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  1. Double edged sword. On one side NA has one full District, the other is.....well.....matchmaking is all over the place. You get paired up with people half your skill level or you get Bronzies as teamates and the enemy is a premade group..... Still think there should be a tutorial district for up to R100 and Silver. After that you get booted off the training district and you have to fight with the rest of the players.
  2. No wonder I wasn't able to kill someone at 10 meters with 6 shells when it usually takes 3 or 4.....
  3. I enjoy using my shredder. Yes its not the best choice but it does have some advantages. - 10 Round Mag - Decent Damage at 20 meters - Very configurable (From HS3 to RS3/CJ3 to IR3 - pretty much everything works) - Tight Spread I treat it as a support shotgun that requires teammates to get kills. On its own you will probably struggle.
  4. The ignorance of the NTEC mains is amazing. They can't see that the NTEC can do 3 things at once while most guns could barely do 2. The NTEC is terrifiying at close range, dangerous at medium and lethal at long range. And people still can't see that.
  5. Mmmmm the tears of the NTEC (Crutch) mains They are....delicious.....
  6. Attention seeking? Where are living in the Social meda age after all. And for all the crybabies that are complaining about the downtime, yall pathetic. I appreciate LO doing their best and I'm not mad at all for the downtime. They should get it done RIGHT!
  7. The salty posts are just PROOF that this community is nothing more than a buch of sweaty losers who have literally nothing better to do all day. Downvote me all you want. You know I'm right.
  8. Even when it gets nerfed, the sweatlords will find something else to (ab)use to replace it. Balancing guns in a game like APB is hard since it's a unique game and you can't look at other games and how they do it. You nerf one gun, people will start using the next best thing. In this case its probably the Obeya/NSSW. I know people love their NTECS but the meta doesn't care. People will use whatever gun gives them an edge.
  9. I logged on Jericho. I did not see any East/West District. Either I'm blind or they are not implemented yet.
  10. Is this why you guys went quiet on the server merge? Because you were too busy fixing the Citadel issue (which is understandable). People are still waiting to know if will happen or not.
  11. You forgot the wizard hat and Galaxy symbol graffitti.
  12. Don't get it twisted. Nobody quits APB after the 2000 hour mark. Thats the point of no return. You can yap ya gums all day, It doesn't matter. Everyone I've known who said "they quit", always come back. Especially when LO took over.
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