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  1. When all of my APB friends (who have invested hundred of dollars and thousands of hours) tell me that they refuse to come back because of the toxicity, the sweatlords/tryhards then you know you have a community problem.
  2. Any chance we will get Districts in Texas (where Jericho was)
  3. All the edgy verbs have been taken so that could be a problem.
  4. I'd kill for one of those. Exactly what I want. Then I can be like: SAAAAAAAAAAABOTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!
  5. As someone who owns the gun, I won't mind a nerf. I know that gun is just unfair and is too strong at range. I'm all about balance.
  6. I can already taste the delicious tears of the NTEC mains. Thanks LO.
  7. Ahem, in the Colby NA Best days we called the Yellows. That was a legit insult back then. As for the Golds hiding in Bronze I ain't got love for you.
  8. For all the Fallen Earth players, this one's for you.
  9. Agreed. This community can never be satisfied. That's why I can't wait for the influx of new players.
  10. I can already feel the over monetization and season passes for the new APB and how at its core is a game made for the Asian market and not for the global market. It was fun while it lasted fellas.
  11. I don't know how I feel about this. Excited yet terrified. This means you have no control over the sequel and will just develop APB: Reloaded as much as possible?
  12. After all these years I will have to say goodbye to my US lag shield. RIP Lag shield 2011 - 2019 EU 20 ms Ping here I come
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