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  1. Everything is bundled together so you have to buy the whole pack sadly they didn't make each item separate each item individual.
  2. now gimmie the old glory plz for the love of god meh want it now
  3. So it looks like the past rewards from this years event went live on armas but not the older items from the previous years could we also get the old glory back on armas as well?
  4. as the title says when is the Halloween items going on armas matt said during the livestream old+new items would be going up on the armas page once the event is over well the event is over n their is nothing about when its suppose to go live?
  5. Im selling 3 legendarys: Whisper me in game QueenJanex. Jericho Only! Nano: 2mil Condor: 4mil Volcano: 3mil
  6. The lag has been horrible since the event crashing 24/7 but yet EU doesn't have as many problems as NA
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