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  1. I don't believe so? It's only 2pm PT time if I'm not mistaken. https://time.is/PT
  2. You've got a very interesting view on the balance changes. I'll give you that. That said I'm split on what I think about it. Some of it makes a lot of sense then out of nowhere you'll jump to saying things like the 'Ursus' is a straight upgrade to the N-TEC. Whereas what I typically hear is that the N-TEC is a more reliable choice. In-fact I rarely see anyone utilizing it that has it anymore. The N-TEC has remained the go to. If your point was to say that it's viewed as being better simply due to rarity, then it wasn't conveyed very well. Moving on to what you said about the N-TEC's widespread usage: it isn't just free players utilizing it almost exclusively. A lot of players that own multiple guns find themselves moving back to the N-TEC as their main choice. There's a reason for it. It slams the other guns into the ground then laughs at them. It's a total beast when compared to every other AR. Some come close, yes, but they just can't match it. Cost or difficulty of obtaining things just doesn't factor in with some of the really high skill folks. They've been around long enough to have gotten multiple other options for free or outright bought them. They choose the gun because it is the best. Your observations about modability and versatility I have to agree on. It ends up being a jack of all trades with very little in terms of downsides. Anyways thanks for posting this. Kinda feel like LO isn't getting enough feedback. More discussions on it the better I say.
  3. Genobee

    Light machine guns in apb.

    They always struck me as a worse ALIG. Heavy recoil with worse damage all-around. Nothing like a .8s TTK on a gun that throws your aim off your target constantly. Tried to find a use for them but they just aren't really worth the effort. Not unless they get some kind of tweak I think.
  4. Genobee

    Will be new ranks ?

    ^ this. They never got around to fleshing out content for them.
  5. This kind of honesty is still very alien to me.
  6. Genobee


    how do you know he's new You have a point. Also it doesn't matter how long people have been around. Look at me I'm an idiot at best and I've been around since the RTW days.
  7. Genobee

    Ryzen 3 2200G

    It would be playable.. but don't expect much beyond that. It comes in at the very bottom end of the spectrum in terms of GPU power (GT 1030 equivalent). For CPU heavy tasks it does okayish. The low core count really works against it there. Might be better off saving up for a while then buying some parts. Unless you absolutely feel you need something right now.
  8. Genobee

    Rebalancing green mods

    The acceleration idea has been kicked about for a while now and I gotta say I like it too. Not fond of your numbers, but still. Always wanted them to experiment with the health increase alongside a stiff penalty to initial acceleration only. To prevent players using it from strafing or getting back out of a fight quickly once they engage. Would certainly make for an interesting downside. One that would be far less penalizing than the constant slowdown that mod forces people to suffer through now. Ugh. Even mentioning that abysmal top speed reduction in passing makes me want to cringe. Terrible, terrible downside for a mod. Would potentially be an interesting alternative to the run n' gun playstyle that clotting agent helps facilitate. Clotting agent focuses heavily on ducking in and out of fights. So kevlar being the opposite approach to fighting only seems appropriate. I'm just not sure what would be too much or too little. There'd have to be a mix of increased acceleration time with the initial slowdown I imagine. Just a tiny bit off in either direction and the mod either falls into the same problem it has now or becomes the new go-to. Would love to see them at least toy with the idea on the OTW.
  9. Genobee

    What is dis?

