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  1. Yes. As he said, support is way backed up right now. Took me almost a month for my ticket to even get a response. For now, find some other way to entertain yourself.
  2. Didn't get any premium but I don't really mind. Quick question, when will armas be ok?
  3. Well rip my premium and 7 day mods I activated before servers went down.
  4. Love the fact you posted that twice. One on your own, and the same thing quoting someone else's posts. But to answer your question, expect the launch around 2022 or 2023. merged Ok stop.
  5. Things I'm sure we all want permanently: - No more segregation - Kick the EU's back to their own server - Tea
  6. No. Y'all need to understand improvements to a game don't happen overnight.
  7. Im just frustrated I used a free premium code and reactivated some 7 day mods right before the game went down.
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