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  1. I hate both versions for various reasons. That said the RTW patches were just awful in so many more ways than the game we have now. IF the engine upgrade comes out I just hope they've learned lessons from past mistakes is all. Improving on things going forward is the best best if you ask me. Not reverting to a different problematic point in the games history.
  2. I think part of the issue with that was the inability to do a 1:1 transfer. Given the vastly different structure to how the two versions were setup. If you go further back to the Colby/Joker merges there were no such issues. So I'm betting that won't happen here?
  3. You don't like the sound of clanging metal being distorted in different ways for multiple guns? Then there's the extra fun ones where they didn't get to do anything for the audio. So instead just outright re-used the exact same audio from other guns.
  4. Finally! Zero complaints about any of this. Especially happy that there's gonna be a proper choice of servers again. Let alone the fact that there'll be an opportunity to play with people in other regions at once. It's something I've wanted to see in APB for ages. Closest thing we've had up until now was Joker - until that was nuked from orbit (was in a nice location for both EU and NA players to play together)
  5. Never really been that big on streaming services. Problems with visual quality, require a subscription, input delays, and chug a whole lot of data fast. Which can be massively problematic for those in areas where limits are enforced by an ISP. That's only the start too. I really don't see any "convenience" in streaming games I can simply play locally. It's quite odd honestly. I guess if you have no other choice and really, really wanna play something?
  6. Really liking those OCA changes, for the most part. Now what in hell is going on with that RFP nonsense? I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said but... why?! I mean I'm happy these changes are being tested by the community as a whole before getting thrown out into the wild. Helps catch major issues like that RFP insanity. I mean if that thing went live it'd be that much more of an issue versus alternative options. It's just that something like this shouldn't have even made it this far. It eclipses the other secondaries in a whole new way that should be rather obvious at a glance. My worry is that whomever is behind these changes is also going to be spearheading future weapon tweaks. Which I can't say I have any confidence at all in. The person or people working on these changes need to invest substantially more time in researching item balance. Don't forget that the current state of things is but one part of it all. Browsing through past changes would be quite useful too. As there are similar examples to this very same problem that did go live. To be quite honest: it pisses me off that this was even announced as a possible change. I used to maintain documents on player feedback, a spreadsheet on the current state of weapons, possible tweaks, intended roles, and things of that variety. Of which I used to suggest possible alterations to help bring problematic items back in line. Typically recommending the most minimal of tweaks possible. Example: N-TEC 5 weapon damage being brought down by -5 from a ways back. I've got a truly ancient suggestion on that in the old SPCT forums along with a slew of other balance tweaks*. A chunk of which were actually used. That was as a damned volunteer. Not to mention only one of a long list of things I did under the old SPCT program. Your paid employees are doing LESS it feels like. *Many of the ideas were the result of discussing potential options while combing over damage numbers with other people. I won't list them here, but I can add 'em in at a later time. Credit where it is due and such. Also item usage stats were personal observations. As were some pieces we couldn't get, but the point is that a lot of work went into it.
  7. I believe the 'Ursus' has the standard assault rifle dropoff. Which is much steeper than the one on the Scoped N-TEC 5. Edit: though that "much steeper" I believe is a 10m dropoff vs a 15m one if I recall? So while it IS substantially higher at 50% more it really doesn't do jack all in practice. So I have to admit that the 'Ursus' or regular N-TEC 5 still come out ahead simply because they don't have the awful downsides.
  8. See now I'm curious to know what the solution to getting rid of JMB's is gonna be. Simply selling them directly will likely piss off quite a few existing players. Poisoning the remaining pool that much more. So what the heck should be done in that situation to avoid further trouble from an already frustrated playerbase? I mean there are a couple of options. I just worry how effective any of them could truly be. Was there mention of the current plan, or..? Off the top of my head I'm wondering if the goal isn't something like what they did with the Norseman guns. Buy a special premium pack to get the fancy one. Can leave it character/account bound in that instance. Which sorta makes sense for a "fancier" version of a gun to be in a specialty pack in a cash shop tier of it's own, no? Then if they really wanna avoid irritating folks maybe tweak the skins or model a tiny, tiny bit. Making the old versions a rare collectors item. Eh, random thought. Problem there is that wholly removes them from the F2P folks. Which I'm not sure is the right move either. Even if obtaining one is a really boring process, it's still content effectively being removed from them. One less goal to strive for too. Hm.
