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  1. Genobee

    So about the new skins...

    Comes down to personal preference, no? I like the slower pulse effect more than I think I would like it being faster.
  2. That explains a lot. Was encountering some very weird behavior with guns using this modification earlier today and didn't quite piece it together.
  3. Genobee

    Event Daily's Broken?

    Got that one as my daily too. It's overly difficult to kill a barrel carrier, and it doesn't seem to count a lot of criteria that would otherwise qualify. Regardless of what I tried it seemed to remain at 0/3. Fun times. Random garbage: This type of thing really makes me wish there was some sort of volunteer testing for patches. I recall finding countless issues of this variety during my time in the SPCT. With an even crazier amount found by others. Sure not everything was noticed, but patches ended up being in far better states with actual players putting the game through it's paces. As opposed to what we got with this unfortunately buggy event. I feel as if the QA team isn't too terribly well versed in what to look for/and or the team coding it all was rushed. Whereas longtime players would at least likely be able to point out more of the issues prior to it being released. I miss doing BVT's
  4. At a glance I'm not really seeing anything terribly appealing about the new pricing. Seems to have resulted in large price hikes in a lot of cases. Not quite sure what to think of it. Tad confusing if anything. Have to say I'm liking the new design at least. Looks a good bit cleaner, and runs better. Doesn't have long awkward delays between everything. Though I do agree with everyone that total premium days absolutely do need to be displayed.
  5. @MattScott I haven't the slightest clue if any of the following has been brought up elsewhere. Haven't really had a whole mess of time to devote to keeping track of all things APB recently. Sorry if it has. Given what is coming with the update on the 30th, wouldn't it make sense to do some sort of e-mail campaign to notify folks of it? Maybe even slap in a free 1 day premium code. Might be a solid way to get people to both give the new mode a spin to use up that free premium AND give more incentive to purchasing something on the updated store. After all this update seems like it'll hit two major points of contention with people: the lack of new content and poor armas pricing structure.
  6. Genobee

    OSMAW Suggestion

    I could see some vehicles health being tweaked slightly as a potentially good thing. Enough that they are in a rougher state after taking a beating. Yet not to the point of outright exploding like they once used to. Even then I'm extremely iffy on that idea. There's a good reason why vehicle health was buffed ages ago. It was downright annoying. I'm mostly wholly against any kind of buff to the OSMAW. It is in a very, very good state right now. It's got niche uses with some minor potential outside of that if one truly wishes to do so. The downsides work, and yeah. I don't want to see something that is right where it should be ruined just because.
  7. Completely lost on that first part. Something got lost in translation there, or my stupid self just plain can't make sense of it. Anyways a green version of it where the "blood" glowed would be kinda awesome! Would go well with that whole toxic theme they have going on in their teasers.
  8. Genobee

    The New Engine and G1

    Dashboard decorations coming soon?
  9. Genobee

    The New Engine and G1

    Matt Scott mascot needs to happen.
  10. I do believe this has been known for many years. I recall the developers themselves stating that the bars do not display anywhere near correct values. Nor have they ever really. Going to bet that this is something they can't remedy all that easily until the new engine is ready. That the UI elements for it are hooked into the most absurd things possible. Making it a living nightmare to even attempt fixing it now. Certainly wouldn't be the first time some legacy RTW spaghetti code caused them trouble.
  11. You can't really use that as an all encompassing answer and call it a day. Just look at the guns for some solid examples of where your explanation falls short. Norsemen - never used because it is terrible. Now if we were talking about the ISSR-b - amazing gun that is still overlooked. Have to go case by case with these things, and in this situation I simply cannot agree. The (now going to be reverted)changes to IR3 left it functioning as a better heavy barrel. A modification that received an overly heavy-handed nerf was more functional. That to me signals a core design flaw with the modification. It's only useful in very, very niche situations and even then is overshadowed by the other red modifications. That's not something that "just isn't used", that's something that is in an incredibly poor state. I would argue it has been the underdog modification in desperate need of love since G1 first got the game. I remember way back when my "Below-Zero" released and it got railed for having HB3 on it. It was intentionally given that as a less than ideal modification. Yeah. That's how poorly heavy barrel has been viewed and for how long. The developer I pitched that idea to agreed it was a solid choice for a sub-optimal yet workable configuration. That mod was the go-to for that exact purpose.
  12. Genobee

    The New Engine and G1

    ^ this. Stuff is still missing from the new engine. Plus it still needed a whole bunch of tweaking last I recall. Both in terms of performance and other miscellaneous problems. Have a look at the console version for an idea people. Should give you a rough idea of just how much they need to resolve before pushing it live for PC.
  13. Butcher skin is probably coming back. Plus a new version of the gun game and new mode for Halloween. Not happy with that skin making a return like this, but yeah. *is done being a salty b*stard*
  14. So in short the attempted changes went over poorly with no clear way to resolve it. Fair enough. At least you were up for admitting that. Though I'm not looking forward to the same old meta once more, but eh. Now what I feel like was part of the problem here is that the changes weren't really fully baked. There were unintended consequences that were sadly quite easy to overlook. There's a vast number of guns in the game with an absurd list of variants ontop of the fact. Which brings me to my question: would it not make more sense to try out more potential changes and allow the players to further discuss the potential outcomes? You did this before, but it was short lived and only had the one route really taken into consideration by that stage. It seemed like it was all but set in stone. Why not instead take a more open approach where the players can help shape things in a greater sense? I still say your internal metrics should be the main focus. Yet the longtime players around here are going to be aware of things that charts just aren't going to show. I guess I don't feel the right balance has been struck quite yet. Heh. In more ways then one.