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  1. If I understood correctly, the engine upgrade is ... postponed? And instead they'll maintain the current game.
  2. I answered it as well. I was wondering if you could share the answers, I find some of the questions interesting. Has LO ever done such a questionnaire or poll to know what to work on next ?
  3. Hyoe

    Action District

    +1 Clandestine A new action district map with new contacts is what APB needs, more than Riot in my opinion. For point number2: it needs to be thought as well for groups of people ready.
  4. Thank you very much for your reply (this is AngryPigeon speaking from another account), indeed I was monthly subscribed. But I have no idea how to access the page you linked without knowing the link by heart. Seriously, how was I supposed to know that ? I keep searching on the gamerfirst portal, I really have no way to access this page. Or am I dumb ? I'm asking because I'm might try to dispute the previously months I paid without knowing I was subscribed. If the page you linked is not accessible through their official portal, I find it a bit malicious to automatically subscribe people like that. Thanks again.
  5. I've always had the fps locked @ 60 fps too, even though I have a 144 Hz screen ; how do you even manage to reach 100 on APB ? I was not aware it was possible to go over 61 fps actually ><
  6. To the author : Just tell us why you think it's boring and how you would make the game better. Discussing ideas is more productive than just complaining, no?
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