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  1. DeletePlz

    Not Launch APB

    Please also contact the technical support. To avoid having to troubleshoot from scratch, you should mention your first attempts to solve the problem, which did not help you. gamersfirst support (click here) Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. DeletePlz

    Not Launch APB

    If you get as far as the launcher, have you tried the "repair" option?
  3. I am not getting my hopes up, as LittleOrbit apparently fails to manage this game. The response time of the support also leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. You can avoid this cancer by using Unix/Linux. Otherwise: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\GamingServices TriggerInfo0 and TriggerInfo1 Set value of Action--REG_DWORD to 4 Set value of DataType0--REG_DWORD to 4 Set Default Value to 4 Do for both triggers. GamingServices set Start--REG_DWORD to 4 restart your system
  5. Would be interesting if someone from the team cancels the mission (game) and the bot takes over the role of this player, so that at least I am not completely alone as long as the right reinforcements arrive.
  6. Maybe someone could do an APB clone in UnrealEngine 5. With today's assets, development is only half as difficult.
  7. So if you want to cheat on NA, use the mouse wheel as Aimkey lmao
  8. However, this was the last statement. I cannot judge this as I am not a developer. Actually I don't care about the update.
  9. I can understand your emotional outburst, but it doesn't help much. The prioritization is currently on the completion of the engine update. You have the impression that there are a lot of cheaters in APB. I would argue that there are too few new players who are unfortunately put off by the beginner unfriendly mechanics and unfair/toxic players. Your impression is only reinforced by this.
  10. Well, being toxic is obviously part of the game. Unfortunately, this also includes players who feel a rush to gain illicit advantages. That's APB and that's how it will always be. Updating the engine won't change that as long as script kiddies spend their pocket money on some backdoors and don't get parented, especially in this game.
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