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  1. When?When?When? Please, any crumb of old content would be nice.
  2. Other than that, interesting changes. Wish you guys could buff the less popular vehicles like the Sentinel and the low end starter cars. Hope we dont have to wait years for these small improvements.
  3. As a shotgun connoisseur, I got really mad when they nerfed shotguns back. After the buff they were finally useful and then LO scaled them back and put them in the useless category. We can easily prove how useful they are, LO can just bring out the raw data on how many times they are used. I am confident that the gap between Shotguns and SMG use is at least 30%. When was the last time you saw someone actively manning a shotgun in missions? Its too punishing to use - 10 meter range, unreliable hit reg, very punishing if you miss and you might not live long enough to get the second shot in because you got killed by an SMG that is way easier to use. The Thumper is so worthless that my friend traded it to me for 3-Point Sling...That's how much it costed me to get one. 60 000$... Well, I want to thank everyone involved from the team that made shotguns the worst weapon type in APB.
  4. It has been on my mind for quite a while, so I though I'd write it here for the Community to look at. Today, we are not going to discuss nerfs, because of the amount of tears the tryhards will produce. We will be able to make a new ocean. Instead, let's focus on things they can buff/improve to make them more inline with today's Meta. Weapon Tweaks STAR 556 - The ubiquitous starter gun, one to which I am a big fan of. I have spoken to many new players in the game and they all say one thing - the bloom it too slow to recover. I 100% agree with their statement. It makes it really hard for new players to land precise shots because of said bloom, so when I tell them to get an N-TEC, they start to perform noticeably better. The STAR just needs its bloom recovery time improved and it will be a great gun for everyone to use. To make it even more appealing, improving the hip-fire accuracy could be another trait it can have above the N-TEC. Colby SNR 850 - I know that the Snubbie got a nerf and buff at the same time. Thanks to its 3 shot kill it has become more viable. I think it just needs a slight increase in its equip time, not as it was before the nerf. S-AS PDW - I think we should start with a secondary that has been pretty much forgotten. It's low damage, high bloom and bad accuracy make it barely decent. New players need a "Nano-ish" secondary that can complete. Currently there is no such option for new players. Remove the bloom, tighten the hip-fire accuracy and slightly increase the Rate of Fire. S-247 'Oblivion' - I see what G1 wanted to do with this gun. Its pretty decent with mods, especially when you fighting 5 or more players. The Ammo pool is not sufficient and the base accuracy is not great for a gun that is supposed to have a 90 meter range. Add 2 extra magazines to the base ammo pool, tighten the base accuracy and this can be a solid long range gun. Shredder Series - Good concept, bad execution. A lackluster shotgun with a slow fire rate and 3 shots to kill makes them very bad to use. The fire rate needs to be bumped up dramatically to make them viable. NFAS-12 - I know what people are thinking, this gun should never be viable again. After the Cooling Jacket nerf for shotguns the NFAS has dissapeared from missions. The spray is too much, the range is terrible and its poor accuracy make it a very bad pick for a close range gun. The spread needs to be tightened and range increased to make it viable again. FR0G Series - The pistols themselves are good if you know how to use them, but they have too many downsides compared to the FBW. Smaller mag, very bad range make this gun not the first pick for a secondary. A Range buff is what it really needs. Either add 5 or 10 meters to make it more viable. N-FA 9 - A very niche sidearm, its very good up close and terrible at everything else. Still, a slight recoil reduction and slightly better accuracy would make this a very solid performer up close. Agrotech ACES SMG - An SMG that was really popular when it was released, then quickly fell out of favor once people realized that the OCA or PMG are just better choices. Its 15 Shot to kill and bloom make it a less than stellar SMG up close, despite having one of the highest RPM's of any gun in the game. H-9 'Curse' - Another good idea but failed in its execution. A 10 shot to kill SMG with terrible bloom for "up to midrange" make the Curse, a curse to play with (pun intended). Reduce the bloom and up the damage so it can be a 9 shot to kill. Norseman Series - Since I've seen how bad these guns are, I never even tried them. So I am looking for suggestions from the community on how to improve them. COBR-A Series - Since I've seen how bad these guns are, I never even tried them. So I am looking for suggestions from the community on how to improve them. DOW 'Thumper' - I own one of these, and these feel like the most inconsistent, roll of the dice, RNG Cannon type crap I have ever played with in this game. It's so crap I don't even know where to start. The spread? The range? The inconsistent damage and pellet spread? This gun needs a complete overhaul