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  1. Weapon leases would add significant value to premium I have to say. Could be simplified down to a monthly rotation. Kinda like the idea of that. Maybe with a special premium discount for that month to encourage a permanent purchase. Win-win for both sides of the fence. Anyways, other random ideas for LO: Discounted car spawn costs 25-50% - free seems extreme and removes one of few moneysinks Discounted ammo costs - might go hand-in-hand with reduced car spawn costs Free item per month - could be a clothing item, weapon lease, etc Opportunity to receive weapon leases from mission rewards - doubt there is any kind of system for that, but I had to shill my favorite idea that much more. Desperately want missions to have a rare chance of rewarding something of note. Give people a reason to play all the way through a mission and in general encourage people to do 'em LO! X month subscribed rewards - room for a few possible variations on this. Could have it simply be "buy 12 months get X item" or reward based on total premium time elapsed. Reasoning behind this would be to both add in something shiny to aim for whilst encouraging people to buy premium. Shouldn't clash with the total G1C spent rewards, or might it? Hm. Still the buying X premium time portion of this may function nicely for an upcoming promotion. Assuming the backend for the store allows for that.. I know it isn't exactly pretty Not sure what combination of things would be best. Just slapping down some random idle thoughts on what LO could do. In addition to your intriguing suggestions of course @Zolerox.
  2. Totally lost me right there. A short TTK feels all wrong on APB. Apex Legends has a TTK that on average winds up being longer and I have to say feels far more satisfying. Not to mention it has broken missions, maps, and everything really. At no point do I believe that change was good. I always felt the "horrible" setup was vastly superior in more ways. Anyways, that's kinda my point. Heavy barrel won't see any form of adoption until there's a change in functionality. Leaving it as-is will leave it relegated to borderline non-existence. That's a really awful spot for a staple mod like heavy barrel to be stuck in.
  3. That's what I was trying to say. Heh. I clearly did quite a poor job of explaining myself. Meanwhile you got right down to the point. Appreciated, really. You think I'd stop trying to post at like 4am and just get some sleep. THEN post after.. buuut..
  4. Relatively certain this has been suggested before NTEC-7 Compact has been in the files forever. Doesn't seem to have any particular purpose at the moment, and people definitely want it. So. Why not use the stats it temporarily has now as a base for creating a new legendary? The weapon model is quite large if I'm not mistaken. Barrel may need to be shortened in order to keep it visually distinct from the N-TEC 7 and help it look the SMG part. Wonder if it couldn't have a legendary barrel modification to explain how it differs. Stating how it was shortened to function in closer-range engagements whilst still retaining slightly above average range in the role? Moving on. The C2 no longer dips its toes into assault rifle ranges as it was once intended. Yet even so that doesn't mean that a tweaked C2 couldn't have more range at a significant cost elsewhere. The range increase could be done as a direct +5m, or through a slower RoF permitting higher accuracy for example. It could act in a similar fashion to that of the N-TEC 7 vs the N-TEC 5. With a slightly larger discrepancy between the base gun and legendary in this case of course. Reason I say that is significant range is what caused the issue to begin with. Increasing it may require an alternative method of reigning the weapon in.
  5. Scrapped/unused content at the moment. Always a chance they may find a purpose for it down the line?
  6. I'd rather see heavy barrel have its functionality re-evaluated at some point over tweaking every other gun to work with it. In this case it is relatively harmless, in other cases not so much. It is considered borderline unusable in virtually every situation save for a few edge cases. That's not a good state for a staple item of the base game to be in. Everyone has access to it, and almost none bother going near it. Suppose I'd have to mention that I believe the issue lies both with the current state of modifications and weapon balance. They are both playing a part in my opinion.
  7. LTL used to be stronger back during the short lived RTW days. It wasn't pretty to say the least. Well, sort of that is. LTL is roughly the same as it was in terms of time to stun. Thing is the lethal weapons got a whole lot more deadly*. Was an intentional change for them to leave LTL in the dust. It provides a means of taking an enemy player out of a fight for an extended period of time. Making that on par with a lethal weapon would unfairly tilt combat in favor of enforcers in many missions. If LTL took less effort to stun they'd have to bring down the stun and arrest timer at the very least. It would require them to re-work how an entire type of weapon functions. One that already seems to work quite nicely as-is in a niche. I think it would be best that they not tempt fate and revamp something like that. More to lose then they have to gain. * unrelated whining: the TTK change caused so many damned problems. Missions, maps, and the game in general were never designed around that short TTK. Still have all sorts of problems resulting from that. With the attempted fixes only seeming to have exacerbated the problem.
