way the SPCT folks were posting it did seem like the goal was to attract new players. However they aren't going to win anyone over if the existing ones are grabbing their torches at the mere mention of RIOT. ...and honestly the influx of cash they'd get from a deal with EPIC would probably help save the game if anything. If they could strike a deal it'd probably be beneficial to them despite the inherent negative view some gamers have. There's a significant customer base on EPIC's store that won't give a rats patootie that there's a controversy. Have a look at Dauntless. The game was lamenting in development hell. Money was tight, time was running out, and there weren't a lot of people left on the project. EPIC shows up and bam - suddenly tons of new things thanks to them throwing money at them. Plus a huge increase in players due to the increased visibility and ease of access through the launcher. Not saying it's all good, I'm just saying it isn't all bad. IF they could ever somehow manage to secure something quite so lucrative that is. APB is in a horrid state. The playerbase has all but up and left. The remaining ones are at LO throat after RIOT. Yet I suppose it would look good to have a solid shooter running UE4... assuming they can get that finished. Which is looking a tad bleak given their inability to even get the UE3.5 upgrade out the door (not saying they are bad, just being brutally honest about the current perceived state of things here). I don't know. Something unexpected needs to happen to save this game. RIOT wasn't it. Their attempts at balance changes prior to this definitely weren't. A new anti-cheat isn't changing much. Then in general I'm just not sure why they insist so heavily on fighting the community. It just doesn't add up. They talk a lot, listen, and they still go do the opposite after all that.
  15. Yes and no. Spending a year(?) on content the playerbase has been vocal about disliking was risky. Making a BR was risky - especially off a different type of game. All of that was a VERY ballsy move on their part. One I frankly haven't expected to pan out but did admire the willingness to at least try it regardless. That said there have been plenty of signs and chances for them to go in a different direction. All the warnings were there clear as day yet they forged ahead. I'm not very happy about that. It just doesn't make sense to me. It wasn't going to be a moneymaker from the start so.. why?
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