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  1. Overall good changes but I believe there are some that need discussing. FAR - I cant justify the nerf since I do not see it being a main pick in fights. It doesn't outclass the NTEC or ATAC. Maybe its because im only on NA. SNR - This one hurts me the most. The one advantage that it has was taken away. While I do understand of the quick-switching abuse I barely see it to be justified for nerfing. OBIR - Bolt Timer added makes sense since the high tier players abuse it, but the only real advantage it had over the CR762 is the Ammo Pool. You will notice that you drain a lot of ammo while using the OBIR, now it will be even less picked. OBIR is not that popular to begin with. MANIC - Another weapon I do not see (on NA) being used. Its recoil and ADS requirement make it an unpopular choice for close range fighting. ACT44 - I do see what you are trying to do with it, only concern is the Last Stand Variant that has an integrated Mob Sling. Now it will deploy even slower making that variant almost (if not) obsolete. RSA - Despite the bloom recovery I do not think the other nerfs will compensate for it. I think it will stay unused. Fight me in the comments!
  2. We demand CJ3 Snubnose to be purchasable with Joker Tickets.
  3. Looking forward to this. But was this this big patch coming or there is something else in the works. I remember they said we should watch out for NEXT Tuesday!
  4. Dawwww someone got their panties in a twist because they can no longer hide behind their Espacio out-repairing the damage with a Blowtorch.
  5. La Rocha's webbing and ripped combats, Cowgirl's denim ripped jeans Literally everything on YoDawg. Guy looks like he's from G-Unit. Would love my Enforcer to look like that. Another classic banger. Ever since I saw this concept art almost 10 years ago I said to myself THAT is how I want my Enforcer to look.
  6. Tactical gear stuff from the original RTW Concept art. I play in a way that my character fits the lore. Such a shame that vision has been blurred today. WE NEED MORE TACTICAL STUFFS FROM THE OG CONCEPT ART!
  7. I can hear the toxic tryhards just screaming their lungs out.
  8. APB art is always welcomed on my desktop
  9. People here demanding it to be released early will only complain when its broken and constantly crashes.
  10. Oblivion - has a bug where moving left and right actually INCREASES accuracy and being stationary DEGRADES accuracy. Also needs an ammo buff. 50 Rounds is not enough. Range and TTK is good. Misery - Its alright. I like using it but I know that I will get easily outclassed by pretty much anything else at Medium Range. Curse - Absolute Garbage. It tries to be an OCA and ATAC at the same time and it fails at both. Bloom kills the gun DMR - despite being a sleeper it would be nice if the recoil was slightly reduced and be given an additional 7 Rounds in its ammo supply as default. ACES Rifle - It's in a good spot but due to its tight accuracy its hard to fight OCA's/Shotguns up close. Could be just me. Cobra - mediocre garbage VAS C2 - I own the JT Version with RS3. Its fucking shit. Too much recoil and bloom to make it a decent close range gun. Also you have to aim down the sighs while shooting which makes CQC even worse. Shredder - I like it but its decent at best. The stock fire rate could use a bump and increase in Range would be a nice addition. FR0G Pistols - Very high skill side arms to use but the downsides are just too much. Small Magazine and a pathetic 10 meter range. There is no reason why anyone would choose them over an FBW or 45. I use them only because of the 5 shot kill up close. Range should be bumped to 15m and add 2 - 3 bullets per mag (depending on the version) Thumper - Argueably THE WORST SHOTGUN IN THE GAME! I traded a 3PS for it and I still feel kinda ripped off. Its the most inconsistent gun I have ever used. I run EM3 and I still cannot kill people with it. LO should have never touched shotguns after the buff. They were fine! Showstopper - After the nerf its just not worth using. If you can't kill the enemy with 6 shells you are screwed. The Range and firepower were nerfed very bad. NFA-9 - Decent at close range but its a very situational gun. Could reduce the recoil slightly and improve the base accuracy.
  11. As long as they do NOT remove the current fictional brands and just find places to place them elsewhere (like on cabs and bus stops) I will be fine. People would go mad if they replace the current in-game brands.
  12. So the Public stress test will be on May 30th as well? Or only the AMA?
  13. A lot of people had doubts. But LO finally pulled it off. Good job team.
  14. Snub master race. Dat killa equip time is the fastest in the game. I love my Snubby.
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