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  1. Let's hope that is true. In my head I am imagining they are planning to release it on PS5/Xbox X when they can make it run smoothly. Maybe one day...
  2. Matt himself said that Console players were bringing almost 50% of the revenue from APB. So if that is shut down...I am not optimistic about the future. But I hope Matt and LO prove me wrong.
  3. For APB to survive, LO needs to wage an all out war againts cheaters. If they don't, the game will fall. Good matchmaking does not mean much when you get repeatedly curbstomped into quitting. I do hope that the new matchmaking takes into account stuff like accuracy, precision and other factors. So if a player is deemed "too good" he will be matched againts others who are "too good" These players who are god tier will be closed off into their own little matchmaking pool, away from the majority playerbase. I don't see any other way.
  4. 1. Clan Overhaul System - We are 10 Years overdue for a complete overhaul of the outdated clan system (also known as the extended friends list). We need custom clan ranks, a clan bank, a system that allows us to distribute clan assets like clothes, vehicles, symbols ect. I have dedicated 2 Max Rank Characters for the storage, creation and distribution for clan assets because there is no system in place to do it and most people don't have the patience or will to do inventory juggling (can't blame them). For an MMO this is unacceptable. 2. Email Search Function - Self explanatory 3. Unreleased 4 Slot Vehicles - When will we get the 4 Slot Versions of the Charge Sentinel and Dolton Montane? Odd thing to ask but since I'm a completionist I would like to have them available for purchase.
  5. You guys get a lot of flack. And I have given you a fair share of that flack, but I get it. World is in flames right now, nobody is sailing smoothly with everything happening. Yet you still soldier on despite all the shit you get and how bleak the future looks. There is some merit to that. Respect. Looking forward to the stream.
  6. Executive Outfit You can't see it on the character but I made a dedicated face for the watch. This is how it really looks in the designer.
  7. I just realized that this was posted on 9/11... Whoever from Marketing thought this was a good idea to post in on THAT date should be thrown out.
  8. To me it feels like they are running out of funds so they are trying to scrape as much cash as possible. Sense and logic go out the window.
  9. I've been supporting you guys since day one, but this is not a gift. An open slot CSG sounds cool, but its not a gift. Gifts do not require a purchase. Plus I can imagine how people will abuse it, since I remember G1 did not make open slot versions because of how broken it could be. No communication, no posts from Matt, no updates on the progression of the game, playerbase dwindling and this is what we get? You can do better. Start trying or there will be no one left to tell you otherwise.
  10. Good change. I have been dying to buy an Account Wide RSA, but the Hunter with High Optic Scope is a terrible choice. Please for the love of god MAKE IT SKINABLE! If you are going to make it as good offer for players, why not go all the way. The Zebra skin just does not match my outfit or my style. Make that change and you can have my money.
  11. Just hit me. A single plain dogtag like this for example so we can do our very own custom dogtags.
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