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  1. Snub master race. Dat killa equip time is the fastest in the game. I love my Snubby.
  2. Radar Tower is broken. But Car Spawner is not. Ok
  3. Update looks good. Nice new clothing items. JT store getting some love. Keep it up. Wat? What is this suppose to mean? Radar Tower no longer works?
  4. *mastering the art of 2011 tryhard scouting and annoying the living shit out of the enemy team and then people ask why this game is dead* fixed it for you. Scout tryharding is not hard. Its relatively easy to get into it. I refuse to play like this because I don't want to be part of the problem.
  5. Not sure how I feel about another box. I would not consider it content. Hope the EU is getting close. People are becoming impatient.
  6. I don't even log in. I can't be bothered fighting 7k hours+ uber sweatlords. Just forum lurking till something good is out.
  7. Curb stomping literally anything that comes up in Red regardless of skill, equipment, rank or general experience and showing absolutely no mercy. That kind of attitude and play style made most people leave. Hacking can be fought. Toxic behavior like that.....well that's a totally different problem that you can't fix with a patch....
  8. My code is not working. Says I've already redeemed it.....wat.....
  9. This game will never survive if the matchmaking doesn't get fixed. Even if the HOLY Engine Update gets released, all of my old friends (who were gone for years) come back to check it out, K Up, Get the sweatiest tryhard premade group you could think of and get curb stomped into quitting again. From what I'm seeing currently I am conviced that scenario will play out. Git gud is not a valid argument in this case and its not helping anyone (for those who are probably gonna call me out)
  10. As much as I applaud Little Orbit in their efforts to make this game great again, I am starting to have my doubts. If this is the quality of events and modes that we will get in the future I am really concerned.
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