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  1. I think yall should give them some credit for trying. Looking forward to this event. Hope it's not going to be a mess like some other events in the past.
  2. I run EM3 for a reason. Due to my ping I need those 2 extra shots for a guaranteed kill. Sometime 8 shells are not enough and I don't like Bando or Mag Pull for the reason stated. I own a CSG RT1 and it feels more persistent with a tighter shot spread but that I think its the biggest shortcoming since if you miss with the tight spread on the CSG you are less likely to hit something, unlike the JG's more spread out pattern. *Pathfinder voice* Mozambique here!
  3. I REALLY hate to blow my own horn here but..... I don't see the nerf anywhere..... Everything looks good to me. Also, I play on 150ms so with less latency my JG would perform even better. I will admit that I don't main shotguns in Mission Districts because of the limited range or maybe because I don't perform that well outside of FC with it.
  4. The weapon prices are reasonable. Especially in the Secondaries. 15$ for an Account Wide sidearm? That's a steal! But for everything else.....eh the prices are upside down. I waited patiently in the hope that I can get the Collector's Car pack that included the Kurai, Moirai and Gumshoe and I felt the old price was kinda steep.......now its above 40$.... I only have one reply to that: You will not have my money.
  5. Rank 30 is low but it's a start! Better than nothing.
  6. 2 mil is the average run of the mill Anything less than 1 mil is considered broke by my standards Anything above 4 mil is Rich Gang Status.
  7. 100% agree As for someone who grinded 10k JT to get the 4 Slot 4x4 I can say is NERF IT! The Health, the ramming power need to be balanced I have 3 lower end cars because I like their free spawns and their small profile but they just cant compete with the bigger vehicles in any way making them obsolete. I would kill to see some variety in vehicles and not everyone maining a Pio or vegas
  8. Decided to start posting my stuff. My Enf here.
  9. For all the cry babies out there who don't want to admit it. 1. Don't cheat. 2. Don't give your account to anyone else. Then you should be fine. People complain when nothing gets done about the cheating LO bans cheaters, the community still complains, This is why I cannot stand this community. Always complaining.
  10. I legit criticize anybody who does this even my own clanmates who even think of doing it. People don't understand the damage they are doing. And then they have the AUDACITY to complain why the game is dead. Maybe we should stop terrorizing new players? Maybe we should let them breathe a little? Maybe we should stop being the fucking problem to begin with? I put my money where my mouth is. Even when the Gold Rush Event (Nightmare) happened I refused to dethreat to go down to silver and play in the populated districts. I stuck to my guts. It's our fault for doing it and its the developer's fault for not fixing it. Hope that changes otherwise this game will stay dead. Muh 2 cents
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