  8. Genobee

    A classic version

    Pretty much spot on. They had very limited resources by the time that car entered development. The company was already in a tight spot. So they were making due however they could. Meant cutting corners with things like sounds by twisting around existing ones. Happened a lot for guns too. Hopefully they'll get a chance to re-do some audio down the line. Anyways. New car kits would be fantastic. Especially something with an older style to it. There really isn't a whole lot of that in APB. Which is really freaking odd to me. The other car with a truly classic look to it is all but ignored (fresno). Despite there having been quite a few requests for it spanning years back to the G1 re-launch.
  9. Too obvious. Clearly this has something to do with aliens. take your damn upvote.. how in hell did I miss that after staring at that page for so long.
  10. APB might get a larger following one day. Yet it is always going to be a somewhat niche game it feels like. Too many oddball choices that unfortunately led to segmenting the playerbase into countless small groups. Many of which have since bailed. It's been a problem since G1 got it. They seemingly ran off a lot of players with the TTK changes then kept doing weird stuff like that. Anyways, I hope it does get bigger too. I just worry LO has too much work to do. That they've taken on an all but impossible task. Of course I'm happy someone is at least trying despite how much harm the previous company did. There's definitely a whole lot of potential buried deep in the game yet.
  11. Sounds like you seriously need to be more careful with your account credentials. Don't go typing them into everything under the sun, don't download sketchy *%(&, etc. If you aren't sure about how to protect passwords I'd google some basic tips. Can't hurt. I highly doubt it was a database breach on LO's part or anything crazy like that. Probably something you did that you should not have. Now you are paying the price for it.
  12. Some of these are rough around the edges to say the least. May expand the list if people don't find this to be too terrifyingly moronic. A lot of them are old, but interesting ideas that gained a decent bit of traction years back. Figured some might be worth revisiting. At worst you all get a laugh out of how dumb some of it all was, right? Majority of these ideas are generally focused on finding a problem then resolving by encouraging players to keep going. Two birds with one stone if you will. Also worth mentioning that these ideas were spoken about with other players prior to their initial posting. As for who contributed.. I don't know. Been far too long, but people have? Well that sounds terrible. Anyway. Sorry if something doesn't make sense. Enjoy some word vomit courtesy of someone who just plain can't sleep. Add bonus rewards to missions - TL:DR; very small chance to receive a weapon lease or even possibly a permanent weapon: https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/388201-mission-rewards-refinement-perm-f2p-guns-concept/?hl=%2Bgenobee#entry4230222 Could be fitted for use as an event with temporary leases to test it all out. Or possibly simply used for special occasions only. Only real concerns are how much more work would need to be done to the current system to get something like that running. If it isn't a massive ordeal (spaghetti code will probably prove otherwise...) then you'd have an automated system instead of needing to manually hand out prizes for certain event scenarios. Plus it encourages actively playing the game. Win-win in theory. Not sure about in practice. In-game mystery boxes - unable to find original post. Effectively it was a request to investigate the possibility of adding in an exponential money sink to APB. With the JT (joker tickets) vendor(s) providing access to a purchasable box that provides a random item via mail. Recommended fee being a combination of APB$ and JT. Unsure of a proper value to assign to this. Would largely be dependent on where the rewards land. Problem here being how difficult it'd be to implement all the way down to what to reward the player. Let alone the other aspects surrounding that. This could vary from X duration leases of existing JT gun leases with the possibility of permanent leases all the way down to all kinds of other crazy things. Hell if I know. I had some thoughts on it but those have seemingly been lost. The concept still seems quite intriguing to me. APB has a severe problem with inflation and extremely limited used for APB$. Not to mention JT are a bit limited for anyone that's been around for a good while. This struck me as a good way to encourage a long-term goal if a solid high-end reward could be placed within these. While simultaneously helping negate excessive amount of APB$ from remaining within the game.
  13. In my case it appears to have been caused by renting said items in the past. At least that's seemingly the cause of it in my situation. Far as I can tell? Workaround: 1.) switch characters 2.) place item in cart 3.) switch back to character you wanted to buy the item on 4.) spend money and enjoy?
  14. Hopefully that "Forever Alone" title isn't actually in there again. Had that ordeal show up year after year. It's supposed to be an event title for having the most kills around Valentine's Day. Minor issue overall, but still something I'd like them to resolve one of these times. Just plain sucks to win something then have it handed out to everyone. Anyways, thank for posting that mini-guide. Might point anyone who had questions about what the rewards are to it.
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