    Exact same stats. The modification in legendary weapons is often a dummy mod. The changes are applied directly to that variant in a lot of cases with the modification being there to reflect the differences. would be nice Agreed. Surprised they haven't yet, or made a standard version of it to slap onto armas for direct purchase. Both of which would probably be looked upon favorably by people. Hell they could even use it for a loyalty reward. People have been complaining about a lack of those. Certainly fits the criteria based on previous entries. Seems like quite the wasted opportunity really.
  10. There seems to be an innate fear of what would happen if joker boxes vanished. It's not like those things being removed would HAVE to be filled by an even worse monetization scheme. Plenty of games exist that sustain themselves perfectly fine off of less egregious models than APB. Yes there are worse, but my point is there are more fair ones that seem to be doing just fine. Of course it depends on what type of market and all that the product is aimed at or for. Let alone how the title is structured to begin with. Amongst a whole myriad of other variables.. point is that it can work if the right criteria is met. Now maybe I'm crazy, but a game with such an emphasis on customization seems ripe for cosmetic item sales (or at least could have been if things didn't go down the path they did). I know in the past those were thrown aside for quick easy weapon sales. Those were what presumably made the $$$. Yet they were also what was almost solely worked on. Self-fulfilling prophecy and all that. Little effort was made to branch out into other aspects and I feel like that was a mistake. They chose the common dirt road that's riddled with potholes and barely navigable. Something that had always worked just fine in the past, but had begun to show it's age even when it was first put to use for APB. Dangling content that people can't have without money but influences gameplay is a quick way to make someone bail. People like to be able to experience a game to the fullest. Not be gated off at every turn. Which is how the game feels now. ..okay this is turning into a massive post. Going to cut it short right here. It's late as all hell and I'm too tired to care beyond this point. APB's monetization since it went F2P back in 2011 was pretty bad even for the time. The joker boxes and all that only made it worse. Those choices helped scare off a lot of people and put most of the financial burden on the ones left. Forcing more boxes to be made regularly. I gotta wonder if there isn't a way to turn that mess around long-term. I just don't see it lasting in the current market as-is. At least not faring anywhere near as well as it could that is. I need sleep.
  11. This would nuke the value of some special JMB's. Probably not a good plan for them to use what is intended to be a super rare prize to keep that sweet, sweet gambling money rolling in. I'd argue they'd have to make yet another variant at minimum. With some sort of visual difference to keep the perceived value of the original FFA up. Those are effectively one of the only forms of in-game progression currently that have meaning to them. All the rest can be bypassed or obtain fancier versions of through armas. Already have a few exceptions and the community was split on them way back when. Wholly against you on this one. This is the only point I'm really with you on. It's been a long requested item and makes absolutely no sense for there to be only presets of it. The VAS like you said just isn't the same. It's the aesthetic people are after in addition to the fact it's an N-TEC. Would have to give everyone a means of obtaining the open slot versions without paying then. Otherwise balance concerns would arise. Certain mods would wind up being straight upgrades. On the opposite side of that fence certain mods like IR would only incur the downsides. As those guns have hard limits on range I believe. Which might result in lots of complaints. Bit of a weird one there. I don't know. All of these have been run into the ground over the years. Kinda torn on a lot of these things personally as a result. Some make sense and have never gone anywhere despite numerous requests. Others come across as problematic and have been the source of countless debates (or screaming matches as the case may be with the APB forums).
  12. They changed the LCR's TTK from 1.20>1.08 to compensate for the PR1/PR2 having IR3 forced on them. From there the 'Old Glory' does indeed take this buff in stride. While it was intended to simply keep the PR1/PR2 functioning as they did before, it instead buffed the aforementioned variant massively. It was brought down to an impressively short 1.03 for it's effective range. Causing the PR1/PR2 to end up being overshadowed to an absurd extent.
  13. I think you missed the core issue. It's usually big spenders and/or long time supporters buying a bunch of these I imagine. Guess what they get out of it: The only thing actually worth your time A long car lease or gun lease for something you already own permanently A slightly longer gun lease for a gun you own permanently A gun lease for a gun you own permanently
  14. That was an interesting thing to watch. Looks like he skipped the tutorial. Did not bother to look up information on the game at any stage. Then proceeded to take random guesses as to what was what. He even called one of the districts PvE focused. Another point he withholds an item from a teammate then gets angry when he's finally killed so the other guy can deliver it. Rollercoaster of.. I'm not sure. It almost seems like he was intentionally painting the game in an extra bad light for fun. If not then I'm kinda shocked a reviewer can be this clueless about a game he was trying to review. I mean yes APB is confusing to newbies. Yes it isn't fair to them, but this was almost like he was trying to avoid anything helpful at all costs.
  15. Scrollwheel is a bit of a nightmare. Just being good at clicking is massively superior.