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  1. Keep up the good work guys. Shotguns might need another look but everything else is spot on. We waited 5 years for the Engine update, we could wait a few months more.
  2. Shotguns feel great and consistent for once. I will take the better hit reg and damage over the slightly reduced firing rate any day. Great job guys!
  3. Nickolai

    Car exhibitions in embry

    I like the idea. We had something like that before. Car meet up with GM's. And then a Dump truck happened...... We never had a car meet up again after that. This community doesn't deserve it really.
  4. Nickolai

    Trash talks

    I will be short and sweet: If you trash talk you are a certified b*tch. No excuses. I have disabled the VOIP and Chat. I only log on to play. I don't enjoy wasting my time arguing with some losers online.
  5. Nickolai

    APB looks amazing at ingame night time.

    I hope nights will be darker with the new engine. Would kill for a flashlight attachment on guns.
  6. Nickolai

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    Colby NA Best. Veterans know what I mean.
  7. Here are your 5 seconds of attention. Now leave. See you next week.
  8. Unbanning players? Let the shit show commence! To be fair they did not have much of a choice, but It would be interesting to see unbanned cheaters back in the game. Still, they are permanently tainted.
  9. The number one change that MUST be implemented: - Change the PMG sound. It sounds like a f**king staple gun.
  10. Out with the old, in with the new..... Feels fressssshhhh......