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  1. Wouldn't be the first time, second, or third time an anti-cheat unfortunately mistook something legitimate (or at least not harmful to the game itself) as a problem. Can't imagine it would hurt for them to at least look into it briefly. Right there with you on that. Hopefully you all get an answer on what's going on soon. Even if that just winds up being confirmation that the bans were legit.
  2. Bit impressed that this has reached open testing. I know APB is a layered mess of spaghetti code, and I honestly didn't think this would pan out as a result. I still don't exactly agree with the approach however. Yet if it works then so be it. Hope the rest of testing goes smoothly. Been a long road to get this working and I'm sure there's people that can't wait for this to reach live.
  3. Regardless that does still seem to be the most common public opinion. People haven't seen much in the way of forward momentum in the live service. Then what has been does is tainted by things like the APB IP being sold off to a no-name Chinese company. I get that the guy is trying to turn around the game. I truly do, but I also get why people are upset. What they see doesn't look good. Even if progress is being made behind the scenes. Rarely does a customer care that there's a good reason for shit hitting the fan. Which I'm betting makes things a living nightmare. Having a good public image for any online service is crazy important. While a lack of one only serves to hurt things more, but LO isn't going to right that ship until he gets something out the door I'm betting.
  4. Good intentions. Poor implementation of 'em. I don't think they are bad people by any stretch. Just got in over their heads with APB:Reloaded.
  5. Awesome news! Got a lot of questions about all of this, but for now I'm just plain happy.
  6. I have REALLY been missing Fallen Earth. Used to play it on and off all the time! Was a fun yet flawed game that I just couldn't get enough of. Was all kinds of sad when the shutdown was announced for it. That said I'm not entirely sure how well a game like FE will have aged. My guess is that it would be a very, very, very, very niche game if it came back. Then again who knows. The MMORPG market is about as stale as it can be. With people desperate for something new or different to play. So there's always a chance it'd work out. Monetization would have to be handled VERY carefully though. People are getting fed up with the typical cash shop shenanigans you see everywhere now. Hopefully we hear more about this soon!
  7. Didn't they basically start over with a chunk of it? I wouldn't expect much in the way of news for a while. Though I am curious to hear more about why they couldn't use the previous stuff that had been worked on. There was a playable and functional build in testing for a long time. Admittedly it was broken in a number of ways. However it didn't quite seem like it was insurmountable to fix. Which I guess wasn't the case.. which is also why I want to know more about what the heck went wrong with it!
  8. 100% with you. That just sucks for both sides imo. In that situation it's more fun to grab crazy setups that don't work all that well. Have a little fun. Ease off a bit. It's a chance to be dumb. Not floor some poor silly person that doesn't waste as much time on the game.
  9. Been begging for this since they first tested the damn things. They were initially supposed to be "rewards" for doing missions and all that. Which makes absolutely no sense. They are just tedious and beyond irritating. Just plain easier and better as mods. Simpler to deal with balance wise too. Begged for some rare guns, cars, skins, etc instead of that garbage. Even if they are just leases it'd still be more rewarding if that's still the goal. I mean there's the old unused OG fight club guns yet + some other rotting content. Some of which were never perm to begin with so no harm done. Toss in a couple of possible items - short leases being more common with a super rare chance at a perm or something and boom. Better system for rewarding people imo. What's with the sudden change from everyone on this though?
  10. Yep. This is definitely that will happen.. nothing bad.. nope..
  11. I don't know about that. APB has always had desync problems to some degree. Especially way back when Gamersfirst (old G1 that is) first started trying to improve the engine. Something went horribly wrong with that and caused all kinds of problems for a while. Not sure it ever got fully resolved honestly.
  12. Even though I'm still a bitter a-hole at times about not being able to contribute in any fashion anymore... I disagree. He made some decisions that didn't pan out. From our perspective that may have been "clear" to us, but he was doing what was the best bet at that time. It didn't pan out. Now he's trying something else as a last ditch effort. No need to rub salt in the wound. We don't really have a dog in this fight outside of being fans/players of the game. Meanwhile he put a lot of time, money, and who the heck knows what else into trying to turn around the game we like.
  13. Was thinking the same. Doesn't really matter that much with how prevalent discord is. Let alone the fact it is typically preferred to in-game options by a mile.
  14. Kinda-sorta agree. I think the way they've chosen to address balance problems didn't properly encompass player behavior and actual usage of items in the game. This isn't the first time they balanced based on some arbitrary numbers without looking into the broader picture on why something is the way it is within the title. Let alone the first or even second team to work on APB that has done this. Long as they manage to learn some important information from the screwup then whatever I say. Quite clear that at this point they've seen the divide between players on it. More a matter of what they do after this. Besides everyone makes mistakes. I'm more annoyed with the seemingly glacial development of this title.
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