  9. I didn't exploit it and legitimately earned it. Not everyone abused it.. just 90% or so.
  10. The golden OSMAW does appear to be permanent now. Could've sworn I saw it when I took a look in-game.
  11. I am incredibly late to this party. Moving on! These changes are a mixed bag. On the one hand there are some VERY much needed ones. On the other I am truly baffled by the chosen approaches. Take the EMP grenade for example. Instead of addressing the issue directly a grenade is instead being put in place to resolve it. One that requires grinding out a contact newer players won't have access to for a good bit. Meaning the players who can tolerate/work around/etc the issue get it right away. Meanwhile newbies are gonna have to deal with a dumb annoying mechanic until they suffer for a while. Again, I just don't understand why it is being done that way. It's just plain freaking weird and counter intuitive to me. Using something that could easily become a problem in of itself (or worthless) in lieu of directly addressing the core problem at hand doesn't make sense to me. Now I will admit that the grenade does sound very fancy. I do wanna see more free items to play with in APB. My issue lies in the justification for it existing to begin with. Then there's things like consumables. Widely hated. People think the spam and way they were setup was bad. So now you are going to just add in an obnoxious timer to counter them. Just freaking make them permanent. Don't screw over newbies or folks that haven't been around for years. The fix isn't going to do anything I feel. All it'll do is be mildly irritating to those of whom have enough to abuse 24/7. There are better ways to do rewards. Give us some super rare perm guns, skin, cars, something else instead. That'd feel a hell of a lot more rewarding too. Please abandon the concept of consumables. It was a failed attempt at giving players a "reward" for doing missions from years ago. Only ones I'm really liking the sounds of are the gun balance tweaks. Aside from some finer details of it. The NFAS works decently as an example of what I mean. That thing doesn't have much in the way of range and now it'll have a less than competitive TTK, poor kill to mag ratio, so-so mod compatibility, etc. Yes it did need a f***ing nerf. However it shouldn't be done by swinging the pendulum wildly in the opposite direction. Now it's gonna need something else to make it a worthwhile choice over even the nerfed OCA I'm betting.
  12. Supposedly the skins will be directly sold for cash down the line. No point in suffering through that mode for them. May as well wait and spend a few bucks instead if you are that determined to get them.
  13. Or how about they bump up the TTK slightly. The topic has been discussed to death and that'd provide a whole lot of benefits with only a few downsides. Things like: Maps were designed around a longer TTK More room for niche weapon designs Could permit other stats than accuracy to dictate balance. Which is a comically bad idea to begin with, just look at things now Gives both twitch aim and tracking a chance to shine together. Rather than just flailing like a coked out hooker having a siezure being the ideal approach (I know, just a tad bit exaggerated). Tactics and overall skill would matter more if it was just a little bit higher Because super short TTK's just plain aren't rewarding and feel awful. Especially for the person that is getting shot Right now they are backed into a corner with no way out. I'll just never understand why even the new company is so adamant about keeping the time to kill so god damned short. It's an objective based game that used to reward tactics. Not so much these days. That part of the game died a long time ago thanks to countless decisions that went against the community at every turn. It baffles me. Just, why? I'm hoping LO experiments with the concept because I feel that there's a massively better way to go about it all that is going untouched. I hope they know that the attempt G1 made at testing out a higher TTK was flawed from the get-go. It should NOT be used to prove anything one way or the other. Their RTW TTK districts barely functioned.
  14. I somehow missed that the first time around. Killed my interest in the mode for the time being (not that I had much honestly). No point in putting myself through hell to earn a skin I can probably buy for $5 a month from now.
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