to make it viable. EOL Series - Underpowered Grenade Launchers to get around G1's rule of "We will never allow you to own lifetime Explosive weapons". The only real use for any of these is clearing out rooms and that's it. They have a wind up timer, they don't do that much damage and don't have enough grenades in reserve even with Bandolier. Buff the damage, remove the wind up timer and have a bigger ammo pool. FAR Series - I feel very torn on this one. I cannot tell if I am terrible or it's just the bloom on these is too much to make them viable at anything past 35 meters. Bloom reduction should be the top priority to make this gun more in-line with the rest. S1-TIC 'Rabid' - Since I've seen how bad these guns are, I never even tried them. So I am looking for suggestions from the community on how to improve them. S1-FA 'Frenzy' - Since I've seen how bad these guns are, I never even tried them. So I am looking for suggestions from the community on how to improve them. Modification Tweaks 3-Point Sling Series - Reduce marksmanship movement speed by 5/10/15% per level Magazine Pull 1 - Decrease Magazine Capacity from 15% to 10% Nitro Booster 1/2 - Double the Torque for Level 1 and 2 to make them an affordable choice Ramming Plate Series - Remove Brake Efficiency penalty Radar Jammer - Reduce Cooldown from 90 to 60 Seconds Spotter Mod - Reduce Cooldown from 90 to 45 Seconds Car Surfer - 10 - 15% less jump height or 10% more fall damage Extra Cargo Capacity Series - Reduce Item weight in vehicle by 40%/70%/100% per level Armored Engine Series - Decrease engine fire damage by half per level
  5. Got this idea after thinking of LO potentially removing Car Spawner (A man can dream) A new vehicle mod for teamplay. Internal Supply Unit - Turns the car into a ammo resupply station while within a seat - Can swap weapons and equipment/resupply while in it. Perfect for changing equipment while driving to an objective - Does not work outside of a seat - 2 Less Cargo Capacity Discuss.
  6. Thanks for the support. I am all for variety. The Meta is too stale. Just trying to shake things up. Car surfer should have some downside, like maybe slightly less jumping height.
  7. Another thing regarding vehicle balancing. A simple change that can make the new player experience A LOT better. Just allow the preset vehicles you unlock from contacts to be permanent, instead of the 10 day lease. Even with all the money I have ingame, I look at that and say...that is just a bad deal. Most new players can barely scrape up enough to buy a few guns, (we are talking here without the free premium) So when they have scrape up 10k/15/20k for a 10 day lease of a car, its just a bad deal. And these cars could give a great headstart to new players starting the game. Eventually they will discard them and purchase their own vehicles from ARMAS or the customizable ones.
  8. I like the upcoming changes but I feel you missed 2 important points. Wrap Decal Saver - APB's main draw is customization. After all these years a proper system was never introduced to save and distribute "wraps" for cars. Since I cannot sell my ARMAS cars to other people, I should be able to design a wrap, save it and copy it just like a symbol and distribute it as I see fit. Designing clan vehicles now is an absolute headache. Clan Overhaul - Another thing I did not see mentioned. Clan Overhaul. It is 10 Years Overdue. No Coffers/Clan Bank system, no way to upload clan clothes, vehicles and symbols, no benefit of being in a clan. At the moment people use the clan system to create edgy titles so they look cool while driving around.
  9. Thanks for the free Hat, but it would be nice if we can get some clothing inventory extenders either for purchase or as a reward. I am already full so I have no space for that hat.
  10. https://outplayed.tv/media/62JZR3 That was not supposed to happen, but it did.
  11. Now THIS is a good patch! Thank you Little Orbit!
  12. Me too. Han Cellante full release when? Give us something, anything!
  13. As stated in the title, maybe one easy solution to restricting the Car Surfer Mod to 195 would be to allow mounting the bed of the T-25/Montane Trucks. Would give them a purpose and offer lower ranked players to Car Surf without grinding the Joker Tickets on reaching R195 to use the mod. I spent 500 hours grinding my alt to reach that. Most people would be discouraged if they have to go that far for a mod. I am unaware of the limiations of the engine, so I look foward to see if any developer would chip in. I need to stress that there is a bug that if you ride on the bed of a truck there is a 1/4 chance that it will bug out and kill you, something preventing trucks in APB to be viable for Car Surfing. I am saying that from personal experience. This bug should be addressed first before considering this change.
  14. The Joker Vending Machine Audio has not been fixed. Also the phone static for contacts does not exist on mission start still. Please fix this issues. We do not want to wait another 10 years like when the tracers got broken back in 2013/2014 and we have been waiting till then for a fix. Nip it in the bud as soon as you can.
  15. I like this idea. Tinted Windows + Muffler = Ultimate Stealth car. I hope LO considers this mod.
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