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  1. I believe Matt also has a big sign outside of his office saying they will get fired if they touch the hammer.
  2. I see this as a great idea, account/character bound rewards, keeps people playing and is pretty balanced.
  3. CSGO does somewhat have legendary weapons but they are only melee and Overwatch does not have legendary weapons at all. CSGO Has rare weapons skins like "Dragon Lore", Asiimov, ETC. The only legendary weapons CSGO Has rare the knives like a Karambit, Shadow daggers, ETC. Overwatch has a golden skin which is applicable to any gun, but you need to buy the skin first with competitive points. You can buy it for multiple weapons, but you have to purchase it for the gun's you want it to be on. Let's say i wanted a golden Roadhog shotgun, I would go into Roadhog's weapon customization menu and buy it for his gun with my 10k comp points. (I think it's 10k)
  4. I'm having troubles getting the signature working, when i try to insert the image from a URL it doesn't work, nothing happens. The box flash's red and i don't know what's wrong. (I tried imgur, i don't know any other image hosting sites)
  5. Can agree, rust is very toxic. I tried playing it once with a few friend, we all spawned and ran around for a few minutes and got shot and than called some very explicit words. Was not fun at all.
  6. I think it would be pretty cool, considering a lot of people use discord.
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