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  1. Are those kinda shotguns good? i dont see people using it very often, is something wrong with that weapon?
  2. Heck yeah even big companies make big mistakes too,thats normal, LO accepts their errors and try their best to make our experience better. except riot tho,but its fine.
  3. Nope Maybe,Ritual made a thread that they will work on that
  4. Would be helpful to the people that dont roam in the forum,that you guys shut down ARMAS until it gets fixed, imo.
  5. Went from 160ms to 80 ms, and was a kinda nice gesture to give premium,but that will keep making more entitled people
  6. what could go wrong if i spend money after a downtime?
  7. ironic,some wanted to the maintenance being rushed or cancelled because they wanted to play,but now they want the fix that maintenance was supposed to do.
  8. We already have a 20% discount,u want more? is not even safe to spend money on armas with all this changes and errors
  9. Il just wait tomorrow,not a big deal,sure all errors should be fixed by then.
  10. In economic terms,APB maybe is not the best example to follow imo
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