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  1. Nekolin right? Pretty sure I gave you a nano lol
  2. Every time I talk to old friends and ask if they still play, they always say it's worse of a headache than when I liast asked. And it's been about 8 years since I've played
  3. it is probably a good thing im not remembered lol
  4. popped back in here to say for some reason Youtube even tho I don't really keep up with APB or its content anymore has started putting vids on my main page that are straight up just people rage-hacking and aimbotting with their name fully right there. I don't even mean the way silvers in the early days complained about aimbots, I mean 1000% pure blatancy and it seems like LO has some weird boner for being anti "name and shame" and refuses to ban these people for some reason. Pretty weird but I think whoever manages APB is just destined to be mismanaged. The game didn't survive long in 2010 so I can't imagine a single thing that could bring it back in 2022
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