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  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that the buffs planned for the low tier weapons isn't going to make a whole lot of difference in many cases. The 'Misery' for example has an absolutely pitiful setup going for it. Long TTK, average everything, and poor recovery. Fixing the tap-fire for it plus some overhead is nice and all.. but then it's just an Obeya CR762 with worse stats still. Sure it's automatic with a few extra shots but it has no real niche. It just kinda exists to be different for the sake of being different. It needs some kind of area it can excel in. That's where a lot of these guns suffer. You have kings like the N-TEC 5, OCA, etc. They do it all. So well in-fact that the specialty guns have no need to be around. Those guns overtake practically everything, even at it's perceived purpose. This might be a step in the right direction, but at the same time I think it is applying a band-aid to core problems with balance.
  2. I think I've been killed by it once since I started playing again. I saw it coming but really wanted to go for a kill. To me it's rather weak in most situations. They get a free kill with it then you can generally avoid it. It's just plain obnoxious is all. You know they'll keep on trying that same old trick. So you have to keep on dealing with avoiding it constantly. On the bright side it means one less convenient spawn for your enemies in missions. Plus it costs them a lot.. not that APB$ has much of any value short of swapping legendaries around.
  3. Genobee

    APB = Pay2Win

    I really want to add to this conversation, but I can't think of anything that hasn't been said already. Yes there are guns that cannot be reasonably (or if at all) obtained through standard gameplay. Some of them offer advantages over the ones you can gain access to. That is a problem. However the top tier guns are indeed completely free and absolute beasts. IE: OCA, N-TEC, N-HVR, etc. Then again it really wouldn't hurt for them to provide more means to obtain content. Namely through simply playing the game in some capacity or another. Whether it's random rewards, some kind of new contact unlock, etc. Hell I wouldn't even mind some APB$ joker boxes available through the joker ticket store. In-fact I'd kill for another gold sink. That's something this game needs desperately. Kill two birds with one stone there. Edit: ability cooldown reduction for premium seriously needs to go. This is coming from someone who has always had premium. It just isn't fair. That one there really shouldn't be any debate about.
  4. Genobee

    In game acc's

    Somehow I'm always shocked at how fast things get weird around here. I mean, they always do, every time.
  5. Genobee

    Medium Item "Exploit" Removal

    I'd like to say yes, I really, really would. Buuuut at the same time it'd break so very many things at the moment. Currently being caught out in the open for even a brief moment at slower then normal speed is enough to result in you dying a horrible death. Plus the mission timers are exceptionally short in many cases. From my viewpoint they'd have to crank up the timers or wait until a proper revamp of missions. Maybe even wait until some tweaks can be made to sections of the maps. Really turns into quite the mess the more you think about it. Bleh.
  6. Genobee

    Im out of things to buy on armas. Add more plz <3

    I don't really see why they shouldn't go for it. There are both grenade launchers and a rocket launcher available through joker boxes. Why not have the standard ones available for direct purchase at this point. Is there a suggestion thread about it anywhere or anything like that?
  7. Kinda-sorta. Seems to follow the logic pretty much every UE3 game out there does of utilizing 2 threads heavily? Then the rest is just some light stuff. Could be wrong of course. I can't say I've bothered looking into it too much.
  8. Genobee

    Advanced Launcher

    Just for the sake of helping you fully verify it here's what the Little Orbit CEO said:
  9. Genobee

    Im out of things to buy on armas. Add more plz <3

    There's the 'Volcano JC' at least? Then again I totally understand if that doesn't count to you for multiple reasons.
  10. First off I have to say that I really like the idea. Secondly.. I'd be lying if I said there weren't some major issues here. Your list of banned items is hard to read, and the reasoning seems arbitrary at best at times. Following that up you've got a massive problem where a huge chunk of the community may not be able to participate. Finally rounding it all up you are hinging your prizes off the gifting system coming back in time. I'd definitely have a backup ready to go on the off-chance it doesn't pan out for whatever crazy reason. Again, I like the idea. I hope you can make it work. I just feel like there are a lot of problems that weren't addressed before this was thrown out into the wild.
  11. Genobee

    Transparent Background

    Sounds about right. Dropping the max for the UI texture setting to 1024 should do the trick I believe.
  12. I don't mean to be that guy but the 'Scepter' is an alternate model Scoped N-TEC. Same stats and all that.
  13. Can't say it even really crossed my mind that some of you guys in certain regions wind up paying an insanely disproportionate amount. Which is only compounded by the prices being overly high to begin with. Ouch. Just.. ouch.
  14. Genobee

    Lost all money earned after ban

    That just plain sucks. I hope they get it sorted fast.
  15. Genobee

    Removing "GamersFirst" ?

    Ditching the name would be a brilliant idea. Was one of the first things that came up after hearing about them getting bought out. That if they want to ever get anywhere they need to shed that horrifically tarnished name.