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  1. Even though I'm still a bitter a-hole at times about not being able to contribute in any fashion anymore... I disagree. He made some decisions that didn't pan out. From our perspective that may have been "clear" to us, but he was doing what was the best bet at that time. It didn't pan out. Now he's trying something else as a last ditch effort. No need to rub salt in the wound. We don't really have a dog in this fight outside of being fans/players of the game. Meanwhile he put a lot of time, money, and who the heck knows what else into trying to turn around the game we like.
  2. Was thinking the same. Doesn't really matter that much with how prevalent discord is. Let alone the fact it is typically preferred to in-game options by a mile.
  3. Kinda-sorta agree. I think the way they've chosen to address balance problems didn't properly encompass player behavior and actual usage of items in the game. This isn't the first time they balanced based on some arbitrary numbers without looking into the broader picture on why something is the way it is within the title. Let alone the first or even second team to work on APB that has done this. Long as they manage to learn some important information from the screwup then whatever I say. Quite clear that at this point they've seen the divide between players on it. More a matter of what they do after this. Besides everyone makes mistakes. I'm more annoyed with the seemingly glacial development of this title.
  4. Is what it is. If something eventually releases then great, but otherwise yeah things have been rough for ages. Everyone here knows it. Can we just stop already? Gets really boring reading the same stuff 5,000 times over. Fun-fact: Firefall isn't likely to come back. The current owners of that IP don't want to part with it despite seemingly zero plans to do anything with the MMOFPS or the supposed mobile title that I don't think ever saw the light of day.
  5. Have to agree. Always been the odd one out when it comes to legendaries and only fallen further behind as newer stuff came out. Wonder if they couldn't take the lazy route and try something simple like a different take on the medusa mod for it. Would kinda work, maybe.
  6. Would be neat if we could pull people out of cars like we can with random NPC's. I have no idea if that thought pertains to this thread in any capacity at all. Nor if it would be feasible, or let alone something actually good and/or fun for the game. Just a random thought I felt like spewing out. Enjoy.
  7. Still wish they were just regular items. I still don't understand how they are "rewarding" to this day. The whole consumable thing has been a miserable failure that continues to stick around for some absurd reason.
  8. It was bugged at one point in time. Allowing for it to be purchased using only 10,000 APB$. They since fixed the bug so it is back to costing joker tickets like it was supposed to be. My best guess is they let people keep it who bought it when it was bugged. Which is why he still has one I imagine.
  9. It doesn't work at the moment. The anticheat won't let it far as I'm aware.
  10. Hasn't exactly aged well is all. That plus the regular delays on practically everything aren't helping matters. I think things would be going a lot better if there were some bigger fancier changes. Old game can keep going okay-ish for a looooong time if they are maintained & regularly updated. I just don't think APB makes enough money to justify such a risky investment. I mean here on APB we've got a dated engine, poor balance (I mean, lets be honest, it's pretty rough and always has been), same maps as always, no shakeup to core gameplay loop, no secondary/fun timer killer type things to do, etc. The same old broken boring map is the one that really gets me. Also: having gameplay focused around exploits ain't good for a games health. One or two that help raise the skill ceiling are fine, but APB is a total mess of weird awkward janky nonsense that is awful to experience. APB has a solid chance of chasing off any non-veteran players with absurd ease. In short: I kinda agree. APB is an old house with the roof caving in, interiors rotted out, and the foundation is crumbling. It can definitely be fixed.. but I don't know if it's worth the effort at this point.
  11. Credit to you guys. This is such a neat project. Happy to see it's still going! Midtown is one of those districts I always wished I could've seen for myself. Used to even have some images of it way back. Sadly those are gone and even if I did have 'em I'm not sure if I could share those. There's some absolutely fascinating and beautiful unreleased areas from APB's earlier days. I mean, look at one of the old building interiors that sadly never was: What I'd give to have them go over some of those older areas & districts with us players.
  12. Yeeeeep. It isn't just about trying to get better performance. There is a competitive advantage to doing things like that which is why they are so popular. I personally just don't care about anything but it looking good and performing well. But, I get why all kinds of crazy tricks are done when they yield such easy benefits. Most I do is admittedly play around with some things I probably shouldn't, but I don't dip below 100fps (rare exception or two) and average 132fps+ according to AMD performance monitoring. With no notable stuttering to speak of. All while looking like I'm playing on all maxed out settings. So, yeah. I get why everyone tweaks crap. Kinda just part of APB if you want to get the most you can out of it. Even if some of the things people do you technically aren't allowed to. In my case it's just to get the damn thing to not stutter, seemingly drop frames, and not generally perform badly on high end hardware. Others are doing it to make guns not handle so freaking weirdly, have things stand out better while making the game also not run like garbage, and other such things. Like what you mentioned. Which I'm not a fan of.. but I get it. To keep on topic: cheaters suck. APB has a few sadly. LO seems to be trying their best to find an anticheat that can do what they need without some crazy drawbacks/problems. About all you can ask really.
  13. Bunch of old SPCT pushed heavily for that back when they were testing the damn things. Was super vocal about it myself. Just didn't see it going over well. Yet they thought it'd be better to leave them the way they are now. Even with the pushback from most saying it was a bad, bad plan. Kinda crazy to look back at now. Heh. Anyways I'd rather they just be perm. I view them as "visual" mods. They have a model associated with them or effect that could be monetized. Alternative appearances and the likes with the base ones just being a thing that exists. Would also let them expand out a bit with what they could offer up for holiday rewards. Would rather they just put in rare "jackpots" of JT, APB$, or some old un-used gun variants, maybe car unlocks, etc. Could even use something like short duration of armas/JT guns to really flesh out the pool. Anyway I'll quit whining and trying to pitch old ideas (..how many years ago was that? ._.). Especially since I'm 99% certain no such system is currently in place to allow for them to easily setup modifcations with alternate appearances. Well.. maybe. Don't recall much, but there's always a slim chance they could be configured in a manner similar to that of weapon variants. Aaaaanyway now I'm shutting up.
  14. Agreed a thousand times over. I'd rather see presets be used as content for newer players/lazy people in-game. Something to help bridge that gap if you don't have mods to stick in your slots. Not as a moneypit like they are now, as you pointed out. That just isn't right.
  15. That said I still preferred Fairfight. At least it was fairly solid at catching cheaters while also being non-existent in terms of problems on the users end. Save for the people being in control of it screwing up.. but I'd blame Tiggs n' crew for that. They allegedly banned people they didn't like under the guise of Fairfight. Meanwhile the people supposed to be tweaking it didn't seem to really be doing that. So. Yeah. I don't know. Just my opinion on it. Wasn't the best option by far, but it got a bad rap because of people in charge using it as a cover for bull**** bans for the majority of it being around. That and yeah it sucks royally if setup poorly, but at least we could play the game without being kicked for every other program on our PC's.
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