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  1. LO when are you going to ban these 2 speed hackers from EU coming to Jericho? You can clearly see from most our streams they are speed hacking. So I want to reallly know how long its going to take yall to ban them? Week? Month? a Year like Reloaded?
  2. Yea that's why I am not playing anymore till they fix them . It's just waste time to try and play in this horrific lag.
  3. Don't you think its about time you fix servers? Its unpayable now, and im done with apb till you fix servers. So hopefully you fix them before next year:P
  4. That is shame be nice have active GM moderating so this doesn't happen also be nice word Matt Scott with server fixes to lag, or just let us buy new weapon skins like you did with Decals. Im just sayin Matt Scott:)
  5. I have video to show ya player abusing this, and we can not capture points because of it. I don't know how else to show ya this unless you want it on YouTube instead, but here goes. This player has been doing this every time he is on team, he needs be banned or temp banned. Cause it is disrupting the gameplay of event. You need either temp ban him or fix it so we can not hurt each others cars that our the same team. I leave that to you Matt Scott and your team decide. But it needs to stop. Thank you.
  6. Little off topic Scott but you think you will allow us to use Crosshair shaders or not since other games allow custom crosshairs?
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